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  1. Presentation box for 1oz silver Roo's

    Box arrived today very happy. Many thanks @morezone
  2. Today I received.....

    Nice box to keep all my Roo's. Thanks @morezone
  3. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    I got the 2012 from Goldsilverbe and it is stunning. Think it was only €26 but now it is around €33. How many years have you got so far?
  4. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    Very impressive Do you not prefer to get the coin just in its capsule so you can hold it and enjoy it and examine it etc? I have a mixture of capsulated and proof coins and am enjoying collecting each year as and when a deal comes along Cheers
  5. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    2008 listed below but proof version http://weightoncoin.co.uk/2008-silver-proof-1oz-kangaroo--reg-mombassa-1565-p.asp
  6. Presentation box for 1oz silver Roo's

    That's the one I found for around £65 once you add the trays, vat and delivery thanks
  7. Presentation box for 1oz silver Roo's

    Thanks, Is the B Grade just plain without motif?
  8. Presentation box for 1oz silver Roo's

    Hi all Found a nice looking wooden box with 3 X 12 coin inserts from Meinemuenzbox but with delivery around £65! Any other options out there or anyone got a spare box going? Cheers
  9. Yes thank you very much BYB coin just arrived very happy
  10. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    I recently visited Auragentum In Munich at their central office. I only made a small purchase but the office was busy and everyone had to wait in a reception area whilst being called one by one. The set up was professional and English language excellent. Coins received promptly with detailed invoice can't complain. Cheers
  11. Silver Deals.....

    1kg Lunar 2 series Ox at HGM £470 plus vat and delivery
  12. Visit Shanghai

    Hi A group of us were planning to go to China this Summer but it fell through. I too was asking for advice similar to your self. Sorry can't help personally but hope you have great time. Shanghai is supposed to be amazing hope you can give us a review of your findings Cheers
  13. Hi Yesterday an envelope was shoved through my letterbox containing some coins. I had paid extra for "signed for" delivery. The postman didn't knock the door or ring the doorbell he just shoved it through he letterbox. I know this because I was sat in the front room and jumped up when the envelope hit the mat. I used the track and trace Royal Mail function and entered in the code on the package and this confirmed this package had been delivered. I clicked on proof of delivery and there was a squiggle signature which the postman had just forged! This is the second time this has happened. Last time I spoke to the supervisor at the local sorting office and he wasn't happy to hear my story. I didn't lose my rag, just simply passed on my disappointment. This time though I am pretty pissed off as no effort whatsoever was made to gain a signature and to forge any old name is out of order. Should I make an official complaint? Has anyone experienced this? Cheers
  14. Today I received.....

    2005 1oz Silver Kangaroo Proof - very nice condition
  15. Munich Auragentum Shop in Munich

    Riem? Is that where I was then at the store? I am aware of their other outlet near the airport but as I only wanted s couple of coins the town centre office was very handy. Had to sit in a waiting room with 4/5 other customers and then called for. Felt bit sheepish with my order but hey