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  1. Please stop buying this

    I see you didn't pay a blind bit of notice to my request to stop buying Gold. Look at that jump today. Very ungentlemanly of you all . Now play nice and all of you go and do some cold turkey, with gravy, and a fridge.
  2. Please stop buying this

    As starter title, please stop buying Gold. I've only got to 50% of my estimated need, and you're going for the high ride. DIp back and many blessings your way Thoughts?
  3. Full silver stack to date

    Patience. You'll get a buying opportunity at £10. Obviously get in at £10.10-20
  4. PS Yes, good divergence on the the MACD, used to use that on the beast, GBP/JPY in the day and the cash register used to ring with the sound of angels. Looking 130?
  5. Throw some BB's on that and a 5 day SMA (daily.) If touching top of BB's, then close below 5day Daily SMA looks ominous. I did it on Sugar last year. Oh God was I met with with jawboning: 'We are buying, great opportunity' etc from major HF lol. Now look at Sugar, nice and 1000% on the drop lol (tight stop on weekly high before drop, open TP, closed last week). 3 monthly pins? Sell, but prob spike to stops above prev high. People underestimate how quickly the market goes down if apple drops IMHO. On the other had, could do as Cable did before the major drop and bounce around for 6 months.
  6. Ps when I say 'friends' who were buying property, I don't mean the rich type. I mean the hard working guys who took out a 100% LTV on a BTL (with 15% sometimes) on a self cert thinking that this was the future; and got shafted.
  7. You know, I told a few close friends this week to take cash out of the banks due to the charts and last year's small print they all received detailing the 'bail in'. I was met with the same 'WTF?' as I was met with in 2007 when I told my friends who were buying property... 'Don't buy now, this could be a top...' Thankfully some of them are still friends, although they lost 30-40% after they bought before a slight rebound.. I understand the psychology of this market, and it can be really hard to go against it. I have liquidated all. I am trying to figure out why many traders are still buying the market, any ideas?
  8. The housing market...I forgot to mention that one. Yes, extreme highs, rolling over already in London etc. The indicator in 2007 was the London Housing market cooling (for me anyway as I was into property) and it took a few months to play out. Appreciate your input, just feeling like taking a cast iron frying pan to my head multiple times in last few days as retail jump in and buy this dip. 1929 will indeed feel like the warmth of the summer sun on your face as you stroll around the meadow listening to your children's laughter as they chase butterflies. I feel a bit sick thinking about what is coming down the pike. Nobody seems to think it is possible. All the best
  9. Goldsilver.be are the biggest pile of poo I have had to deal with in Pm's. Absolute shoddy practices and terrible customer service, along with the worst delivery company you can imagine. I don't buy a coin or two, but provided orders in excess of a few £k each time. Each time I had probs. My history is available in the forum if you wish to search. Gold: Atkinsons: Very Good. HGM: Very Good (including speed of buy back) Sharpspixley: Very Good Silver: A couple of german dealers, ie Heubach and gold-silber-muenzenshop etc, all good. European Mint is good, but call and they'll met goldsilvers' price (decent order). All the best
  10. After the last 2 days (now 13/02/18) all I hear on the financial media is (my contrarian indicator): ‘Stocks are moving higher today, great opportunity to buy’ ‘Looks like traders are buying the dip’ ‘Stock market could recover this week’ ‘Last week was a temporary spasm in the market’ ‘Volatility subsiding, equities bouncing back’ ‘Valuations are attractive’ (lol) ‘There’s a lot of green if we look across the board...’ ‘We’re seeing every sector advancing’ ‘Dip buying continuing, rebound rally’ ‘NASDAQ actually up for the year, you shouldn’t be worried about this’ ‘This is not 2007 and alphabet soup of concern. Not in that scenario at all’ NOT ONE interviewee has said ‘I would take profits here whilst we see what direction the market takes.’ or ‘We could go down heavily from here’. Alternative media sites are saying: ‘Only the dumb money is selling’ ‘The smart money bought the dip’ 'You are an idiot if you are short here' etc. These are actual quotes I wrote down as they came through. I heard the same flurry of info in 07/08. I am an amateur trader, no expert in financial matters, but my positions in Forex during 07/08 worked out AND I could be wrong this time. If so, then I reduce/reverse position and continue. The beauty of the market is there is a seller for every buyer. DOW currently 24600. My interpretation of the media: ‘Smart money is off loading their remaining positions during this bounce. Last week was the tremor before the earthquake. Equities could tank. Please hold this expanding steaming bag of **** whilst we get ourselves to the exits before it bursts and causes a panicked stampede.’ My view is this: The charts tell me: Banks sell off/eventually fail. Equities tank. Treasuries enter bear market. Commodities hit super bull cycle. PM holders may have dip first, but upside hits all time highs. Unfortunately most have capitulated in last 12 months, which was the aim really. I am holding Gold. Maybe wise, maybe foolish. Who knows? All I know is this: The markets are screwed. They can continue kicking the can, but eventually they will run out of alley.
  11. I agree. The bonds may just enter a huge bear market. Very true. If they had allowed the curve to play out we would be in a better place today. The longer they allow this to continue the greater the crash. I am wondering why some traders/players are still in the market. I am thinking it is because the Millennials have never experienced a crash/bear market. Here is an amusing vid that reminds me of when I traded through the last crash. Love how it all starts off lovely and rosy: (PS I was way too early in calling that one, about 6 months. Could be way too early on this one, but as they say 'Better a day early than an hour late'.) Institutions need a few few more days to re position from last week's sell off. Weds is a big day with the CPI. Could bounce around for a few days here. Bond rates hitting highs, Interbank liquidity drying up, huge deficits, Equities at stupid P/E ratios, what's not to like?
  12. QE or financial mayhem... More QE will cause uproar, financial mayhem will cause uproar and riots in the streets. I am sure there were many meetings behind closed doors this weekend and continuing into market open tonight. If CB's have the choice of allowing the market to find fair value and a cleaning out of the dross in a financial forest fire OR printing more money...my printed money is on them printing more money. Only a slight problem with more QE, the US Treasury Auctions last week produced pitiful results, no one wants US debt and who can blame them. A US default in future is a distinct possibility/probability. Probably some jawboning first, IE we are not going to taper any further, we are keeping an eye on the markets carefully, we will intervene if necessary etc etc. It's a circus and Keynesian Economics at it's finest. Thank God for PM's.
  13. Only 527 failed banks have been shut and wound up in US since 2008. https://www.fdic.gov/bank/individual/failed/banklist.html This year will be the Bank failure number's blow off top in the US. As for the EU, let's just say instead of the number of failing banks, I'd be more inclined to number the Countries left with a working financial system by the end of the year and hope the number is greater than 1. More popcorn and preparing to watch the sheeple jump into equities again on the 'buy the dip' advice and get slaughtered. PPT (Plunge Protection Team) bought into close Friday, how reassuring.
  14. Richard Rock's Trading and Chart Analysis

    Nice analysis. We retested that high after breaking the ST DTL. I haven't posted any trades since July/August last year when around 16.50 Silver etc, we are still at 16.50 ish all these months later. Been waiting for volatility to kick in as was getting tired of the chop. Volatility in the markets returned this week with a vengeance, but I will be on sidelines for another week or so before jumping back in.
  15. We have a major problem here...as yet unannounced by MSM...funny that Notice that last tick on the chart. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/IBLACBW027NBOG Been having a great week with the pop corn watching the charts and background listening to MSM wheeling out one 'expert' after another saying 'buy here, BTFD, all is great, nothing to worry about...'. Great what 'experts' will say when they have paid for advertising on the channel. Laughed my t~ts off when Bloomberg were live interviewing a senator at the White House before the shutdown vote...Bloomberg began to quickly change the subject and talk loudly over the top of him when he said: 'The US could go bankrupt...' 2007/08 groundhog day all over again. This time though, if they lose control it's going to make 2008 look like a sunny afternoon walk in the park. In the chart: Banks suddenly giving each other the finger and not lending...my money's on Italian Banks going pop first. As for Deutsche Bank, watching them carefully as their share price trickles downwards...I may need to buy more popcorn if their $quadrillion derivatives go pop