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  1. for sale

    I could be interested in a kilo bar, I am down in London most months and fly into city airport so could easily get to Canary Wharf.
  2. Do they do a discount on whole tubes worth of coins?
  3. I will be in touch about further order!
  4. Interesting post, payment wise if I ordered wouldn't I be stung on my say credit card for an order in euros? They do a few bars I like look off.
  5. Sadly got to agree!
  6. Cheers for this, I have to admit coin wise Libertads are the only coins which really attract me!
  7. So far my stack is silver bars, PAMP, Geiger, Atlantis etc. Wanting to add some coins in and really like the Libertad. Is there any mints which are more reliable for quality meaning trying to avoid any scuffs and risk of milk spots! Ally
  8. I want to see a video of you unboxing the silver shot you will need to make all these! again....I stake my claim for Number 47!
  9. Definite for me....and I will be a demanding customer and seek matching number from the 1oz bar! Will go with my cube from you as well @BackyardBullion
  10. Actually I want to reserve 47 for the next run!
  11. Had a truly crap day at work today, 12 hours in office with no break....home at 8.20pm to be greeted by a hungry cat and a parcel.....No 47 arrived safely, very well packed and very impressed with the bar @BackyardBullion
  12. Any plans for another order?
  13. What you being charged for postage?
  14. Woke up to the glorious news about Salmond and Robertson.....now how long until Salmond in his power monger way kicks Miss Krankie sorry my mistake Sturgeon out her position and heads up SNP again. Maybe he should have invested in gold and silver as due to the way he keeps reinventing himself I am guessing he has a **** pension! Maybe time to start a gofundme for him to top up his pension and leave us alone?