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  1. This is such a great idea, thank you
  2. Thank you. Greatly appreciated. Thank you, the response from the forum has been fantastic.
  3. Shipping PMs to Europe

    What a palaver, thank you for bearing with us @Big23
  4. Thank you, much appreciated. Thank you - you guys are fantastic.
  5. Thank you, greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you very much, it is much appreciated.
  7. Aah, I'm sure he would but he is recovering from surgery
  8. No deadline but the SleepOut is on Friday 23 March - you may see photos on the night (I might look like a Michelin Man if it is really cold).
  9. Thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.
  10. Newb Question - Old Sovs Vs New Sovs

    I'll ask Lawrence and Juliana for their opinion - and on Monday, I'll be checking out our half sovereign stock against our Black Museum of fakes.
  11. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    It's going to the USA - can you imagine customs with the Blackpool rock
  12. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    Wow, that 1843 overdate sold quickly - if it was one of the silverforum they've had a good buy, it was priced down instead of up last night.
  13. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    We're raiding Lawrence's stash of interesting overdates/errors - lots more to come.
  14. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    Good point, our photographer has started doing this too, a work in progress.