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  1. I suppose I'll be the tight one... Spot + 0.5% Bid
  2. Do we send you a Private Message to bid?
  3. Let me guess... the sovereign came from Atkinsons? They have some bloody cheek with their 'proof' coins. Cowboys, unfortunately.
  4. completed

    1987, if my latin numerals serve me correctly. MCMLXXXVII, I think.
  5. 7.95g is well within the expected variance if it's slightly worn and an older sovereign. I'm guessing it's pre-1930 or so?
  6. 100% of people stacking gold or silver are in it for the profit. Otherwise it would be called charity.
  7. Just as an aside, taking card payments over the phone via a 'chip and pin' machine exposes the retailer to some large charges in the instance of a chargeback, and a 1% - 1.5% charge per transaction to cover the bank's fees on every transaction. When HGM are working on Spot +2-4%, that's a lot of margin.
  8. completed

    Hi, Do you mean you have the first silver Krugerrand ever struck, and this is confirmed by the certificate? Or is it the first year (2017) that they have been struck? TIA
  9. With respect, those issues seem entirely of your own making. Whether you consider them 'real' shieldbacks is down to preference; HGM can't help that and shouldn't have to hold a coin whilst you decide to buy or not to buy, when someone else is more than willing to buy blind, pay, and take their chances. I sympathise on ex-mount coins, although I believe they will take these back if they've slipped through the quality-control.
  10. I had the same experience, albeit I did upload the tracking and the buyer was insistent that they never received it. I enjoyed sending them a photo of their own signature, and politely reminding them that I had their address if they wish to continue trying it on. Positive feedback was duly received a few minutes later But this lack of coverage is worrying. eBay is so geared towards buyers now that scammers operate with complete impunity.
  11. And now they're miraculously sold, without any proof. Congratulations; you win 'Least Convincing Scam, February 2017'.
  12. wanted

    Can't say I've ever heard of 8g bars - are they made by a particular mint?
  13. Well, that would crash the market quite spectacularly. There are also a lot of fakes about; I suspect any serious buyer would demand a full inspection of every coin. However, you might need to read the Forum Rules with regards to your post - not the best start ever! And pictures would be fantastic