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  1. Thanks, will redo 49
  2. Hi, yes, it's a premium member thread
  3. Thanks for the info, appreciated
  4. ps link to thread: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/8504-delivery-from-goldsilverbe-tampered-with/
  5. Hi, Just asked about this company in another thread in the members section, had problems with goldsilver.be and looking elsewhere. How long did delivery take and is it a definite signed for delivery? Thanks
  6. I totally agree. Here's a chart that I find interesting...waiting to see what the next quarter shows. Equities at record highs and Velocity of M2 Money at historic lows = Eventual carnage, wailing and gnashing of teeth. From the FRED website: 'The velocity of money is the frequency at which one unit of currency is used to purchase domestically- produced goods and services within a given time period. In other words, it is the number of times one dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. If the velocity of money is increasing, then more transactions are occurring between individuals in an economy.The frequency of currency exchange can be used to determine the velocity of a given component of the money supply, providing some insight into whether consumers and businesses are saving or spending their money. There are several components of the money supply,: M1, M2, and MZM (M3 is no longer tracked by the Federal Reserve); these components are arranged on a spectrum of narrowest to broadest. Consider M1, the narrowest component. M1 is the money supply of currency in circulation (notes and coins, traveler’s checks [non-bank issuers], demand deposits, and checkable deposits). A decreasing velocity of M1 might indicate fewer short- term consumption transactions are taking place. We can think of shorter- term transactions as consumption we might make on an everyday basis.The broader M2 component includes M1 in addition to saving deposits, certificates of deposit (less than $100,000), and money market deposits for individuals. Comparing the velocities of M1 and M2 provides some insight into how quickly the economy is spending and how quickly it is saving.MZM (money with zero maturity) is the broadest component and consists of the supply of financial assets redeemable at par on demand: notes and coins in circulation, traveler’s checks (non-bank issuers), demand deposits, other checkable deposits, savings deposits, and all money market funds. The velocity of MZM helps determine how often financial assets are switching hands within the economy.' https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2V
  7. for sale

    I'll take the 2015 please, pm sent.
  8. Hi and welcome @Scrogit, I'm fairly new here myself, but here's my suggestion, and I'm sure other more experienced members here can give you pointers too... If you become a premium member you can post in the Buy, Sell and trade section. Are you UK based? If so, you'll want the UK and Europe section. If selling individually, you'll want to list the price plus premium and postage, say 1 x Maple @ £16.50 plus postage. If you want to sell the whole tube, then list this also,but at a bit more of a discount, say 25x Maples at £16: £400 plus postage. Your photo doesn't show, if using tapatalk there have been problems embedding the pics, suggest using a pc. Take a few pics, showing as much detail as possible and mention if you have milk spots. Good luck. EDIT: You can also check a members trading feedback history before committing to a sale. You do not have any feedback yet, personally I only buy from those with some feedback. Some members may want you to send the coins for inspection before they commit to payment. I'm sure others here will be able to provide more info on this.
  9. Welcome Gergorian
  10. That all makes sense, will be interesting to see what they do with the vat on gold too.
  11. To respond to some previous posts and to avoid any confusion let me just go over what my plan has been. Did I do this to make profit? No. Did I do this as I think flipping short term is profitable? No. Will I be doing this as frequently as my way forward as a stacker? No. Am I a long term stacker? I aim to be, but we all start somewhere. I am a recent stacker and picked up the bulk of my Silver last January (2016) at spot £9.83 plus spread. I sold all silver this January at £14.00 I purchased Sov’s at spot £944 plus spread and only sold 25% of the Sov’s at £1010 minus spread. Selling 25% of my Sov’s gave me hardly any profit on the gold, but was only so as to be able to rebuy some silver. With the 25% Sov’s sold, I waited until Silver had dropped to £13.90 to place the bulk of my order, having grabbed a few bits on the way down. Obviously this is 13.90 plus spread. I did this because after more recent research into Silver and reading new patents for newer forms of cleaner energy and technology, I realised I had made an error in offloading the Silver, and to not hold Silver isn’t covering all of my bases. I do think silver has large upside potential eventually. I have diversified quickly back into silver after realising my error and aim to hold a ratio of gold/silver. I also paper trade the markets, and have done for nearly 10 years. My trading psychology these days is to admit a mistake early and to not fight the market or get attached to my trades. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong..simples, I just get out, take the loss on the chin and look for next set up. This has spilled over into holding phys, if I am wrong, I correct the mistake, and quickly. I was wrong to offload all the silver, but I was also wrong not to hold any gold. I now have both and am happy with that. I was determined to have this rectified before next week due to the US interest rate meeting, the US Debt ceiling and the potential for Teresa May to announce Article 50. I aim to hold for a few years and add a bit more during each price smack down. Do I know where price will be in a month? No, but I calculate that over the long term gold and silver will do very well, even if we dive suddenly from here to shake the weak longs first. Thanks to all for you replies and advice.
  12. So far so good. Thanks for your comment though.
  13. That's great craftsmanship @GoldBenj
  14. Unloaded a bit of gold at the £1010/oz level and then been enjoying the big smack down this week in Silver price. Picked up a few silver pieces on the way down and with current Silver spot right now at £13.91 (a drop of £1.10 since last Thursday from £15) have just ordered some more. What price will do from here is anyone's guess, but based on my charts it's as good a spot as any to grab the final order for a few weeks. If it carries on down from here I'm okay with that as a long term hold, if it goes straight up from this £13.91 level I'll be okay with that too