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  1. 31
  2. Today I bought... (two mins ago) the Australian Koala 2017 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin. Really like the design on it!
  3. So are you the one in the recent video with the sixpences? They look stunning. very nice collection if it is!
  4. Today I received a proof queens beast lion of england proof 1oz, which has very weird silver flecks over the design. Very disappointed. Will have to get a replacement.
  5. Does NGC mark down for toning?
  6. Today I bought... The House of Windsor Centenary 2017 UK £5 Silver Proof Coin.
  7. Been watching this myself against others that aren't slabbed. Almost double the price of the others!
  8. Today I bought..."The Queen's Beasts The Lion of England" 1oz silver proof coin. Not many left on the RM site bow. 90% sold.
  9. Well I had one today to see if I like it. The coin is nicer in person. Had a panda too.
  10. Today I received... Panda & Owl
  11. Recently bought a silver proof new £1 coin. All silver but to have the bi-metalic effect they out fine gold on it. Awful parts of it missing and silver showing through. Its going back. Hope milk spots dont affect many people with the rabbits.
  12. Yeah I'm thinking of buying some in the next week. Dissapointing about the choked ones for you. 😑
  13. Have you got any? I'm thinking of buying a few. Do they stack well as I've seen some comments on videos that they aren't that good at stacking against each other.
  14. What does everyone think of the 2017 Niue Athenia Owl 1oz Silver $2 Stackable Coin? Looks very different to any other bullion I've seen recently. Half and half about buying any mind. Just wanted to know peoples opinions on it.
  15. The order line was open today until 18:00. Just went on their website and checked the times seems they are open everyday on the phone.