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  1. I have a good friend who lives in Florida and wondered about asking him to place an order say for around 25oz of assorted silver for me from Apmex then send them to me in UK after he receives them. He is sometimes over in U.K. on business so could even have him bring them over. Before asking him wondered if anyone could give me a couple of bits of advice. Firstly in States would he pay sales tax on silver? Secondly what would cheapest method of me getting cash to him without getting hit for bank charges? Lastly.....if he say posted it and it was marked as gift/present would it get buy customs okay? Just want to have it all played out in my head before asking him. Any help or advice would really be appreciated! Ally
  2. Okay, this is going to be a newbie question so apologies in advance! Is there any ready reckon over if spot price is say £15.00 what dealer will sell say a 1oz bar or coin? I appreciate that there are differing standards and I have likely paid well over the odds for my PAMP bars which I still say are truly stunning and satisfy the scrounge mcduck in me but is there any ready reckonor on what a dealer will charge over the spot price? Again sorry if this is a stupid question! Ally
  3. Got to admit these are damn nice looking coins. I am more into bars but these could win me over.
  4. Thanks Steve, I know at this moment it's worth £4,300 a year and will rise until pension age and then by a certain %. The company I worked for have been long rumoured to be take over targets and always thought the scheme could end up being wound up. I kind of feel like I would like to be in control of it by having it all together to make one large pot.
  5. Evening Folks, Wouldn't mind an opinion or two on this situation. Some basics. I am 40 years old, unmarried, no kids and certainly not planning any! Debt wise only currently have a mortgage which is around £64K left to pay. I have worked for my current employer for ten years and pay in 5% (4% after tax relief) with my employer paying in 8%. This isn't the best I know but 8% is most they will put in (6% plus match employee contributions to 2%). I am in a defined contribution scheme and currently the pot is worth £65K. In my last job I worked for 9 years and started on a low salary i.e. £8.5K and left earning £22.5K. Part of the perk of that job was it had a final salary pension scheme which for the last few years was on career average related earnings. I started wondering about seeing if I could move my final salary and join it to my defined contribution pot. I asked for a transfer value which I have received and it is £124K. This could mean if took it could have at 40 a £190K pension pot which hopefully could get some good growth whilst being added to until planned retirement at 65. My question for you........am I being short sighted here? Final salary would pay out when I am 62. Is two pots better than one? Should I add them together and hopefully reap benefit of good years growth? Any comments would be appreciated!
  6. So today clearing out hall cupboard......and found a safe! Forgot I bought one when bought house 4 years ago! It is only a laptop sized safe but is heavy duty and will give me somewhere to stash my stack which is very much in its infancy....also found a magimix ice cream maker.....which will now go and use!
  7. Testing wise and sorry if this is a stupid question does a producer need to send off one in every so many batch produced to be tested? Would be excellent if there was more people making poured bars etc over here, SilverStan and Backyard Bullions stuff looks good and full credit to them for putting the work in to produce these.
  8. I agree with you, new to this scene and the forum but already had a good look at the items SilverStan and BackyardBullion make. Was as just curious to see what people's experience was of them.
  9. Morning Everyone, Being from Scotland seen this make a few weeks ago when having a look around on net. Anyone own any of their pieces? I admit a lot really are not my thing like the tacky cannabis leaf sorry "420" but I do quite like this - http://www.purescottishsilver.co.uk/product/silver-cheetah/ Ally
  10. Also forgot.....got this as well from Martin at Silvertrader..very impressed with his service.
  11. This weeks purchase. 20oz Scottsdale - this is truly an epic bar of chunkyness! 5oz Scottsdale
  12. Thanks for the replies....cat litter tray is an idea....I have a loopy tunes Bengal cat who would likely attack anyone stupid enough to go near her litter tray!
  13. Evening folks, Apologies if not right section but wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a house safe, what brands they recommend etc. Looking to get one to to keep silver stash safe but also for documents. Handly Le my house has a concrete ground floor for being bolted down. Again apologies if not correct section. Ally
  14. Thank you! The name did kind of ring a bell! Appreciate the help.
  15. Yeah call that my rookie mistake!