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  1. Beatrix Potter Series 2018

    With a mintage of 45k another 50% increament... I will pass that!
  2. Queens Beast Bull - First look

    That looks like a proof version... Damn that’s less than 6 months when they release the previous proof?!
  3. From where to Buy silver Bullions Online

    I'm not sure about the others the only site I know which is based in HK would be lpm.hk and they are quite reputable.
  4. Well it has finally been proven that BitConnect is a Ponzi scheme! Can see that coming given that the model they have been using is impossible to be sustainable.... What they did is converted your hard earned cash you have poured into the platform to BitConnect Coin which is basically worth nothing! The funniest thing is that they are still committed in building the BitConnectX exchange platform... I felt sorry for those who has invested into the platform during the final stages and still yet to recoup their initial investment.... http://www.forexlive.com/cryptocurrency/!/sure-looks-like-a-ponzi-scheme-bitconnect-shuts-down-20180116
  5. Is this milking?

    Unfortunately it is...
  6. Pictures and probably a good idea to include price for each individual item.
  7. Liberty Coin On ebay Credible?

    I have personally dealt with them without any problem and they have a showroom in California.
  8. 2018 queen beast dragon silver proof

    The dot on the wing I suspect it would be a defect on the die so check yours as well and it is quite obvious
  9. 2018 queen beast dragon silver proof

    Got mine today but came with a bloody defect.
  10. 2018 queen beast dragon silver proof

    Not sure what's the problem but I'm pretty sure I paid £455.... Probably even RM is gauging as well
  11. 2018 queen beast dragon silver proof

    Just managed to buy it here is the link: http://www.royalmint.com/shop/u/uk18qdqo
  12. Today I bought.....

    How did you get it? Its not even on their website yet....
  13. Today I bought.....

    May I know where did you manage to get it from? Thanks
  14. Well same as agpanda, I paid 300£ for a vintage silver panda (rare variation) it’s really up to your preference. For me I’m not stacking on weight of PM but if you are after the high premium stuff make sure you do A LOT of research on it