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  1. They seem to have limited Rwanda coins, any idea if they will be getting more in? I could be interested in a Britannia order.
  2. Hopefully mine will be here for when get home on Saturday!
  3. Amazing video...Now let’s get next order underway!
  4. for sale 1oz pamp Suisse silver rosa bars x 25

    These arrived today....delighted to have a full box of PAMP!
  5. Libertad Mexico Kilo Prooflike 2017

    That’s nice!
  6. Hello there from Bonnie Scotland!

    Welcome...I am from South Ayrshire.
  7. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    My 1kg Silver PAMP bar.....and second 20oz Scottsdale bar.
  8. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Impressive line up!
  9. They are far from normal cats! Look at YouTube for life with a Bengal....mine liked to go in the shower!
  10. Gorgeous! I have a silver Bengal....trust me your life is about to change!
  11. Coloured carded silver coins

    https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2017-australian-1-oz-kookaburra-coloured-silver-bullion-coin/ Seen Martin at Silvertrader has 4 low mintage coloured coins, any idea are these on sale elsewhere or made specifically for him? Seems low cost for such low mintage.
  12. Sarnia Silver

    Used them before, excellent friendly service and truly can’t fault service they provide.
  13. Thinking about maybe getting some silver

    Suggest wait on @BackyardBullion doing his next goldsilver.be order.
  14. Any idea where to buy Geiger in assay cards?

    Mick. Thanks for this. Shame postage is so high! Ally