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  1. Well the Queen wasn't too happy with me stashing multiple coins of the same type and has commanded me to consolidate my stash. Letting go the following item at price stated plus cost of postage of your choice. Accepting payments via Paypal F&F and bank transfer: PF69 Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof with dog label x3 £110 PF69 Rwanda Lunar Rooster silver proof with rooster label x1 £190
  2. 4 sold pending payment...
  3. As stated above, just got informed and quoted by my supplier regarding the coin above. The allocation I got is for 6 coins but unfortunately I am no longer sticking with this series so planning to offer at the same price I am getting it which is £85 each plus postage of your choice and risk. Once I have received the consignment from my supplier will ship it out ASAP.
  4. Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Anyone interested in taking up my slot? I have 6 up for sale for £85 each plus postage of your choice and risk in the UK.
  5. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    Well technically the gold PF did better percentage wise. PF70 rate is 75% while MS70 is only 62%
  6. Exact weight of 2018 1oz Britannia

    Well according to the specification provided by Perth Mint when a product is stated to contain 30 grams of precious metal, by law it shall contain no less than 30.01 grams of the precious metal. It could contain more than that amount (then the mint will be losing money) but would NEVER be less than 30.01 grams.
  7. No J.C – error, variety or nothing to see

    OMG@augur I don’t expect you to start a new thread for this [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] But anyway interested if anyone has the same error as well ! Thanks anyway!
  8. Today I Received

    Why didn't you show the others the obverse XD need to hype it out i order to drive up the price man XP
  9. Missing JC on the obverse

    Erm it's around $1000 excluding taxes and shipping so get it from @Skelator88 he priced his item really reasonably and I have dealt with him before with no problems if that's your concern I do think so as well! I mean I wouldn't mind at all and not too bothered whether it will add on any value as long as it is authentic!
  10. Missing JC on the obverse

    Thanks for helping me out looking for it! That just calm me down but man it might seem obvious in the picture but in real life the JC looks more like a scratch to be honest [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Missing JC on the obverse

    Hi guys I am in a dilemma over here, I have recently got a gold proof 1/4oz Red Dragon graded by NGC and just realised that the JC mark on the obverse was missing while looking at it side by side with my sovereigns. That just shocked the bad out of me as I paid top dollar for this and the dealer is a reputable one who I dealt with earlier. The thing is I checked with NGC cert lookup and found out that the JC does exists just not frosted as what it should usually be. I immediately put the coin under the light and can barely sees it knowing the size of the coin.. So what should I do with it? Did NGC made a mistake on not able to spot a fake coin? or is that just a RM's mint error? The picture below is obtained from NGC...
  12. Today I Received

    This pair has travelled almost 15,00 miles across 3 continents just to complete my collection [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Today I Received

  14. Today I Received

    This pair has travelled almost 15,00 miles across 3 continents just to complete my collection [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. 2018 Trigos Money Show Panda 60g and 300g silver

    Anyone interested? Seems like plenty of stock over here...