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  1. Welcome to the forum. The price for Maples is fairly easy to ascertain - you take the bullion price and add a premium to make it attractive to buyers. A good idea would be to check the prices on SilverToGo and GoldSilver.be to see the going rate for bullion coins.
  2. I just hate it when I stumble on Lunar 1oz'ers that I've forgotten about!
  3. I have no idea. The concept doesn't work - gold is worth four times more today than it was in 1983; they appear to have made a mistake.
  4. The price of gold on December 31st 1983 was £266 / troy ounce (this is the equivalent of £8.55 per gram of 24ct gold). 1g / £8.55 = 0.1169 Grams per Pound. Selling that 0.1169 grams today would yield around £3.65. (I think. My maths is occasionally suspect, but I think this works).
  5. @Ollie1016 ?
  6. That appears to be a small scratch, as opposed to being an error in the true numismatic sense of the word.
  7. Just out of interest; you put a lot of these 'anti-establishment' coins up for sale on Facebook a few hours ago. You have had zero interest so far - either your prices are too high, or the coins are just not that popular. I could mint 1000 rounds with a swastika on them; that would be controversial and edgy... doesn't make them worth more than their weight in silver though.
  8. For those of us whose ears perk up at the words 'guaranteed profit', but have little to no betting competency other than pissing it up the wall on 5000-1 accumulators, do you have a link explaining this please? Thanks
  9. Please provide evidence to support the three ridiculous claims that you have made here. I think we understand that you don't like the monarchy and view these coins as edgy and rebellious... But having been a member of these FB groups for a few years now, I can categorically say that 70% of all coins sold are government-issued bullion. Another 10% are numismatics, 10% are bars and maybe 10% are privately-minted rounds. Guess which always struggle to sell... the VAT-incurring, non-government rounds.
  10. Josh, seriously, you're maybe 19 years old? Why are you talking about experience? Half of your comments are copy and pasted from another forum and another poster... I get that you're trying to increase the value of your coins, but you're going about this the wrong way.
  11. I suppose I'll be the tight one... Spot + 0.5% Bid
  12. Do we send you a Private Message to bid?
  13. Let me guess... the sovereign came from Atkinsons? They have some bloody cheek with their 'proof' coins. Cowboys, unfortunately.
  14. Seriously cool bar. Awesome.