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  1. Welcome in.. [emoji106]
  2. Welcome [emoji4]
  3. thanks to all for the warm welcome [emoji3]
  4. Welcome..
  5. Very interesting thread & lovely pics - especially the miss universe!
  6. Welcome in [emoji4]
  7. Hi fellow collectors & stackers.. New collector from Wales - joined recently to learn and start a nice shiny stack of onbehalf of my baby son (now the chaos of having a new family is calming).. Initially looked to setup a stocks n shares for him, but consider the market heavily over-valued and so decided to invest his birth year in PM and gift it to him in time. Despite best efforts over the years, I am a collector at heart and from watching some fab forum member videos am developing a preference for modern, low-mintage English bu proofs (and have started with 2017: pf sov 1/2 & 1, pf lion 1/4 & 1 and pf krugerrand). Thanks to members that have already helped me and looking forward to helping others as I can.
  8. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/1oz-silver-coins/2017-south-african-krugerrand-premium-uncirculated
  9. Spent too much on gold of late, but wanted to thank@BackyardBullion for the opportunity & for organising this. Looking forward to the unboxing.. [emoji3]
  10. Ah, miss-calculated the oz-age... the standard 3 coin set from LCC is 400% premium - apologies
  11. ..thats a crazy 584.3% premium (including the additional £15 p&p & spot at £950) Even LCC have the standard 2014 gold 3 coin proof set (150 mintage) for a mere 220% premium (£1.9k)
  12. Hi and welcome from South wales Gareth
  13. Mr. Jeremy Fisher will be available in June, Tom Kitten in August and Benjamin Bunny completes the series in September http://www.royalmint.com/aboutmysubscription
  14. completed

    PM'd. I'll take one please