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  1. I noticed today at GS.be that the 1 oz silver John F. KENNEDY 2017 came in stock. This looks like an interesting coin to me. Does anyone know if it's part of a serie? Or it's just a one time issue? What do you guys think about it? Are you going to pick it up?
  2. Not really silver or gold, but it's related. Today i received my first two boxes from Meine Münzbox and they look absolutely fantastic!
  3. That's a great looking coin! Congrats!
  4. I hope so, they look amazing... So many nice coins this year ppff... And we are only 5 months far...
  5. Damnit this is one fine looking coin... Just wow... I wonder if they will make all the other Queens Beasts also in 10OZ....
  6. Thank you for your kind words my friend! No there are no proof coins in that picture, they are all BU.
  7. Arrived today (good start of the week!):
  8. With these low prices also i putted some extra orders for the following coins: - 1 OZ Rwanda Rooster BU - 1 OZ Athenian Owl - 1 OZ Maple Leaf 25th Anniversary 2013 - 30 gram Silver Panda 2017 BU - 1 OZ Niue Panda 2017 BU - 1 OZ Maple Leaf Superman 2016 BU - 1/2 OZ Lunar Horse 2014 - 1/2 OZ Lunar Monkey 2016 - 1/2 OZ Lunar Snake 2013 - 1 OZ Lunar Monkey 2016 - 1 OZ Lunar Horse 2014 - 1 OZ Brittania 2017 - 20th Anniversary And something i always wanted to have already:
  9. 186,86 today at GS.be
  10. True. That's exactly what it looks like! Ah yeah...
  11. Oh i thought you lived in England haha sorry. PM me with the price you have in mind if you want, then we can talk further. I can wait untill august, not a problem there.
  12. Maybe you're interested in selling one?
  13. Thank you all for your reactions. From what i saw even the normal BU Lunar II coins seem to be pretty good investments. I see especially the 2 OZ coins raise pretty quick in value. So that is why i was thinking about buying some proofs. I do think they look amazing, but i don't want to put my money in things that are almost certain to loose instead of keep or gain value. I like the series a lot, but for that i can also just buy the normal BU coins and put them in a nice collectors box...
  14. Fantastic! Thanks guys!
  15. Can anyone tell me where i can buy this beautiful coin box?