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  1. JMBuliion has a great price on them better than Apmex. I grabbed 5 and a Platinum
  2. Just sold one NGC one on ebay for same price
  3. 1 2017 Tuvalu Dragon Auspicious Creatures Flaming Pearl of Wisdom 2oz Antiqued Silver Coin With Box and COA Graded PF 69 BY NGC 1 of 2 Graded by either company (I have the both) Asking 275£ OBO with free shipping to UK Tracked Insured With Pay Pal Invoice Also 2017 Ukraine Archangel MS-70 NGC- Asking 115 £ 2017 Kookaburra Great White Shark Privy MS70 55£ MS69 45£
  4. I listed it high on ebay for $449 OBO see if it gets any action
  5. Yeah def very very happy! None others graded yet at NGC first 2. Only disappointment was 3 MS69 kookaburra. Still cannot complain Im trying to figure out what to ask for the MS69 what does the community think its worth?
  6. I was really happy about that! DragonZeng sold his 70 on ebay for $580. That was the only one that has sold. Absolute stunner
  7. @Jester Got the grading results back. First 2 graded by NGC 1-70 and 1-69. Both of my swans came back MS70 and archangels did well also
  8. @Pipers
  9. Wow look at the difference in the antiquing between the 68 and 69 that sucks. A lot more antiquing on the 69. Look at the black behind the mountains.
  10. They will turn up. Always do. The USPS is absolutely horrible but eventually will arrive. Also NGC puts good insurance on the shipping
  11. I got my 1/4 dragon on pre order for $420 They havent announced the next one yet but the full list is available
  12. He also just put up a 2oz MS70 silver dragon for $2500
  13. HOWS IT GOIN', EH? Welcome
  14. Link is broken