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  1. My money is that the slab is genuine, but that it's been tampered with and another coin has replaced the original coin. Have you posted it on CoinTalk? Those guys are unbelievably knowledgable and very friendly.
  2. I hope this is a case of buying the coin, and not the slab. That isn't Mint State anything, and I would be fairly urgently calling PCGS for additional verification that you haven't just bought a fake slab. That coin would struggle to reach XF40 on the obverse. Seriously, I don't mean to be dismissive, but you need to call PCGS and make urgent enquiries. Below is a true MS65 Obverse... the difference is vast. Compare with the XF40...
  3. Christ on a bloody bike... the Invader kit is coming to market. Ltd edition of 25, to be auctioned via Sealed Bid process. Suggested minimum bid is 8000 euro... I might throw a cheeky £1k bid in there to lowball everyone
  4. I also took Economics at uni... I now work as a professional economist, and can honestly say that I've only ever used 20% of the stuff that I learned at uni. Econometrics was by far the most useful topic. And I completely agree with @vand - the blind faith put in those who have studied this 'dismal science' is astonishing, and scary.
  5. That could be an aftermarket addition by Chards; I'd be shocked if they just came in plastic shrink-wrapping and I'd probably send it straight back if it did.
  6. Advertised as Proof on the Royal Mint email, but quite obviously BUNC. It's lovely, but not £1800 lovely.
  7. I've gone for one - the option to return is too generous not to take a chance on this.
  8. for sale

    I've got an 1868 Shieldback sovereign that I'm looking to move on. The Shield side is better than the Queen's head, which does have wear to the higher points of the coin. Die number: 30 The price is £300 delivered (Royal Mail Special Delivery on me). Payment via BACS or PayPal F&F; plenty of references available if needed.
  9. wanted

    PM sent re: one shieldback.
  10. I too have this question. From what I've read, it seems to come in an unpacked form and the purchaser can choose to assemble it as an art-piece or keep it in the box for resale. (I think).
  11. An 1884-CC $20 Double Eagle; I think it's a good candidate for NCS conservation and will be sending it across to them for a 'touch-up', and subsequent grading from NGC. The red spot at the top of the coin is either a very dark copper spot, or blood. I'm not too sure on grade, but I think it might be able to achieve AU53-55. Picked up from HGM, after a post on the Gold Deals topic.
  12. If you don't mind me asking: What qualifications do you have, assuming you are the author of this book? Has it been reviewed by academics at all? And on Africa being so poor... could you give me a brief synopsis please? I've covered this in some depth so would be interested in your opionion - might convince me to buy the book! Welcome to the forum, Levi
  13. I'm not sure I understand that tbh - it's a series of 10 bullion coins, that's already been confirmed.
  14. Hmmm. A good point; I hadn't considered that. I hope it doesn't crash the prices of the originals.
  15. for sale

    That's some sales pitch. I think you are perhaps £60-80 overpriced on the pictures you have provided, the rim-dents seem quite noticeable. Closer pictures might help people to see the good points on the coin