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  1. Riem? Is that where I was then at the store? I am aware of their other outlet near the airport but as I only wanted s couple of coins the town centre office was very handy. Had to sit in a waiting room with 4/5 other customers and then called for. Felt bit sheepish with my order but hey
  2. Short break in Munich and thought I would check out the above. Small outlet 2km north of main train station. Virtually no coins or bars on display but can purchase certain products in store. Just picked up a 2 oz queens beast red dragon and a 1oz American eagle 2017 http://www.auragentum.de/
  3. Got a right deal on eBay under £27 delivered. 1oz silver proof 2013 kangaroo series
  4. for sale

    Hi is this still for sale? £25 incl Delivery?
  5. completed

  6. Chards have a small selection of fractional gold kangaroos. I bought a 1/4 oz 2009 for approx £284 a couple of months ago
  7. A gift for my wife from Weighton coins...
  8. A 1oz silver proof 2011 Libertad from Weighton Coins
  9. Is this May's grades coins? Thanks
  10. completed

    Lol got two messages and replied late last night my mistake
  11. completed

    Yes, the coloured version. Saw your set for sale lovely by the way. Thanks
  12. Yes will also have a look. Don't think anyone can moan about a £1 surcharge. Well worth it thanks
  13. Hi Looking for the above for gifts Preferably 1/2 oz although 1oz might be ok. Thank you
  14. My order arrived today and I am very happy. Many thanks @BackyardBullion For your help.