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  1. FYI friends, these coins are already spotting. I've got an email out to NY Coin & Bullion asking how we're going to rectify the issue. Others I've spoken with that have the coin in hand have also found spots. Caveat emptor.
  2. Howdy All, Just looking for suggestions for reputable coin auctioneers/auction houses from forum members. I primarily scour Dix Noonan Webb and Heritage but got to thinking today, surely these can't be the only two reputable coin auction houses. So I offer my thanks in advance for any recommendations you can share!
  3. As an American living in the South, I only take offense that you got the yeehaw wrong and used USA and not Murica! In all seriousness, not my thing either. But the good news is there's something for everyone in this ongoing addiction that is PM stacking/collecting.
  4. Interesting...this is basically a mash-up of about three different U.S. government issued coins. The eagle from the Washington Quarter reverse, the shield from the Barber Quarter reverse and the Peace Dollar obverse (to each their own but for my PM dollars, the original Peace Dollar is just stunning and hard to improve upon).
  5. Huh...Soccer. I saw "The Football Thread" and thought you guys and gals across the pond had come to your senses for sports entertainment...alas, it isn't so.
  6. Along with a very hefty price tag no doubt. Could still be a bit if they're still at the RM and if it was MCM or Apmex as they'll undoubtedly send the majority to NGC for grading.
  7. LOL, you're going to have to change your screen name to just "steve" You're still the go-to guy for all things Sovereign related.
  8. Wow! The level of detail and craftsmanship is stunning. Great pick-up Numi!
  9. Very interesting! I think I had also heard The Black Bull of Clarence might be next but the Proclamation you found certainly points to Unicorn. Great find @westminstrel!
  10. MCM was late to the party on this one...AND they let NGC mislabel the slabbed coins! This is a proof coin, not BU. Wow. Check out the description on Talisman (that does match the info on the coin I have in hand) and then how they have it on MCM. Need further proof (yes, pun completely intended)? Just look up in this thread at the coins @ShaolinStacker sent in and had graded. https://www.moderncoinmart.com/silver/other-world-silver-coins/tuvalu-silver-coins/?filters[extra][YEAR_OF_ISSUE]=2017&filters[extra][MINT]=Perth+Mint&cat=695&sort=date_added&page=1&objects_per_page=0&link=tuvalu-dragons&linkcat=homepage http://talismancoins.com/products/65082 BTW, you can still get these raw at Talisman but I did notice the price has gone up by about $40 USD (supply probably beginning to run low).
  11. Here you go guys...YouTube's Silver Slacker just did an unboxing of this round and disclosed where he got it at the cheapest price. Silver Gold Bull has them in stock and the price looks reasonable ($57.62 USD). Link below is to their UK site so shipping shouldn't be a big issue... https://silvergoldbull.co.uk/2-oz-privateer-collection-the-whale-ultra-high-relief-silver-round
  12. And is that a double strike? Look at the numbers in the date (or is that how it's supposed to look when minted)?
  13. I'm following @Numistacker's lead...per @HyHy, confirmed that the raw coins were sold out at MCM so I picked this beauty up from NY Coin & Bullion for $149 w/ free shipping...Not overly concerned that it won't come with the OGP as the CoAs don't give a specific number for your coin (kinda like the 2017 BU Silver Krugs).
  14. I do like seeing the government mints selling bars. I had thought only the RCM was selling Silver bars (I've got a nice 10 oz Silver RCM bar) but the 'roo bars from Perth are also a welcome addition (although at a higher premium than you'd like to see with bars).