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  1. Any news on Canadian Predator Series?

    Great price too. Cheaper than most maples!
  2. Any news on Canadian Predator Series?

    Looks decent! Ill be picking up 5!
  3. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    I always report items as fake if i see them. Do it and they will soon be removed if enough people report them
  4. Does anyone carry a coin or piece of silver daily

    2015 Eagle for me. I'm trying to tone it but its being extraordinarily resilient!
  5. completed Cheap silver coins at £14.59 new offer

    Do you still have the tube too?
  6. UK Year of the Dog 2018

    Still shocking
  7. Hello from Silver Finger

    I enjoy those bars too. Wont be going for them myself I went for Umicore cast bars instead but these were in my list to be considered when i was making my decision! Welcome!
  8. Ok, I have three questions: 1) What evidence can you find that the rate of HPV infections/cervical cancer lesions has remained constant (i.e the vaccine is "useless") since the widespread adoption of Gardasil and competitor vaccine regimens? The only evidence I see, published by people I have personally met and can assure you are not part of some conspiracy, is that efficacy varies between 75-95%, and in some cohorts is 100%. I honestly havent seen evidence to the contrary, so please enlighten me. 2) Where is the evidence that the vaccine is dangerous. What specifically makes it dangerous? 3) Did your supervisor design the vaccine based on what would work, or would she insist on putting in some bizarre component that made no sense following that meeting she had with those guys in black suits and sunglasses? If you were there when it was being designed, you should know what every component was designed to do. Does every vaccine have a secret ingredient that is never explained?
  9. Im sorry, but I take great exception to this. Vaccination is the single greatest achievement of modern medicine and would only be surpassed by the discovery of a pill that brings eternal life. What you read on those conspiracy websites around vaccines is total bs, and I mean TOTAL BS. They are not poisonous any more than the salt you sprinkle on your food is poisonous. Vaccines have literally saved 100's of millions of lives, and almost certainly, someone in this thread would not be alive today were it not for vaccination. Source: I'm an immunologist and design vaccines. I literally have chosen every specific ingredient that goes into my vaccines because I understand what they do on a fundamental level. Go ahead and try to tell me I'm brainwashed. Note: Im actually a huge fan of these types of discussions, but I cannot have untruths being spread with zero evidence to back them up.
  10. Yorkshire Bullion

    A bit pricey, but completely legit. In fact, I bought my very first silver from him! He popped my cherry, so to speak ;-)
  11. Atkinsons - New silver lego

    Given that they cost the same in dollars from the USA, it might be cheaper, even if they get caught at customs, to order direct from monarch. The per oz price in the USA isnt too bad at all, worth a risk if you want them I think.
  12. For Kookaburra Lovers

    Lovely until they decide to treat you to a morning cackle chorus while you are deathly hungover from the NYE celebrations of 2008 in Sydney Harbour :-S
  13. The Trump and Brexit Connection

    We British are a pessimistic people by nature, and often self-deprecating. We are not prone to populist sentiment or risk taking when it comes to our well-being, unless the rewards are great. The fact that we as a nation did vote to leave, in light of my previous statement, should tell you all you need to know. We were bombarded by government approved leaflets and propaganda which was designed to scare the British into voting remain. But the remain camp forgot one thing. Although we are pessimistic and measured as a people, we are not scared of anything. The remain vote was based on fear, the leave vote was based on balance of risk. We have indeed made the correct decision, and history will show this to be the case, of this I am absolutely convinced.
  14. The price of silver

    Facts cannot be controversial. If this is what happened then thats what happened!
  15. The price of silver

    In a way, the fact that silver is dragging its heels is probably one of the reasons so few people know its value and/or appreciate silver for what it is. As we have seen time and again, humans are basically herd animals, if the price goes up and the mainstream media starts talking about it, the masses will start to buy and boom, we know the rest. Those who have made the greatest fortunes throughout history are those who bought when others were dumping. Im not sure you can say people are dumping silver right now (its hard to tell with the price manipulation the way it is) but we are definitly in dumping-region prices.