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  1. Looks like an old man in drag...and not even the variety of queen you'd have to do a double take to see if they're really a man or woman. Really bad. Just think, some senior level manger at Pobjoy saw that and signed off on it to go ahead and begin production!
  2. So I'm curious...I see the method to your madness if you're looking to get in early, capitalize on the hype and double, triple or hopefully even quadruple your money and then get out. The problem I have with this particular coin is if people are thinking this will end up being one of the numismatic greats 5, 10, 15+ years from now. One that you should buy as many as you can, hold on to them and watch them help you pad your retirement nest egg decades from now. If that's the case, I'd argue that it won't be a footnote to a footnote in the pages of numismatic lore over a longer period of time. As someone who has decided to purchase the coin(s), where are you at on this?
  3. Key words and phrases highlighted... There's a whole thread on the Leopard coin in the Silver section and recently a member posted pics of the coin(s) they received and the quality was shyt. It's an attractively designed bullion coin by a private mint and nothing more IMO (as was the 2017 Cayman Islands Marlin Coin also done by Scottsdale). I just think you (collective "you", not speaking to anyone specifically) can fall into the hype trap and the next thing you know, you're spending your valuable (and for most of us, limited) PM dollars/pounds/euros chasing the next Silver bullion "error" hoping it'll be a rock star. Why not also buy the 2017 Pobjoy 35th Anniversary of the Falklands Liberation Commemorative with the "Britannia Rules The Waves" trademark violation? Don't get me wrong, if collecting this type of Silver coin is your passion and your PM strategy then that's exactly what you should pursue and damn what anyone thinks of it. Final thought...While I don't think any of us would turn our noses up at an opportunity to snag a sleeper before it blows up or take advantage of an opportunity for a fairly sure flip, I'd like to think most of the folks on this Forum are disciplined, informed collectors/stackers who don't get too distracted by the hype and "the next big thing". Maybe I'm out of my tree on this, who knows. Just my $0.02
  4. Does this cause concern for those investing in crypto? Just interested in your thoughts. http://gizmodo.com/37-million-in-ether-stolen-as-people-refuse-to-learn-t-1797075264`
  5. Picked up a few of these at auction. Adding a wee bit of Gold to the collection with coins that are in great shape. Will probably send to NGC to be put in their newer slabs.
  6. For those interested in the trademark violation version of this coin, here's an interesting and not very expensive I might add ($49.50) way to pick one up PCGS slabbed and graded with the trademark violation identified on the label. Considering the coin itself probably goes for around $20 or so and it's $20+ to be graded by PCGS, this isn't a bad deal. Enjoy! https://newyorkcoinandbullion.com/2017-p-britannia-rules-the-waves-1-crown-first-day-of-issue-pcgs-pr69dcam-1-of-first-1000-struck.html
  7. PM @Pampfan He's state-side and also happens to be the resident Pamp subject matter expert. Need to know something/anything about Pamp Suisse, he's your guy.
  8. His coins, his medals and his women...
  9. Great question...when I hit the site up a few hours after the YouTube video was posted, they were nowhere to be found...and not like you could see them and it just said "Sold Out", it's like they never even existed. And I haven't seen them since (yours is the first). Who knows why they did it.
  10. Govmint.com did those Unicorns and labels. For those unaware, MCM and Govmint.com are both owned by the same parent. Silver ByTheOz put out a heads up YouTube video back on June 6 about them. I saw the video about two hours or so after he posted it and they were already gone.
  11. Now this is a really nice Chinese medal. The antiqued Silver is beautiful. To the best of your knowledge, are these all already spoken for given the U.S. dealer "who shall not be named" snatching a good number of them? Man, you know they're going to jack the price through the roof especially in high grade from NGC with what's sure to be a new bulk submitter only label. You were ahead of your time Numi (dare I say avant-garde)!
  12. Welcome! Fellow Yank here. Although given your screen name, we may be on opposite coasts (NC is home for me). You in Cali? While we're in the minority, our PM brothers and sisters from across the pond treat us well. There are a few other American-based collectors who regularly post on the Forum. @Pampfan and @ShaolinStacker are both knowledgeable, stand-up guys and great to talk with. Pamp is up in NY and I believe Shaolin is out in Cali. Anywho...there's a ton of great content and resources to read through. Let us know if you have any questions...one thing we're not short on around here is opinions!
  13. The coin itself looks terrible IMO. The proportions of Britannia look completely wrong from her weak-jawed face to the way the poorly done helm sits on her head. On the obverse, Pobjoy has managed to make the Queen look like Abe Vigoda in drag... If you think the coin with the motto will make it a winner in the future, then it's worth picking up. But purely from a design perspective, it's a miss for me.
  14. In the U.S.as well. It actually concerns me a bit as a new Sovereign collector. If the price of higher grade Sovereigns begin to jump quickly across the board solely because interested has piqued globally for these coins, I may have to look for another 1/10 to 1/4 Gold coin to invest in until the Sovs are no longer the FotM.
  15. Don't be too envious...before I visited NY for the first time, I assumed the entire state looked like Manhattan. When I got up around the Great Lakes area of NY, it looked like something out of The Beverly Hillbillies or The Dukes of Hazard (Please tell me you all have seen those shows). I know you may envision us going from one LCS to the next not knowing which one we should visit next but it really does depend on where you live. Raleigh (NC) has a few but nothing that couldn't be knocked out on a Saturday afternoon (and likely having nothing I'm interested in). I will say the one decent outfit not too far from me is Pinehurst Coin Exchange. You may have seen them on eBay as PCE. They're about 45 min from my house. Anywho, I'm envious that you all have how many websites that sell oodles of Sovereigns? Trying to find those in any decent supply over here is like trying to find a black cat in a coal cellar. We just need to start hooking each other up!