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  1. for sale 2016 brass Nanjing panda PF70!!!!

  2. for sale Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    I'll take the 2014 Libertad silver proof set.
  3. Silver Deals.....

    I think there are, maybe on the back or the picture doesn't show them good. It's even in the titel from the auction.
  4. Armenian Noahs Ark

    In my opinion they are the best looking normal bullion coins that are on the market, but that's also the only thing they are, bullion. Instead of the Libertad you don't have really a collectors base for these coins. They are worldwide recognized so that shouldn't be the problem. You being in the USA maybe the Silver Eagle is a better choice? I don't know how it is in the US, but here the Noah's Ark are a little cheaper. So if you want pure bullion they can be the better choice.
  5. for sale Silver for sale

    Exactly my question too...
  6. Mixed year pandas WANTED

    @SilverRomantiX sorry to capture your topic for a moment, but @Agpanda do you have any idea where to buy this book in Europe? I'm already searching for it a couple of months, but i can only find American shops.
  7. Today I Received

    Today i didn't receive really a coin, but a very nice slab box for 50 slabs! Looks great!
  8. for sale Silver coins

    I take the 2 Czech Lions and 1 Kookaburra 2011 and 1 Kookaburra 2012.
  9. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    This is starting (?) to go a little bit (?) out of control...! I will keep it with what i have for this year...
  10. 2017 1 oz Cayman Islands Marlin Silver Coin (BU)

    For some reason i never like coins with a fish in it... I have no idea why that is, but i don't feel attracted to it, even if there are some very nice coins on the market. Isn't this the coin that came in this special coin card by the way?
  11. The World of Leading Bullion Coins - eBook

    Anyone has any idea if and where you could buy this book as hardcover?
  12. Today I Received

    Today i received what i think is the most special coin from my entire collection, the very first US Palldium coin MS70 graded by NGC! Special thanks again for my good friend @Jester!
  13. Hi all, I saw in one of Numstackers videos the 2016 Monkey Panda Lunar Medal with antique finish. That looked like a fantastic medal only i don't seem to find a lot of information about them (besides the topic from Numistacker on this forum). Can anyone tell me what the price is for this medals and where they are to buy? I don't seem to find any besides Ebay (which i totally avoid). I'm very curious also if there is an after market for these medals. Would be great to get some advice from experienced Panda Lunar Medal collectors
  14. Bow to the next, newest Egyptian God...Sobek!

    The mintage of the rounds is not yet declared. Only the mintage of the Cleopatra has been announced but that's 38.767 and not 500? Or am i missing something here? In anyway they look fantastic. Will you buy them raw or graded?
  15. Bow to the next, newest Egyptian God...Sobek!

    That's too bad... For sure it would make a great presentation...