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  1. Sunday night metal chat

    Take a look at the European mints offerings. BYB is starting a new group order this month. They have fractional and 1oz platinum coins on offer. The 1/10 and 1/4 oz are ridiculous premiums but the 1oz options are reasonable around 11% over spot. A lot better than UK prices
  2. Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!

    There you go, my first 2oz Kook and the last in the series I believe
  3. for sale 1/10 Somalia gold elephants 2016/17/18

    Thank you. Not too keen on the 2017 design. Feel the 16&18 portray the elephant better. Lovely coins though I've only just come across these in gold but the 1/10'size doesn't look too small if that make sense. Does the plastic seal the whole coin on both sides to protect it? Thanks
  4. Today I Received

    Think the 1/4 oz is 26mm diameter so detail should be good
  5. for sale 1/10 Somalia gold elephants 2016/17/18

    Be interested to see some pics please thank you
  6. Sick of reading news stories from various sources (Yahoo big culprit) which are basically full of ****! Re Brexit - last week UK managed to agree parts of a new deal. Yahoo reports that the £ soared to new heights! Actual fact the £ went from £1.128 to £1.134! Today Business insider reports that Theresa May has failed to conclude a deal....result is the £ fell of a cliff. £ went down 0.4%. Utter shite news https://uk.yahoo.com/news/pound-jumped-reports-uk-made-114150349.html
  7. Oystons paid £10M today to Belokon. Schedule is now being drawn up for the remaining balance of £21M to be repaid within next 6-9 months. Club is up for sale as are several properties including the Travelodge opposite the stadium asking price £11M
  8. Today I Received

    Reckon is a good deal the platinum proof. Also I've read that there is virtually no chance or extemely low chance of the coin spotting in the future. Something to do with lack of oxidisation.
  9. Today I Received

    Nice. What year is that? I have seen a proof version of this with box and COA for around 11% over spot. Is this proof? Cheers
  10. Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!

    Don't know if expected but it's pretty dear for a 1oz bullion coin albeit 8000 mintage .......then again the BU silver krugerrand was/is about the same price and came with a £1M mintage! Dont mention the SilverKruger, don't mention the SilverKruger, damn @kimchi
  11. for sale Cheap Bars- Silver SALE- over 100 oz

    Hey up @kimchiwhat u up to pal bit of late night shopping?
  12. Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!

    @swAgger Yes I reckon this could do alright. Normal privy coins do nothing for me and I feel they are just milking it for all their worth. This is the first time like you say the design has been changed to accommodate the privy mark ( no bad thing in this coin) Probably get a few. And you?
  13. for sale Silver coins

    I'll take the 2003 & 2004 Roo's please PM'd
  14. for sale Silver coins

    Can you hold the 2003 & 2004 Roo's until Sunday lunch? Just seen this but can't remember if I have already got them. Will confirm either way ASAP. Did the 2011 kooks go? Cheers