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  1. Any idea where to buy Geiger in assay cards?

    Mick. Thanks for this. Shame postage is so high! Ally
  2. Seen these on London Gold Bullion who I have bought from in past but wouldn't risk using anymore. I know these cards don't come in cheap and are not the most economic way to stack but I like my PAMP cards and fancy picking these up. Any idea where else in UK Or Europe I can source these? https://www.londongoldbullion.co.uk/silver-bars-c37/1-ounce-silver-bars-c38/1oz-geiger-edelmetalle-silver-bar-p426
  3. Another good video....need to get another order sorted soon!
  4. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Likewise I can vouch for Martin, bought a few things from him and never had an issue in anyway.
  5. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    47 please!
  6. It's totally random.....but I will buy it!
  7. Count me in.....will get order to you later on and thank you again.
  8. As always coins arrived well packed, genuinely always impressed with effort that @BackyardBullion makes with his deliveries!
  9. wanted Pamp Suisse Bars Wanted

    Just an idea, why not have one of the people who are friendly with say gold silver.be contact PAMP and see if they will sell them to them.
  10. Today I received.....

    Is the quarter ounce a rarer bar?
  11. for sale Up to 10kg of silver for sale

    I could be interested in a kilo bar, I am down in London most months and fly into city airport so could easily get to Canary Wharf.
  12. Do they do a discount on whole tubes worth of coins?
  13. I will be in touch about further order!
  14. My new supplier, cheapest 10oz QB's Silver in Europe:

    Interesting post, payment wise if I ordered wouldn't I be stung on my say credit card for an order in euros? They do a few bars I like look off.
  15. i've made a naked lady, what do you think?

    Sadly got to agree!