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  1. Yes. But the Twitter accounts of teenage girls, with tweets going back years and years concerning Harry Styles, make-up and boys, are somewhat harder to fake. "Earth to sixgun, Earth to sixgun, over."
  2. Yes. With you, and your inane ramblings. People are dead, again - and again you are calling it a false-flag attack. Have some decency and discuss this in a 'conspiracy' forum until such time as you find proof that someone didn't actually blow themselves up and kill an 8-year old girl... I suppose you'll say that she is an actress, though.
  3. This is why I hate these forums sometimes; precious metals always attract the absolute nutters. Look a little more closely - plenty of pictures of blood and fear to satisfy your weird urge to see gore. Prick.
  4. That's definitely not true.
  5. Just watching Question Time now; it's utterly depressing. The Tories are relatively reliable on bringing a stable economy, but their attitude to the sick and needy is horrific. Taxing people with dementia and shifting the burden onto their families is beneath contempt. Labour forgot to realise that nationalising the railways, water and energy industries might actually cost money. They would borrow wrecklessly and worsen the economic outlook. Their position on immigration will only worsen the demands on the NHS, as well. The Lib Dems want to overturn democracy, and tax businesses on their turnover and not profit... no more needs be said. What an abolute shower of sh*te. It's a bloody disgrace - we're the most advanced democracy in the world and we don't even have a centre-ground party to represent middle England. I thought I was 100% Conservative, until today. Now I don't even know if I can bring myself to vote for them. But I can't vote Labour, Lib Dem or anyone else... utter bloody rubbish.
  6. Just take some professional advice and plan ahead. Transfer of assets to trust or children, before you get towards old age, can be a very effective way of guarding your estate against the perils of care-costs and the associated nastiness. It's not a brilliant manifesto, at first glance; they've snuck some highly unpopular policies in there because everybody knows that this election will be based on Brexit positions.
  7. Well, yes, but that's not a matter for the seller. Low-premium bullion will always be in demand and there will always been somebody with the cash ready to buy.
  8. But HGM aren't coin dealers - they only sell what they buy in from other customers. You can set up email stock alerts on specific coins though, which is quite useful.
  9. The Nikon Precision 10x is fantastic, in my experience. Very good for diamonds and true-colour; the only criticism is that is rather small and easy to lose.
  10. Silly question probably, who is LPM?
  11. Thank you Madstacks - will be mooching around my local Lidl's tomorrow! The Glen Marnoch's from Christmas 2016 have increased in value quite nicely; they seem to be selling at around £90 a bottle now. The Ben Bracken 27 is selling at £70 as of January 2017, at auction.
  12. I've always found it funny how non-Brits have the right to make an FOI request to a British company. I have a feeling that it will be rejected, due to commercial sensitivity. You might get mintages, but I would be surprised if sales were released at this stage.
  13. wanted

    What price are you paying?