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  1. Not a case of receiving a nice coin, but I had brilliant customer service from HGM today - acknowledged a minor problem with an order and fixed it without any fuss. Hard to beat, especially if you like the pot-luck of buying coins blind :P
  2. I'm sure many Chinese sellers are completely brilliant, but I just wouldn't risk it. There's no recourse against them, in a state which effectively endorses widespread forgery and IP-violations. Glad you got your refund, and his pathetic attempt at positive feedback is very obvious to see.
  3. I can somewhat see what you're referring to. Was it a business, or a private seller? Difficult if it's a private seller, as the coin is graded and therefore is 'as sold', and presumably sold as seen. The seller will argue that the coin is still PR69, and that nothing has changed with it since grading. If it's a business seller, you have 14 days so it shouldn't be a problem.
  4. I just googled the name, and it seems pretty comprehensively labelled as a scam...
  5. There are never any certainties in silver. Pandas have historically appreciated in value, which would suggest that future releases might go the same way. But if silver drops to £5 an ounce, who knows? As for collecting dates, that is wholly down to you. Date runs are hard with Pandas, or rather, they get rather expensive. Grading... it will always give the guarantee that the coin is authentic. But if you don't get MS70, or at the very least MS69, you are likely to lose money in the short to medium run.
  6. I'd agree with Fekh - it looks like oil residue. But it's so dead-centre that it makes me think that there might have been some die damage which was been impressed onto your coin. Worth an email to the mint? Possibly.
  7. I've only briefly browsed eBid, but completely agree - it seems as if they don't remove past listings from the search results
  8. Why are the majority of your posts on this forum so passive-aggressive, boastful, or just downright rude? You won't win many friends treating people so abrasively, and it may well have an impact should you come to buy or sell silver to the forum members.
  9. @RareAGstrikes - do you have any connection to the website you keep linking to? Just seems like the constant link-building is a bit of an attempt at SEO
  10. I'm sure this is a silly question (please forgive!) but do the coins coming back in get hit with Import Duty at all? I've always wondered how they get through Customs and whether it adds any additional costs to grading. I've got some nice Crowns that I'm considering slabbing.
  11. A phonecall usually works wonders in these situations - it shouldn't happen, but unfortunately it does. Head Office Bairds: 020 7474 1000
  12. Ridiculous. I don't think they even bother checking them now; just slap 20% on and hope the recipient doesn't have the energy to apply for the refund. Best of luck getting it back!
  13. That's the only reason I asked, in case they were different. For the sake of one minute checking, they've lost a sale. I wish I had your experience with them! It seems like some people get a really good experience from them, and others a bit hit and miss.
  14. Asked which bars they had in stock... 'Elizabeth' refused to tell me and said I wasn't allowed to know before purchasing. I didn't ask for condition reports - just what brands the bars were; I don't think that's unreasonable. Honestly, what is with Atkinsons and their customer service? It is bloody awful sometimes. Their loss; would have taken most of their stock.