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  1. Not good carma, we should be trying to look after each other as good friends and part on good terms.
  2. Hello is it still up for sale please
  3. Ayup, mi duck

    Hello & welcome to the forum enjoy the experience
  4. I know they have a village idiot there in the pay up or else department because I wrote to the village idiot and got a reply. I asked them to leave me alone because no one actually lives at the above address but they still don't get the message
  5. for sale or exchange 2017 proof sovereign

  6. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Ooh lovely
  7. Today I received.....

    this what I got today Anniversary Ducat Sorry in my excitement just got two quick photos off best I could do in the moment
  8. Hello all

    Hello and welcome. You done better than me it took me years to get this far and I only recently joined the forum.
  9. I say thank you for the music. Please keep it coming sorry to hear about your troubles all the very best.
  10. It's just silver

    Can't fault it. This truly is a unique coin
  11. Today I received.....

    Hello backyard bullion I had the same trouble doing the thread above you but it must have resolved when someone gave me a like. I'm not a teckie guy anyway. All the best