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  1. i bought my first 10oz coin. The QB Lion. i LOVE it. feels like a weapon in my hand! not sure if i will continue the QB's due to the RM's inability to make milk free silver. i think i WILL be sticking to 10oz Coins going forward, as they are hefty and FUN!
  2. OHHHH NICE!!!! will have to see if i can find some "real life" pics of them
  3. Howdy! i hope you can lend me your expertise! im looking for something in the size area of PCGS/NGC holders for 1/10 oz gold coins. No, not looking to scam anyone! lol Just would like to buy some raw 1/10ers, but the thought of them being stored in their flips or those small airtites simply do not appeal to me. Currently the ones i do own are in PCGS slabs, and i like them that way, but wouldnt mind saving a little on cost getting some raw versions. Thank You for your time, Eric
  4. mine shipped today!
  5. NICE!!! Glad they shipped yours early! THey seem to be on the rise. this eBay seller had them for $205 last night: (now at 265) http://www.ebay.com/itm/172655562515?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. GLORIOUS!!!!! i cannot wait for mine to arrive! Pamp, did you order from APMEX?
  7. i vote Swans!
  8. As someone that is new to all of this, it was the coins width that sold me. The 10oz Kook is the same width as the 5oz ATB, so that is less appealing to me. This 10oz BEAST (pun intended) is practically the size of a COASTER! (which is a good thing)
  9. Ok, order placed! I'm IN!
  10. LOVE IT!
  11. ok, according to APMEX's Live Chat, it's a pre-sale and ships 5/10/17 but man, this is tempting, as its 3.50+ inches wide!
  12. Wait, APMEX does HAVE them ready to ship today?
  13. LOL!!!!!
  14. SO AWESOME! Love learning, thanks so much fellas! Now, with this Rosey Dime, http://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-P-Roosevelt-Dime-Beautiful-High-Grade-w-Awesome-Rainbow-Color-Tone-8695-/272641627432?hash=item3f7ab51528:g:1m8AAOSw~CFY7oUe whos to say the seller didnt take a lighter to it?
  15. As someone coming from sports cards and comic collecting point of view, toning or yellowing is a HUGE no-no for collectors yet, in the coin world, everyone seems to go gaga for it. what gives? lol (i get that everyone collects what they like, but wow on some prices!)