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  1. Enjoyed that description lol
  2. Just started raining here - eek!
  3. 2017 Sovererign - My first

  4. 2017 Sovererign - My first

    I hear ya pal
  5. for sale 1kg Silver bars

    Holy moly Ash are you getting this direct from the mine itself? What a price!
  6. Costa del sol

    Some more great tips and will check out your recommendations. I like the idea of renting a car and getting out and about. Many thanks
  7. Costa del sol

    SS Top man - some great info there Had looked at flying to Gibraltar direct but it was £300p/p flight only! Will take a look at Estepona and also possibility of short trip to Tangiers that sounds interesting. Would have thought hotels would be pretty cheap end of April but majority (half decent) seem to be around £100 p/n Thanks again
  8. kangaroo ram silver tarnish/spots

    I’ve quite a few of these Roo’s and some have got some toning but none of them have got spots like that. Sorry cant help
  9. Looking for some travel tips please 5 days 4 nights in southern Spain end of April. Flying to Malaga and maybe renting a car. Could base ourselves anywhere eg Fuengirola, Benalmadena or even Marbella Daytrip to Gibraltar looks alright too Right, come on then...
  10. Ha ha used to live there that’s all I Miss Bangkok
  11. Chumphon/Surat Thani area maybe Although beach looks too good for a mainland beach
  12. Do you know where this was taken?
  13. @kimchi That’s alright mate Owen Oyston has actually lost the plot now and is spewing random statements in the local press. The EFL had a meeting with Blackpool supporters tonight to discuss various issues including the possible overturning of Valerie Belokons ban against not being “fit and proper” to run a club. I can see the EFL giving Belokon the green light and this will enable him to show his true ambition to play a part in a new future for BFC. ( we hope)
  14. Yep the Germans fans have it right. They are shareholders in their clubs and are involved at different levels of decision making. Going forward if Belokon does get the club Blackpool fans will be on the board and their will be fan representation. Get this one re silly money. Fulham V Liverpool couple of years back charging £1000 for chance for your kid to be mascot for the day. Included 6 x tickets to game and full kit for child! Father on radio said he paid it but knew he was getting ripped off - didn’t want to break his kids heart!
  15. Ain’t looking good mate at the moment for you. Gonna be squeaky bum time on the run in!