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  1. This is their main problem. They're charging lower interest rates than the payday lenders, so the 'poor' are flocking to them. Whether through misguided confidence or negligence, they have assumed that borrowers will pay their loans back - this simply isn't true for a large minority of those taking high-interest loans. If I'd have been braver, I'd have bought a couple of grand in their shares yesterday; the market always overreacts. It will decline gradually, but expect to see a bounce in the shares before the final slumps.
  2. Please help me identify this manufacturer

    It's worth whatever somebody is willing to pay. You might struggle to get a knowledgable answer on Arabic-script from an English forum, btw.
  3. From £12 to £13

    It will last until Trump and North Korea stop bitching at each other. Which might take a while...
  4. Shkreli is 'PharmaBro' - total genius but also kind of a dick. You might remember he was vilified for increasing the price of an AIDS drug by 5000%? Turns out that he bled the insurance companies dry whilst providing the poor with free prescriptions. He's interesting, for sure.
  5. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Perfectly timed to coincide with the reversion to using Bottle Caps as currency in the post-nuclear apocalypse world, a la 'Fall Out'
  6. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    What is it with Germans and appalling customer service? GS.be always seem to fall back on the 'scammer' retort... makes me think they have some real insecurities around their processes. Sorry that you've have another poor experience
  7. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    More likely a play on Prince Phillip's own words rather than a conscious slant against the Chinese... Lighten up, old bean!
  8. Who buys gold at spot price ?

    Dealers buy at under spot price, usually a couple of percent under. Private purchase is the easiest way for a non-business to buy gold at spot, or slightly under.
  9. Flip silver for gold

    Would they take it knowingly? Probably not. But fortunately for us, the wider British public are a pretty dense bunch and wouldn't know a hallmark if it slapped them in the face. It'll usually be thrown in with a job-lot of jewellery, that's where the bargains are. With that said, I've sacked it off. Long hours, early mornings and too damn cold half the time.
  10. Those three lines are why cryptocurrency will not catch on in its current form. The lebel of technical knowledge is just so far beyond the Average Joe that they will never, ever trust it. The only people to make millions from Bitcoin are the hackers, the creators and the company who manages to make it 'facebook-simple'. One hard-drive failure and you've lost your money, as seen above. Crazy risks.
  11. Flip silver for gold

    Both will milkspot relatively quickly. Have you considered checking local pawn shops and car boots for resaleable items? There's profit to be made when other people lack knowledge.
  12. Flip silver for gold

    That's mostly wrong, unfortunately. VAT registration is with the person, not the company. Splitting two companies is a great way to attract an HMRC small-business audit, especially when selling similar items (i.e. Items that have a relationship to one another, coins and cases). Anyway, it's none of my concern. Best of luck with the sales, and the taxman
  13. Flip silver for gold

    Duplicate post, sorry.
  14. Flip silver for gold

    But you will have hit the VAT threshold at this point, and have no choice but to register for VAT... the second-hand scheme doesn't allow for selling precious metals, so you'd better have a good accountant for when your tax return is due. With that said, there is money to be made... or rather, there was
  15. Flip silver for gold

    What Gav is failing to tell you here is that he is heavily financially invested in this coin, and is trying to pump the value up. He predicted they'd be $100 each, but they've seen a relative lack of price increase thus far. Thought you'd been told that pumping wasn't allowed on these forums, Gav? His advice is not impartial and should be caveated.