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  1. Today I received.... My coins returned all slabbed from NGC. Very happy especially with the 2001 Queen Victoria 100th Anniversary of Death which had a PF70 Ultra Cameo which isn't bad for a 16 year old coin. Also very happy with the 2016 remembrance Alderney coin that they put a UK label on. Gives it something extra with the same types of colour. Thank you Numistacker.
  2. Wow look at the size of them big holders. That photo really puts them into perspective for me. Always wondered how big they actually were.
  3. Will sell for £115.00... Any takers?
  4. There we are all corrected haha.
  5. Today I received.... A strike on the day Sovereign. But not the one that the craze is about at the moment. 22nd July 2015. Only 400 coins of this were made so pretty low mintage.
  6. Just done image search on the Alderney coin and they did do the UK label. That's a nice touch to have more colour on the label to match the coin. Thanks Numi this has made my day.
  7. Yay happy with the grades I've got! Looking forward to receiving them.
  8. 2009 1oz 999 Silver Australian Kookaburra. Love the designs on these little coins I'm going to do a date run I think.
  9. Bump... Last time Will now sell for £120.00 including postage.
  10. First ever graded coins returned. Nothing exciting at the moment just sent some random coins to see what the grading is all about and very happy! Thank You Numi!
  11. Awesome... Shall keep my eyes peeled. After watching your videos my interest has opened to coins other than the UK / Commonwealth.
  12. Are there any other NGC unboxing videos going up Numi? I know you've probably been busy sorting the coins. But I love watching the videos to see the coins and I've pretty much run out of your videos to watch. Had a bit of a spree this evening and watched almost all of your videos now haha.
  13. Watched the full video on YouTube. I thought in had one coin that NGC put forward to NCS or is this not all of the conservation coins? Looking forward to the other videos. Love the 1989 panda! Really want one of them!!!
  14. Video [emoji6]
  15. Is that all of the April ones back now?