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  1. Silver gravy boat

    If it's silver plate, the value is < £10.
  2. Brown Bess?

    Anything used to fire a projectile from a firearm is heavily licensed and regulated. Totally different cultures - I can't say I've ever felt aggrieved that I can't own most firearms; there just is no gun-culture over here whatsoever. People just don't care about them to be honest.
  3. Whoever did this is a great person!

    That site gave my anti-virus a bit of a scare, just be cautious with the link.
  4. 4 Ducat

    Unloved. Great coins with a low premium.
  5. Brown Bess?

    I mean, technically as it's an obselete calibre it oculd be owned without a license. But you couldn't own the black powder without a separate license... which wouldn't be a firearms license, but an explosives license (which are more difficult to get). In short: UK gun laws... no handguns, many shotguns and some smaller rifles. Hard to get a license, easy to purchase a gun once the license is sorted though.
  6. Brown Bess?

    UK-based forum mate. Not many are going to have access to firearms at all, let alone antique firearms.
  7. Why is it

    Silver has stupidly high premiums for coins that are likely to spot and go milky. Sovereigns are easy to buy, sell and swap.
  8. preciousgoldandsilver website

    Just clicked the link - the page stayed blank for at least 10 seconds; there must be an awful lot to load on the landing page.
  9. Make sure to upload good quality picture evidence in the PayPal dispute. If you want any help, feel free to send a PM - I've had a few PayPal disputes as both buyer and seller, and won every one thus far. You will need to say that the item was not as described - i.e. it arrived damaged.
  10. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    If next week is 'tomorrow', I can do you an 1879-M Sov for £240 delivered.
  11. Coin mag full sovereign price guide

    You forgot 17% buyer's premium. 205 x 1.17 = £239.85 And the poor seller only got £184.50 after fees. This is why auction houses are the worst possible place to sell everyday coins.
  12. UK 50% Junk Silver Liquidity / Snobbery

    Definitely some silver snobbery in there. Of all the silver that doesn't sell on here, .500 scrap coinage seems to have the hardest time shifting - it can sit for a day or so, even under spot price. Storage is clearly a consideration though.
  13. wanted 2018 Silver Pandas WANTED

    Out of interest, how much are you expecting to pay? Wholesale price is about £18.50 without shipping. So maybe £19 landed to most dealers. Add postage on to you (£1.85) and profit, and there's not much change from £25ish.
  14. wanted 2018 Silver Pandas WANTED

    They aren't even going to be with the big European dealers until the 19th of December, apparently. I don't think you'll be able to get them before Christmas in the UK. And the UK dealers who get the first stock will still be charging £25+ per coin.
  15. Cage fighters

    Are you sure he isn't a pussy, like all the teachers? If you're trying to be edgy, it's a little obvious.