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  1. Cheers and @rebnah you have good taste!!!!
  2. Slight hijack of thread but does anyone know where I can get a storage box for PAMP 1oz bars?
  3. I am looking for a 5oz silver 2017 Libertad. Eva from goldsilver expecting them in on 22nd May.
  4. I have a few PAMP bars, my view if you really want them but from main dealers to avoid being duped, I love PAMP, truly stunning bars and admit paid a lot for what I have!
  5. Will bank transfer be okay?
  6. I will be in....just need to decide what want!
  7. Was about to ask this myself and I was going to offer to pay by BACS.
  8. @BackyardBullion 47 for me....you know why!
  9. I just picked up 5 Atlantis Mint 1oz bars from Sarnia, genuinely very impressed with their service. Backyard Bullion makes some very nice pieces as well!
  10. Two deliveries made on Friday but I just got my hands on them this afternoon... A custom cube from @BackyardBullion and 5 1oz Atlantis Mint bars from Sarna Silver.
  11. Few Atlantis Mint 1oz bars just received.
  12. Hi from Troon...which actually is sunny today!
  13. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh!
  14. Welcome to the site and you have picked best place to come for info! I am from South Ayrshire. Ally
  15. I have a good friend who lives in Florida and wondered about asking him to place an order say for around 25oz of assorted silver for me from Apmex then send them to me in UK after he receives them. He is sometimes over in U.K. on business so could even have him bring them over. Before asking him wondered if anyone could give me a couple of bits of advice. Firstly in States would he pay sales tax on silver? Secondly what would cheapest method of me getting cash to him without getting hit for bank charges? Lastly.....if he say posted it and it was marked as gift/present would it get buy customs okay? Just want to have it all played out in my head before asking him. Any help or advice would really be appreciated! Ally