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  1. wanted

    I've got a couple of spare Mrs Tiggy Winkles - are you after more than one of each?
  2. It's not even a proof? I'll wait until HGM have them for Spot + 3%...
  3. FFS. National Socialist? You're literally calling them Nazis... No, the EU is not raising the Fourth Reich. A European Army would be very similar to the African Union military force; paralysed by political indecision and unable to fight effectively due to differing rules of engagement for troops of different nationalities. Settle down before you give yourself a hot flush!
  4. There is no UK military integration with Europe. That is an outright lie. We cooperate with fellow NATO members but for the moment, the EU has not dedicated military force. Britain has repeatedly refused to join a European military force. You said "bye bye Brexit" - if that isn't you implying a Labour win (because it would be nearly impossible for Lib Dems to win a majority), then what is it? Again, utter tripe. This is a clickbait article with no basis in fact. Britain has an independent nuclear deterrent and the Europeans aren't going to be 'given control' of it.
  5. War with Russia will not happen. However, if it did, we would fight under a NATO banner. The European Union has no military, and would have no part to play. The Liberals will split the Labour vote because not many Labour MPs can honestly say that they support Brexit. Also false. the Barnett Formula disproportionately favours Scottish voters - you have far more money spent on you than me, as an Englishman. The SNP have frittered it away. Corbyn has also not said anything of the sort; this thread is like a cornucopia of falsehoods and outright fantasies. The Conservatives could literally run attack ads for the next 6 weeks, not actively campaign and they would still win with a majority.
  6. LOL, and pigs can fly. People will realise that having Diane 'white people love to divide and rule' Abbott as Home Secretary is not an option. They'll realise that having a member of the CND as the Prime Minister is not an option. That having an education secretary with zero GCSEs, or other qualifications, is not an option. But on a more factual note, only 14 Conservative MPs are in constituencies with a majority of less than 1000. Of those, many are in heavily Leave voting areas. The Lib Dems will split the Labour vote; UKIP are a spent force and will not feature in this election. The SNP will mop up in Scotland again, because the Scottish voters will vote for anything with a bit of tartan wrapped around it, despite their public services having declined two-fold under the SNP. Increased Conservative majority, harder Brexit than expected. Cheers.
  7. There will be a bit of volatility but any increase in the Tory majority will calm the markets. Short term volatility, moving into medium-term price stability in GBP terms.
  8. It really isn't, Chuck. This sounds like the latest in a long line of precious metal schemes. Also, it would appear that Leon Kaye will allow people to join the lawsuit without paying a fee to your company? Seems strange.
  9. Nobody charges a fee to join a class-action lawsuit... But perhaps a condensed version of your post would make it more digestible, and easier to make sense of
  10. Unfortunately, this is what happens when mentally-ill people get fixated on an idea. A hunger strike? REALLY? This is physically dangerous, not to mention ridiculous.
  11. This is actually 'fake news'. Check the amount of times 'The Pure Gold Company' is mentioned, and the buy-back scheme. This never happened, it is a paid-for advertising article and really should be advertised as such. As of March 2017, the company only had £4000 in physical assets and £180,000 in the bank. Where did the hundreds of thousands of pounds from this single sale go? Hmmmm.
  12. I'm not sure on this... Charles becomes King the moment that the Queen dies. He will make his first address to the nation less than 48 hours later.
  13. I also look forward to the time when England casts off its economically-parasitic neighbour.
  14. There is a dedicated thread for Youtube videos, you may get more response posting in there
  15. This isn't to do with Europe, this is due to Korea. Well above it now I'm not aware of any significant economic announcements today, but North Korea have just threatened another nuclear strike, which might explain the sudden hike.