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  1. for sale

    Okey, i'll take one!
  2. for sale

    No spots or issues with the 2OZ Monkey? How much would the price be incl. shipping (with track & trace please) to Belgium? Thank you!
  3. for sale

    If you had more years of Libertads yes, but to sent only 1 coin to Belgium is maybe not so interesting Sorry!
  4. Again sold out at GS.be too... PPfff...
  5. for sale

    Just out of intrest for now @BackyardBullion, but do you also have Libertads from earlier dates? More specific 1998, 1999 and 2000?
  6. Today my order from GS.be arrived. I think i took pretty good advantage from the low silver price from last week...
  7. I received my orders today...
  8. From the perspective from a stacker yes. From the perspective from a collector no. Also a comment that doesn't contribute anything to this topic...
  9. You could have a look here: https://www.meinemuenzbox.de/ They have great presentation boxes for the Lunar II Silver Series. This is the link to the box itself: https://www.meinemuenzbox.de/startseite/münzboxen/lunar-ii-type-set-box-sonderedition-silber/#cc-m-product-6126215963
  10. Wow it goes that high already. The mintage now is 50.000 coins. Not sure how many are allowed outside Korea now. But if i hear this it seems like a solid investment. The design also looks pretty good...
  11. Hi guys, What are your thoughts about the Chiwoo Cheonwang 2017 Korea? Someone also knows if it's just a stand alone coin or part of a serie? They go already a pretty heavy premium at GS.be (30€). Is this price worth buying the coin for? Someone has it already in hand? I would like to hear your thoughts!
  12. They have a holiday at this moment. When you make an order it always mentioned that they don't ship orders this week. I expect you to have a respons on monday and they probably will ship or monday or tuesday. Don't worry!
  13. That's one hell of a good looking coin... Just wow... Congrats man!
  14. for sale

    It's to kick the topic back up
  15. wanted

    Thank you @BackyardBullion, but i live in Belgium so i could make the order myself with low shipping costs. The problem is only that i think the prices for the Lunar Monkey's (for sure the 2OZ coin) are pretty expensive at GS.be. I hope someone on the forum can help me further with this. But thank you anyway!