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  1. Saved up some pocket change the past few months... what to buy?

    On balance, Id go for the 2oz, but, i do like rolling a few one ounce poured bars around in the hand, that lovely klinky sound man...
  2. for sale Silver and gold coin

    Sweet, ill PM you when I get home tonight :-)
  3. for sale Silver and gold coin

    Phillies still available mo?
  4. for sale 1KG Umicore silver bar

    To be fair trying to find a 1kg bar for anywhere under £500 is very hard in the UK. What condition is the bar in, any pics?
  5. Damn it another MK barz piece gone before I knew it!
  6. for sale 1KG Umicore silver bar

    Ive seen three of these sell on ebay this weekend for £500-510. You'll have to come down a bit.
  7. No worries dude. I only ask as I have a halifax clarity card that is zero fees and the official fx rate for all foreign purchases, saves me a heck of a lot of money. Ah bummer, no problem dude Ill sit this one out. So jealous, looks like itll be alot of work for you but very rewarding too!
  8. Hi BYB, Having read your post, I wanted to ask for a couple of clarifications. Since goldsilver is priced in euros, how do you pay for it? Bank transfer? If so do you get a good rate? And do you spread the transfer costs out (i know itll be nothing but just want to know whats what). Also, more key than anything else, Im after the 5oz perth lunar dog which is scheduled to ship 6th December which is right on the limit for the dates you give. Whats your thoughts there? Cheers dude.
  9. Hey folks, Im taking BYB's advice and putting out a plea here. Im having a bit of a hard time finding a display box for Perth mint lunar 2 silver coins in the 0.5 oz to 10 oz range. I can find plenty of boxes for 12 x 1 oz, or 12 x 1/2 oz, and even for the whole range up to 1kg, but I want one that houses only coins from 0.5 oz to 10 oz (not interested in the kilo one). Any help? Does nayone have any idea where I can get one? Cheers
  10. for exchange Looking to SWAP QB Griffin for Lion (Silver 2 oz)

    Ill give this one bump and then ill let it die :-(
  11. In general, what would you estimate shipping to the UK to cost?
  12. Sarnia Silver

    Used them a few times, one of the few places you can get reasonably priced Atlantis Mint bars. No issues. The only thing dont like is that if you order (before VAT) is under £45, its like £2-3 delivery, but if you go a penny over it jumps to £9. So its actually cheaper to order 3 lots of £45 than one order of say £150. Weird.
  13. Hi All, Im currently overstocked on 2 oz QB Griffins by one and understocked on lions by 1. Basically I want to collect two of each and I currently have 3 griffins and only one lion. Would any of you guys be interested in a straight swap? All my Griffins have been kept in capsules so are in top nick. Pictures can be taken if needed but you all know what a QB griffin looks like. Cheers
  14. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    Well since you've expanded the numbers is like 101 instead please!