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  1. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome. Lots of great information and opinions on this forum. If you have any questions we're always happy to help.
  2. Interesting Sovereign Information

    I'll see if we have some old Bulletins with prices tomorrow
  3. Interesting Sovereign Information

    The proof full sovereigns have a mintage figure of 13,050, however this includes the proof coins being issued as parts of sets. The individual proof sovereign has a limited edition presentation figure of 10,500 coins.
  4. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    Hi, we are offering them to people on the wish list first, if anything is over we would them offer them to anyone who has shown interest. It looks like they will be all sold on this occasion. If you would like to go on the wish list please DM your name, email address and I will add the coins.
  5. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    Any particular sizes? Cast, mint, sealed - if you can DM the details with your email address and name I will have a look for you.
  6. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    Ha, I was so happy
  7. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    This afternoon I found a bag of sealed (well two aren't) quarter ounce gold pandas in the strongroom. If you're on the wishlist we'll be contacting you once we've had new photos and priced them up. We use the wish list so that if you are on it, we will offer the coin to you before we pop it on the website. If anyone wants to be added please let me know email address, name and what you're looking for - by DM. We don't have everything but you'd be amazed what we uncover - we're using a new warehousing system which makes it easier for us to let you know if an item is in stock but we've got one more big safe to catalogue so you never know what we'll find.
  8. wanted Looking for 10 oz Year of the Monkey

  9. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    We were calling everyone to ensure that it was convenient to dispatch their coins. Quite a few people are on holiday at this time of year and some prefer a particular day for their coin to arrive - they need to be signed for so someone needs to be in to receive it. If you miss the delivery you can rearrange delivery with the Royal Mail bt some people find this a nuisance. If you would like your coin to be dispatched please DM your name and I will arrange for it to be sent on Monday.
  10. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    No, I have the ones that have been returned in a box, with all the details - names, cert numbers and information about the marks. I will be getting our photographer to take more photos on Monday. I have personally been through all the sovereigns that have been reserved for customers to make sure they are excellent condition. We have been in contact to see whether we can get replacements from the RM but have not heard anything yet. We have put a note on the page, I personally spoke to two new customers yesterday and explained that the coins may have some small imperfections and in both instances they were more concerned with owning this particular SotD sovereign even with this issue. Even though they could have bought the proof sovereign for less. The coins are BU, not proof. We have seen various imperfections on coins from the RM on all coins - Unc, BU and Proof. In an ideal world all coins with marks would be exchanged by the RM but this isn't always the case as sometimes there are no replacement coins available. Usually, we would have spotted the issue however as customers had been waiting for so long, the coins were not opened and checked prior to being sent out. In this case, the coins are not sealed so we should have delayed dispatch and checked all coins first - some customers do not like us opening the boxes at all so it is difficult to satisfy everyone. If a customer is not satisfied with the condition of the coin we would try to replace the damaged coin or offer a refund. I hope this has reassured the forum that we will not be sending you any coins that have previously been returned.
  11. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Have you had a missed call or a message. I know they were calling everyone who had ordered one when they arrived. DM your name and I'll arrange dispatch on Monday.
  12. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Hi Paul, I'm sorry that you have been disappointed with your coin. I can see that some of the checking at our end has been rushed through and some damaged coins have been missed in our haste to dispatch all the SotD sovereigns that everyone had been waiting for. If you would like to send this coin back to us I can either send you a replacement or offer you a refund, whichever you prefer. I have personally examined all our stock which have then been double checked by a senior colleague. Unfortunately approx a third of the coins show various signs of production marks including tiny dents, some hairline scratches and a couple of coins appear to have die-cracks - I will ask Lawrence to confirm this but he is out of the office this week. In our opinion, the proof-like brilliant uncirculated finish has caused a great deal of confusion. The coins have certainly not been struck to a proof finish which is evident when compared side by side with the 2017 proof sovereign. It would have been a better idea if the Royal Mint had kept to their standard BU finish. We are awaiting to hear whether we will be able to get more replacement coins, as soon as we get some more information we will let you know. Please let me know what you would like to do. Kind regards, Lizzie
  13. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    I'd seen this for 2013 but not for other years http://news.coinupdate.com/historic-return-of-sovereign-production-to-india-1861/
  14. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Hi, Sorry to hear this. I was examining one of the BU sovereigns against one of the proof sovereigns today, you can see the difference between the two finishes. We have our staff meeting first thing tomorrow (Wed) but if you give me a call after 10am we will sort something out. Lizzie
  15. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    We had been told last week, now we've been told this week - there is still Friday. Unfortunately, they are not always the most reliable and we are down their list. If, fingers crossed, we receive them tomorrow, we will be dispatching on Monday - we will call everyone first. I'll make sure that any issues like this are followed up more efficiently. We're semi-expecting them to have the incorrect certs