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  1. withdrawn Bullion Sovereigns

    Bullion full Sov's in capsules. 2015 and 2018. £462 for the pair including Special Delivery. Please note due to Bank Holiday if posted today you may not receive until Tuesday/Weds. Coins are uncirculated bullion. Payment by Bank transfer only. Private Message me if interested. Thanks
  2. Fair enough, you are right about Wheaton, worth a punt though IMHO. Excellent point and not pointed out by many. Amen. Many don't even realise. They will though, probably soon. Bear enjoyed his light soup and 600 point drop in the DOW before rebound. Compliments to the chef. Bear will have a little light chat with his dinner guests over a glass of red whilst the chef prepares the excellent starter dish (bull cheese and tomatoe with a FTSE and DOW drizzle). Whilst waiting for his starter, he is amused the main course bulls thought they were free and pondered over a cigar as the bulls ran back a few hundred points towards the field to 24250 area. Bear knows adrenaline spoils the bull meat; so best to let them rest a little, and besides, bears friends are waiting in the field.
  3. If you're looking to speculate, the only stock I would touch would be miners. First Majestic for instance. Now (IMHO) could be a good price if prepared to hold for a bit of short/mid term chop. I expect miners to do very well when the masses jump into PM's if panic hits the market. First Maj took a nice jump from $3 to $18 in a few months during 2016, but now back to $6, seems good entry point to me anywhere from here to $5. Your FTSE 5800-5500 level matches the 50% retracement March '09 - Jan '18 @ just over 5600 area. I'm in for a drop to the 61.8 Fib @ just above 5100 zone, so you are not as far out as me. I would say that last Thursday/Friday was just another tremor before the quake hits properly. I am patiently waiting for the bulls to be served up, medium rare, with a fine glass of red.
  4. You are correct about the FTSE, apologies for not being clearer, I must remember not to post after a couple or three glasses of Rioja. When I talk about all time highs I am talking about the last few months in comparison to the last 10 years or so. I would say we are seeing the beginning of the other side of a blow off top. My opinion is Feb on the DOW looks like sellers are now in control and that the correction will be surprisingly deep, the correction could be at least 50-60% from the Jan high.
  5. DO NOT BUY SHARES. STOCK MARKET IS AT ALL TIME HIGHS. Sorry for all CAPS, but seriously, do not buy stocks. P/E ratios (price/earnings) are extremely over stretched and most smart money has cashed in and left the market. Do not take my ideas as investment advice, but be wary of what is happening right now in the markets. Build your stack is the only advice I can give. I posted on this page about today: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/8179-equities-going-parabolic-is-the-crash-near/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-166359 PS Inter bank liquidity has dried up (precursor to 2008 crash).
  6. Well that's a surprise. /sarc. Here we are on 22/03/18, over a month later from the above post and it seems the jawboners are now saying... 'We're not sure this is a sustained move..' 'Temporary move downwards...' 'Just a slight correction...' 'Great opportunity to buy at discount...' 'Just a knee jerk reaction to Trump tariffs..' Above are all quotes from your friendly non biased /sarc financial channels today. (still my favourite contrarian indicators). My chart calls bullsh*t, and all of our calls on here still stand. Check out the mother of all MONTHLY hammers on the DOW, and my (if they don't kick the can and manipulate) minimum projection for next few months. Wouldn't be surprised to see spike up to take out stops, but could just drop.
  7. Please stop buying this

    Thanks for playing nice and doing cold turkey, with gravy and a fridge. Must have been hard for you all, I feel your pain. I'm loading here @ $1322/£951. Now I want you to do as all good addicts do when coming off a long period of cold turkey, go and indulge yourselves with the biggest phys. metal fix you can afford and get this price HIGH.
  8. Please stop buying this

    I see you didn't pay a blind bit of notice to my request to stop buying Gold. Look at that jump today. Very ungentlemanly of you all . Now play nice and all of you go and do some cold turkey, with gravy, and a fridge.
  9. Please stop buying this

    As starter title, please stop buying Gold. I've only got to 50% of my estimated need, and you're going for the high ride. DIp back and many blessings your way Thoughts?
  10. Full silver stack to date

    Patience. You'll get a buying opportunity at £10. Obviously get in at £10.10-20
  11. PS Yes, good divergence on the the MACD, used to use that on the beast, GBP/JPY in the day and the cash register used to ring with the sound of angels. Looking 130?
  12. Throw some BB's on that and a 5 day SMA (daily.) If touching top of BB's, then close below 5day Daily SMA looks ominous. I did it on Sugar last year. Oh God was I met with with jawboning: 'We are buying, great opportunity' etc from major HF lol. Now look at Sugar, nice and 1000% on the drop lol (tight stop on weekly high before drop, open TP, closed last week). 3 monthly pins? Sell, but prob spike to stops above prev high. People underestimate how quickly the market goes down if apple drops IMHO. On the other had, could do as Cable did before the major drop and bounce around for 6 months.
  13. Ps when I say 'friends' who were buying property, I don't mean the rich type. I mean the hard working guys who took out a 100% LTV on a BTL (with 15% sometimes) on a self cert thinking that this was the future; and got shafted.
  14. You know, I told a few close friends this week to take cash out of the banks due to the charts and last year's small print they all received detailing the 'bail in'. I was met with the same 'WTF?' as I was met with in 2007 when I told my friends who were buying property... 'Don't buy now, this could be a top...' Thankfully some of them are still friends, although they lost 30-40% after they bought before a slight rebound.. I understand the psychology of this market, and it can be really hard to go against it. I have liquidated all. I am trying to figure out why many traders are still buying the market, any ideas?