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    HAHAHAH We actually dont use the word Fanny the same way here in the US. I learned that the hard way when I was in the UK with my family and asked my dad to hand me his Fanny pack(aka Belt bag) lol.
  2. 2018 Trigos Money Show Panda 60g and 300g silver

    Avoid seller on EBAY- ThinCat00 I ordered mine through him and he cancelled the orders after over a month with my $$$ tied up
  3. 1/4 Gold Unicorn

    I have 1 left in PF70 and MS70 if you're interested PM me
  4. 2018 Trigos Money Show Panda 60g and 300g silver

    There's also a 60g Silver medal with 24k gilt
  5. The new Trigos Kuala Lumpur Money Show 60g and 300g silver medal are out. Picked up two 60g myself. I got the only MS70 60g from NGC last year and sold it on Ebay for $700usd. Its currently listed for $1300. I like the Panda design but the reverse could be better.
  6. US Dealer recommendations

    Best place for walk in. In the USA is near Los Angeles at California Numismatic Investments in Inglewood. If they're driving up from SD they will have to drive past.
  7. 1 sold only 1 remaining
  8. 2 Available $1400 Free Shipping USA/UK 2018 NGC PF70 1/4oz Gold Proof Queens Beasts Red Dragon of Wales GB Label Sold out at the mint in less than 24 hours
  9. for sale Panda Garden #1 6 Coin set NGC

  10. for sale Panda Garden #1 6 Coin set NGC

    Hows $70 sound free shipping
  11. for sale Panda Garden #1 6 Coin set NGC

    Hey Jake, I have sold the 2 silver and the brass. Which ones were you intersted in
  12. Special Coin or plain old farthing?

    Steve you hate everything... Ya old sour puss
  13. Special Coin or plain old farthing?

    It's in a slab from PCGS with PR65 not dinged for artificial toning
  14. Hey guys, Wanted to get opinions from across the pond as this coin is out of my expertise. I saw this 1937 PCGS PR65 Farthing today and had to have it. It just looks stunning. Is it rare due to its condition and toning? Do you think this will ever be a very valuble? What do you guys think?
  15. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Any idea what dealer is carrying these?