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  1. i cannot get over the asking prices on all the series two 1oz Lunars. even the roosters are over $30
  2. i got in the queens beasts MS69s that i won. they look nice, but didnt OMGWOW me, ya know? i wonder if the 1oz (yes, i know the beasts are 2oz's) size is just "too small" for me. i also got in the assortment of MS69 2017 stuff that i mentioned earlier. Then i got to looking at the 10oz Perth stuff. Sure the price point is great, but they dont seem to see much "action". i appreciate having this place to talk about these things.
  3. Yea man, im not going to lie, this is difficult. ive spent a lot of time thinking about it. i just cant seem to settle on anything.
  4. NICE on the swans!
  5. Welcome to the boards! i am new to PMs this month myself, so there will be others that will be able to give you proper advice. i personally have no interest in generic silver.
  6. Wow, that is a fantastic looking coin!!!
  7. fair enough
  8. when you say APMEX will release more, will they do so at what they were selling for when they sold out ($30 and change), or at current market prices? it is a slippery slope if they are holding back stock for the intention of selling later after they know the price will increase. i get it, but man that is uncool. i bought four swans at $27 ( to qualify for the free S&H. i despise shipping fees! lol) so of course i'd like to see them go up as much as possible (who wouldnt?)
  9. hot damn! i am sorry to hear that
  10. MIGHT be cheaper down the road, but might not be! lol collectors are a strange breed indeed. 25K DOES seem to be a little low of a mintage for most collectors, but then again, maybe its just right.
  11. as a complete newbie, i was under the impression that apmex is great, but not the cheapest option out there
  12. Last week i won an assortment of 2017 PCGS 69 stuff. they are do in the mail tomorrow. i am hoping that seeing them in person may help me choose one (or two! lol)
  13. i am CERTAINLY learning this, and quickly! in my other hobbies, the most important thing is FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! ive been trying to apply that to these here coins, and man is it TOUGH! Should i collect Pandas? -- well, there are a lot, stretching back to 1982, and they sure do make a LOT of them. also, how "shaky" is the Chinese Mint to future "collectors"? Should i collect Kookaburras? -- to be honest, before getting into coins, i don't think i ever knew what a Kook was. will this be a deterrent for future "collectors"? Should i collect Koalas? -- These are intriguing to me, as they are relatively new (2007), have a "low" mintage (which is not TOO low to draw in future newbies). Should i collect ASEs? Na, they are the same year after year. i know there are variations, but eh. Should i collect Kangaroos? This is one that i thought of originally (who DOESNT associate them with The Land Down Unda?), but then learned they are like ASEs Should i collect Lunars? They look great, change annually, but they are PRICEY going backwards. See what im talking about? LOL
  14. Yes, defects leading to saving on price is ALWAYS good LOL and that is a great point about buying early. Always food for thought. Love learning!