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  1. Did anyone that ordered this book directly from the writer also received it? I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, contacted the writer who told me twice it would be delivered after (aprox.) 3 days and still nothing. It's starting to become a bit annoying since i ordered the book already on the 7th of september...
  2. Canadian Bison 1 1/4 oz. 2017

    Good question...!
  3. 1 Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang South Korea 1 oz Gold BU 2016

    The silver versions look amazing and are very popular, so i also ask myself why someone would say never to buy a coin from this place? It's not North-Korea, it's South-Korea
  4. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    Great looking coins! Very interesting as the first of the serie and the first ever bullion coin from the Czech Mint. Ordered 3!
  5. Today I received.....

    New delivery came in today. I'm very surprised by the looks on this Voyageur 2017 coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. It looks great in real, no idea where that coin is coming from, but it looks good and the premium is decent. Also the Spider-Man coin is great. It can be a nice line with the Thor coin coming in in a couple of weeks.
  6. Today I received.....

    - 1 OZ Silver Libertad 1996 - 1 OZ Silver Libertad 1997 - 1 OZ Silver Libertad 1998 - 1 OZ Silver Libertad 1999 3 x 1 OZ Proof Elementos Mexicanos medals Good day!
  7. Replace coin from spotted 50th Anniversary Krugerrand

    Yes i'm sorry, i ment ofcourse the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand. I heavely discussed about it with the dealer, but they don't want to replace it. I can't force them to do it... So my original question stays. Is there a difference between the coin in the bar and the PU that's sold seperate?
  8. Hi all, Recently i bought the 50th Anniversary Silver Krugerrand set (with the bar). The set contains a 1 OZ Premium Uncirculated Krugerrand silver coin and a 2 OZ silver bar. Upon arrival i noticed that there is a huge milk spot on the front of the Krugerrand coin. I contacted the supplier, but given the fact that it's a 'Premium Uncirculated' coin and not a poof version, they don't want to replace it. Now i ask myself if i could just take the coin out of the set (the coin is just loose in the bar, so it's very easy to remove it) and replace it with another 50th Anniversary Krugerrand 1 OZ silver coin? What are your toughts about this? I'm very frustrated because of that milk spot on the coin and i want the set really to be in perfect condition. I ask this question because normally the normal silver coins are 'brilliant uncirculated' and this one seems to be labeled as 'premium uncirculated'. Does anyone even know the difference between the two? I'm confused...
  9. Elementos Mexicanos 1 oz Silver Proof Medal

    Thank you for the information @sixgun they look amazing! I also contacted nam73. Very good looking coins / medals there!
  10. Elementos Mexicanos 1 oz Silver Proof Medal

    First time i see these to be honest. Is this a serie or just a stand alone medal? Very interested anyway... They look great. What's the quality of the medals?
  11. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Yes it will be a yearly serie and yes they will continue it besides the issue with the 100 CEDIS coin.
  12. wanted 1 OZ Silver BU Libertads!

    I should always go for the one in good shape... Also the $20 is not such big difference for a key date as the 99. Keep in mind that the 98 will go a much higher price dough...
  13. wanted 1 OZ Silver BU Libertads!

    Then what are you waiting for??? Can i ask you which price they ask?
  14. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    For anyone interested -> https://www.thegoldbullion.co.uk/buy-gold-sovereigns/british-full-sovereign-2017-gold-coin-in-certicard/ @Jester They also don't ship to Belgium so... I feel your pain...
  15. wanted 1 OZ Silver BU Libertads!

    Good luck with that my friend! Just be aware of the import taxes on it... For sure these Libertad collections will be stunning!!