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  1. Here's a suggestion...if you've got a little coin to spend but you're not sure where to place your bet to give you the best return, check eBay for a 2014 5 oz Silver Libertad Proof. There's a known German dealer who has a few for sale. They have the "Make Offer" option which I did and got it at a lower price. Only 800 of the 5 oz proofs were minted so that'll be one to pick up and hold on to. The 2014 2 oz Silver Libertad Proof as well if you can find one (only 750 were minted that year). They're beautiful coins so you can appreciate having them in your collection also knowing when/if you want to sell, you're going to make money.
  2. Given the detail and beauty of the high-relief, antiqued dragon (honestly, one of the best dragon coins I've seen), it's chunky 2 oz size, its mintage of only 1,000 pieces, a product of the Perth Mint (quality, quality, quality), and the fact that you don't see the coin much, I think the PF69 easily gets close to $250. The cheapest I've seen the raw coin is $149 at Talisman Coins in Canada. Because let's be honest, if the coin cost you somewhere around $150 plus the cost of grading/shipping and you could only get around $200, why sell it right now? Ladies and Gents, if you haven't added this coin to your collection, you really are missing out (IMO). EDIT: You know, I was just thinking...if you were to sell this on eBay for $250, eBay's going to take their 10% cut, PayPal's going to take their cut, and you'll probably have to offer free shipping. Knock all of those deductions from $250 and considering what you've put into the coin, it seems you'd need to: 1) sell it for a higher price, 2) sell it to a forum member or 3) just hold on to it.
  3. Congrats on the PF70 Antiqued Dragon! The swans as well. Your results have got me pumped up for a submission next month with @Numistacker. You've got to be pretty pleased with the gradings overall, right? So you keeping both dragons or the PF70 and selling the PF69? If I remember correctly, you said yours were the first to be graded by NGC? I'd imagine you could sell the PF69 for a nice profit. Congrats once again and thanks for sharing!
  4. The gateway to a new addiction...
  5. Thank you so much @arshimo2012! While I'd like to see them sooner, having a better idea of when to expect them is a close second place Have a great weekend.
  6. wanted

    Just to clarify, I think Pete was asking if you were wanting the Perth Mint Kangaroo or the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) Kangaroo (see below). Not sure which side of the pond you're on but JM Bullion has the 2015 Perth Kangaroo in stock for around $22 +/- depending on volume purchased and pmt method. Hope that helps.
  7. Is there a page on the RMs website where you can learn more about upcoming releases? I feel certain there is but my searches to this point have come up empty. I'm most interested in the 1 oz Griffin Proof and the 2017 Britannia Proof. Just curious if anyone has the scoop on when we might see these coins..
  8. When I first became interested in PM, it was silver and the intent was to purely stack bullion. The cheaper the better. As I wasn't married to any particular type of bullion, I felt fortunate that JM Bullion and Provident Metals both had/have weekly specials and often the sale on a random (or what appears to be random) bullion coin is "X over spot for any quantity". That was key for me as I couldn't afford to buy into the higher quantities to drive the per coin price down. All I had to do was exceed the $100 threshold for free shipping. I'd also pay by personal check to shave off another dollar or so the dealers charge for credit card and PayPal purchases. For example, right now Provident Metals has 2016 ASEs on sale for $21.20 any quantity with free shipping over $99. It's been interesting to watch the sales come and go on various bullion. I've managed to pick up some Britannia's, Kangaroos, ASEs and Canadian Wolves all at an "X over spot any quantity" with free shipping.
  9. I can appreciate your perspective, it's a good thing to having differing opinions. This would be a pretty boring rock if we all thought the same way. Fortunately, there's just as much variety in coins as there are opinions about them. I think I mentioned the Wedge-Tailed was a Perth Mint issue. I didn't mention Mercanti...we've all seen enough of his signature on slabbed Wedgies recently. I always respect and enjoy your feedback @shortstack68.
  10. As an American, I do not like this coin at all. There have been many iterations of Lady Liberty but never one with corn rows and an over-sized, blinged out crown of stars. Add to that the eagle on the reverse looks off. I don't know if it's the position of the wings in flight or the proportions on the whole but it looks almost comical and amateurish. IMO, if you want to see a stunningly strong and breathtaking example of Lady Liberty, look no further than the Peace Dollar. Both the obverse and reverse are very powerful images... And as a benchmark image for an eagle in flight, I'd say the Perth Mint nailed it in spades with the 2014/2015 Wedge-Tailed Eagle... Just my $0.02
  11. I can't order from them because I can't get registered!...they must not like American phone numbers (keeps telling me it's incorrect). Either that or it's a ID10T error : ) UPDATE: It's official..."You can only register on our site if you have a British Isles based address" That's geographic discrimination! Where's Al Sharpton when I need him??? In fairness to Coin Portfolio, they give you a number to call for international orders...I just don't want to put that much effort in to it.
  12. I've never been poor...an out-of-control coin purchaser? Yes. I'm trying to focus my purchases a bit more so that I'm able to spend more but less often...the whole quality versus quantity. I'm probably done for the year with the exception of the '17 Silver QB Griffin Proof, the '17 Silver Britannia Proof and the '17 Silver Libertad 2 and 5 oz Proofs...huh, when I type that out it doesn't really come across as "done for the year" (oh well, maybe those offerings will be spaced out a bit at least).
  13. Finally was able to pick up a 2014 5 oz Libertad Proof!
  14. Good Afternoon/Evening All, Just happened to check Modern Coin Mart and noticed they're selling the 2017 China Silver Berlin World Money Fair Panda Proofs slabbed and graded in both the 8g and 1 oz versions. The 8g PF70s are going for $149 with several different label options and the 1 oz PF70s are selling for $388. They also have PF69s at a lower price point. Looks like the mintage was 1,000 for each type. Good looking coins but not for me although I wanted to make sure you all are in the know. Good luck!
  15. How is this little chunky, antiqued, high relief, 2 oz beauty flying under the radar at 1,000 mintage from Perth? I'm working now so the latex gloves and fondling must wait until later (wow that sentence by itself could be taken WAY wrong). I snagged this from Talisman Coins for around $155 all in.