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  1. Why not tell everyone you are a SIlversmith/Jeweller from Vietnam and looking for business partners on the forum instead of punting quotes:? It's not a problem, I don't mind, but honesty is valued amongst members here. All the best Rich
  2. Why not tell everyone you are a Silversmith/reseller of Vietnam Bullion and we can discuss?
  3. Hi Backyard bullion, I have been watching your vids over the last few months and realise you are a really nice bloke trying to help others, I understand the amount of difficulty (nightmare) you must face repackaging everyone's orders and really appreciate your vids, top man!! I wish you all the best mate, really
  4. Nice one, thanks, that was a quick resolution to my confusion, All the best Rich
  5. Thanks Chris, Great and quick response buddy, Ok, I have followed your link and bought new membership and stored my card into your system for automatic renewal. However, I've probably mucked this up somewhere and would be grateful if you can check please Can't be doing with manual renewal each month mate, but thanks anyway, probs I'm just being thick
  6. I've been trying to renew once realised, but come up with this and it won't let me?...
  7. What's wrong with you all? I was near the Cotswolds today (apparently hottest place in UK ATM) and my good lady sent her egg back to the Chef (me) .She's a bit fussy, whereas me, if asking for steak just asks for the horns to be cut off and the ass wiped lol....and a cold beer! Let me know when it's hot enough to fry eggs and keep her happy!
  8. Hi Mod, Was a premium member but didn't it didn't renew automatically. Do I have to renew or purchase each month? Didn't realise until couldn't access premium stuff. Sorry, but not very savvy with interweb etc Maybe I didn't hit the right button? probs my fault, but advice welcome I would like to be a continuous renewing member All the best RichRock
  9. My regular deliveries used to take about 5 days. If your order was shipped on Weds 14/06 you should receive Tues/Weds next week due to weekend. If not received at latest Thursday, then I would begin to enquire. Goldsilver.be use Yodel, hence the reason I don't use them any more. Before you ring them on Thursday, might be worth checking your roof... http://www.itv.com/news/central/2015-11-23/courier-throws-parcel-on-roof-after-no-answer-at-the-door/ Or all your neighbours gardens, as another buyer from this forum found out here: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/228-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=120748
  10. Up? Yes Down? Yes Take your pick http://www.yesnogenerator.com/
  11. That is something I need to take onboard, interesting times ahead
  12. True, already happening in Palladium. Buyers requesting phys and supplier realising..opps...need to buy some real stuff to supply. Thinking current mantra of 'loads of silver/market over supplied' is back to front. Retail to find out silver supply lower than expected. Gold though, plenty available, CB's will carry on the myth. Spec interest (personally): http://brilliantlightpower.com/suncell/ demand to hit market within 24 months (silver electrodes due to tungsten electrodes failing). Berkshire Hathaway (buffet) sniffing around few months ago, may have interest or already be 'contributing'). Expecting when goes 'media' then retail go nuts and bubble hop us up. Aye, with you there. Thinking mines running at loss. Told figures of £20 to B/E, but others spouting £10-14. Maybe 10 yrs ago energy costs = sub £10, don't expect to see that again. Thinking £14 and above min for continued production. Declines across board already, copper and zinc mines slowing=lower avail. xag. Hence jumping in at £14.50 to £12.50. Drop down to £10 would be very nice, but expect premiums to jump significantly before that point. Fed= IMHO behind curve, placating Joe Blogs. My interest is PPT and what they will do with sov interest in AU at this point...start a trade/currency war or let go? Thinking let go, let fly and see. Suppression here results in trouble IMHO. If suppressed then just talk of detaching from FED approach to interest rates should do the trick and bring back in line (cause of 1987 crash- US/West Germany interest rate spat). Personally I'm trading FX, but buying Silver phys. AG charts nonsense but detecting interest down here and hitching a ride. Could be wrong and interest changes mind, worth a shot though. Unfamiliar enough with cryptos to give a shot, liking the volatility though. EDIT: Miners costs should be $, not £'s.