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  1. I live local and visited a few times. Not a huge choice on display approx 6/7 glass cabinets with some bullion coins silver and gold plus sets of sovereigns and commemorative coins. Staff very friendly on the phone and in person. Happy to help and answer questions. Certainly didn't feel under pressure to buy and as a newbie felt comfortable discussing things In the past I have called ahead and they have prepared several items for my visit So far so good from me
  2. I also have started collecting the 1oz Kangaroo Ram's
  3. Back on track now lol...
  4. Oops thought I was posting on the other thread.
  5. Just mulling over whether to return 2 X of my replacements to coin portfolio. Not sure after all this fiasco whether I want to continue or just get a refund. Whats your take on these coins value in say 6/12 months time?
  6. Are these the "returns" you are returning?
  7. Thanks for the link very interesting
  8. Hi Seen these for sale and unsure whether the prices below are attractive or not? 1987 BU £34.99 2000 BU £26.99 2011 Proof in capsule £39.99 Thank you
  9. @HyHy Just watched a YouTube video mentioning this. How bad is it? I have found a whiteish mark on one of mine very faint could be milk spot. Just above the number 7?
  10. Crack it open let us all know
  11. Please can someone advise whether the following 3 X coins would be worthy of sending for grading. These are the best pics I could upload. I know not ideal but if not good enough will save a lot of time thank you all.
  12. Tricky question but this particular graded coin with grading of 69 "should" sell easier/for more than non graded? Just trying to work out whether the additional postage costs and grading costs is worth it etc Thanks
  13. So in your opinion 69 is the minimum you would be happy with. Do they just put it in the slab and post back to you whatever the result?
  14. Thanks. As I don't think I will be sending coins off to be graded on a regular basis, and I am not a member of any grading company, can I go to a coin dealer eg Chards and use their membership/service (for a probable fee)