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    Oystonout got a reaction from arcglide in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    Good summary by Chards
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    Oystonout got a reaction from arcglide in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    Good summary by Chards
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    Oystonout got a reaction from arcglide in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    Good summary by Chards
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    Oystonout got a reaction from arcglide in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    Good summary by Chards
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    Oystonout got a reaction from arcglide in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    Good summary by Chards
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    Oystonout reacted to whitesands1 in EU (&UK) Ban on Consumer Credit Card Charges.   
    I just heard about this on the radio, and there are some really good references that I found after a cursory Google search, links are below.
    From today a business can no longer lawfully charge consumers paying by Debit, Credit or Charge card more.
    There could be many unintended consequences from this directive - most of which will hit the consumer.
    High card usage retailers, fuel, groceries, paypal. amazon already have the card processing fees absorbed into their pricing structure so no benefit for the consumer here.
    The high growth business Just Eat, had a card payment surcharge of 50p per order, which will now be replace by a 50p per order service charge, for all payment options.
    HMRC will no longer accept Credit card payments - very transparent and up front in my opinion.
    DVLA will no longer charge the £2.50 Credit card surcharge, with the resultant income shortfall estimated at £8.5m. (I'd imagine their processing costs will now escalate too as many more people will pay by Credit card).
    Of relevance to Silver Forum Members, Chards has been very clear on its position and will now cease accepting Credit card payments.
    Inflation has already got a grip,  I can't think of a time where there have been so many and so large bubbles building (quietly, unnoticed, deliberately concealed) at the same time the economic squeeze on incomes seems to be biting harder. 
    Will consumers find price increases acceptable? - Can businesses absorb yet another cost pressure? - because the easy way out here is to raise prices across the board.
    Are consumers strong enough to stop being taken for granted by the big firms? 
    Will card processers lower their charges now that there will be more transactions and an economy of scale?
    Or will we all end up paying more.........
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    Oystonout reacted to offie in Kookaburra photo thread...   
    1994. 1oz. proof

    And the new 2018 Kookaburra.

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    Oystonout reacted to garthy in Kookaburra photo thread...   
    10oz 2008 and 2016 kooks

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    Oystonout reacted to BackyardBullion in **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!   
    I have it in writing from the manager of the European mint that they have 3rd party business insurance like the other dealers in Europe and that they will cover lost parcels. I have also met this company in person when I visited to collect an order. They are not cowboys - these guys are the real deal and are simply working within the VAT and tax laws of their country to become competitive and relevant in the European bullion market.
    If you order from the European Mint you are perfectly at liberty to arrange your own courier - one that covers bullion if you were worried that they would not cover the contents of the parcel. At least you have the choice to do this with the European Mint - with all honesty I would rather buy my silver knowing I am going to have it delivered with a big and reputable courier like Fedex or even UPS or DHL which have significantly better infrastructure than some of the couriers used by the German/Belgian dealers like Yodel or Hermes. The main issue for us in the UK ordering from GS.be is just that they don't offer good shipping. I have heard stories of £1000's of silver left on doorsteps, with neighbours, in bins, thrown on the roof even! All of these bullion dealers responsibility ends when the item is signed for. If Yodel come and forge my signature and leave it on the doorstep because they cannot be bothered to come back later - and that box is subsequently stolen or had visible damage on it then all the cover int he world won't make a difference.
    As to prices, the European Mint are cheaper on the majority of their wholesale bullion - i.e. the cheapest coins are a lot cheaper with these guys than with a lot of the other. I am not going to quote figures but last I checked a monster box of 2017 Britannias was about 300 Euros less than from GS.be and that includes the shipping. Yes they are more expensive for other coins - but that is because dealers like GS.be buy thousands of each type and benefit from an economy of scale. Having said that the European Mint has already matched and/or beaten prices for customers as part of this order. 
    P.S. - as I am the one organising these group orders and I would have to take point on dealing with any issues I would much rather work with The European Mint who have given me a better courier and delivery service as well as much better reassurances from a customer service perspective than with GS.be who might end up letting down 40+ people and over £5000 of silver. I don't need that stress and risk in my life! 
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    Oystonout reacted to Sal in Queen's Beasts (Gold & Silver) Photo Thread   
    Unicorn five ounce gold proof.


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    Oystonout reacted to ChardLizzie in My Chards Experience   
    Hi @Alex thank you for your comments, we do want you to be happy and are sorry that you have not enjoyed your experience with Chard. I can see that you ordered the French 1899-1906 20 Franc Rooster gold coin as seen here https://www.chards.co.uk/gold-twenty-20-franc-bullion-french/1571 This coin is sold as a bullion coin at a low premium above the intrinsic metal value. The specification does state that the finish is uncirculated, meaning not proof or proof-like. This is not a grade and is a term which we use to describe coins "Uncirculated or Unc; In new condition as issued by the mint, but owing to mass production methods, not necessarily perfect." I can see that Bhumika did say "As you mentioned it is bullion grade so there will be some imperfections, but I will try to get the best one from our stock." Whilst we would not usually offer a refund on bullion products, I can see that we did offer a refund on the coin that you bought as we were unable to exchange the coin for one in a better condition. We are still willing to do this. If you would like a refund, please contact me and I will arrange this. 
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    Oystonout reacted to swAgger in Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!   
    I just have two 2oz's - this is my other one! Love them. Chunky, solid capsules too.
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    Oystonout got a reaction from swAgger in Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!   
    There you go, my first 2oz Kook and the last in the series I believe

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    Oystonout got a reaction from swAgger in Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!   
    There you go, my first 2oz Kook and the last in the series I believe

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    Oystonout reacted to Goldhooked in Today I Received   
    My prize draw win from @kimchi

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    Oystonout reacted to Paul in Good idea? Forum precious metals sales/trades using Crypto's   
    BTC they’re “first” at something. As they should — what’s the point of a new company that adds nothing new to the world?
    On the surface being “first” sounds impressive, implying innovation and leadership. But upon reflection, it’s not.
    Google wasn’t the first search engine, the iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player,
    DropBox wasn’t the first cloud file system,
    Dell wasn’t the first PC manufacturer
    Friends Reunited/Myspace were not the best social networks.  Facebook took over
    Yet market leaders. Indeed, their market’s greatest innovators.
    Being first does imply innovation, but also faults and weakness.
    The first electric car, while impressively innovative, was pretty bad by most standards — short-range, sluggish, unattractive, and constantly in the repair shop.
    Now, the Tesla car has 1000,000s of loyal followers/buyers
    Those are tangible competitive advantages; being “first” isn’t.
    In fact, being first is a shackle because you’re stuck with legacy support — features you thought were important but aren’t now, grandfathered customers who are no longer profitable, and a reputation that’s hard to revamp even if your company has in fact changed.
    Worse, being first means you make all the mistakes in public, for all to see.
    New competitors get to swoop in afterwards with the hindsight that you created — in pricing, positioning, marketing, features, design, … anything.
    They get the running start without all the first to market baggage like BTC has.
    Of course there are situations where being first is indeed a massive advantage. This exception arises when you’re not only first, but able to expand fast and continue innovate. Early mp3 players didn’t do this — they didn’t get huge traction and weren’t creative in hardware or design, which meant Apple had the space to innovate in design while the market was still largely available.
    These cryptos have SO MUCH potential to improve the very internet as we know it 
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    Oystonout reacted to SilverStan in QB Dragon 1/4 Gold BU Cased   
    New cased and tested.
    Lovely BU Coin
    £268  Posted UK Recorded 
    Cheaper than well known Gold site.

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    Oystonout reacted to kimchi in Cheap Lunar Coins, Rounds& Poured Bars: Silver SALE Sealed Rolls   
    Thank you very much for the update at long last, and for your PM, I hope the coins will arrive soon.
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    Oystonout reacted to Cornishfarmer in 1/10 Somalia gold elephants 2016/17/18   
    Think they’re heat sealed, bit like vacuum pack rather than sealed like pandas. Or removable plastic seal like some sovereigns
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    Oystonout reacted to Stu in 1/10 Somalia gold elephants 2016/17/18   
    The "malies" are bigger by traditional 1/10 1/4 Oz standards as they make em a lot thinner. A good way to go I would suggest. 
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    Oystonout got a reaction from JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Think the 1/4 oz is 26mm diameter so detail should be good
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    Oystonout reacted to JunkBond in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    2018 Gold Somali Elephants now in at Atkinsons.
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    Oystonout got a reaction from motorbikez in Fake and dramatic news   
    Sick of reading news stories from various sources (Yahoo big culprit) which are basically full of ****!
    Re Brexit - last week UK managed to agree parts of a new deal. Yahoo reports that the £ soared to new heights! Actual fact the £ went from £1.128 to £1.134!
    Today Business insider reports that Theresa May has failed to conclude a deal....result is the £ fell of a cliff. £ went down 0.4%. Utter shite news 
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    Oystonout reacted to ChrisSIlver in Fake and dramatic news   
    Even the title of this forum topic was dramatic and made me click it