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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to get one of the presentation cases that holds the Lunar Series II Silver coins - sizes 0.5 oz to 10 oz. If anyone has one they are selling or knows of a place I can get one from would be great, please PM me Thanks all. P.S - If they do produce one which includes a space for the kilo coin as well I would prefer that one, cheers. Dan.
  2. Put me down for 1 please mate 👍🏻
  3. Numbers 17 and 92 arrived nice and safely today, thanks very much Could I please reserve the same numbers for any future runs as well please? Thanks.
  4. Will be up for it again mate, won't be as big of an order as last time but will certainly want a couple things. Will let you know by the deadline.
  5. My order includes the missing coins unfortunately haha, not moaning anyway, just surprised they forgot to include 19 items lol
  6. Please don't tease Can't believe they forgot to put so many coins into the delivery, I just want my coins, it's been over a month
  7. wanted

    Normal BU will do for me, just a nice coin to add to the collection.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a Rwanda Lunar Rooster 1 oz Silver coin, if anyone has one for sale could you please send me a PM. Thanks.
  9. Nice one, look forward to watching the unboxing video
  10. What is everyone's thoughts on the Perth Mint gold Lunar series? That's the year of the Monkey one I was looking at, as many have already stated, the RM Lunar series is really nothing too special
  11. Hello everyone So as the title suggests, I'm thinking about making my first gold purchase, I havwill been collecting silver for a little bit and after accumulating around 35 ounces of silver I feel I should expend slightly and buy some gold The thing I'm having trouble with is deciding between 3 different coins, 1/4 oz Lunar year of the Monkey, Full Britannia and the 1/4 oz QB series, what are the different benefits for each of these? If there are any at all that is. Personally I'm leaning more towards the Year of the Monkey coin as, even though it's the most expensive of the 3, it will hopefully have the best investment potential, both as gold value and collectible value. Thanks everyone.
  12. completed

    I would be interested in a 1/2 oz Goat and 1/2 oz Horse if still available. Cheers.
  13. I would be interested in a Lunar Monkey Privy. Could you please PM me, thanks
  14. for sale

    Hi, Do you still have a Privateer Siren for sell? Thanks.