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  1. I'm chuffed you have a ms70. I have 2 silver ones in the pipeline and this news gives me great hope.
  2. for sale

    I'm not a premium member so im not going to see the pics. This is right premium membership being devalued otherwise.
  3. I have had a lot of joy buying from eBay too I have some lovely memories getting to know people which enhances the joy I get owning the coins.
  4. Don't come back empty handed
  5. A well modelled really nice coin on my wish list. Thanks for showing.
  6. I think it could be educational I would never know if I had been sold a pup, I would never take it out of its capsule.
  7. for sale

    Its not the first time, I have looked through and seen stuff only to be seen by premium membership. I like to look through just to know what is going on haven't purchased through this kind of thread.
  8. I gotta say she does have a look of Lou feringo about her, possibly a family resemblance.
  9. Hello & welcome, I am a new member here too & have been made really welcome
  10. Hello & welcome we need a paradox here.
  11. If I had a woman like that I would gladly leave, just grosses me out.
  12. If you could make me a nice silver coin but it has to have the right finish, watch out for all the sawdust. Saying all that I can't make one on my metal working pillar drill milling machine or my lathe yet. Just can't get it right, someone mentioned something about plates???. So no good with paper either.
  13. If I had done this cleaning and wanted to hide the fact i would handle it to get the smooth texture back on a coin like this where it has worn if it has been cleaned it would be a little rough and dull where it has not been touched I can't hide that bit. Just my thoughts, don't judge by me I'm a novice
  14. wanted

    Thank you very much for your help I do appreciate it.