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  1. I called MCM and they are coming out with the slabbed version this week as well. Tried to order from New York Coin & Bullion but unfortunately they don't ship it to the UK.... Not sure what to do now...
  2. Well was trying to save up for the 2000 mirrored but recently was being distracted by all these new coins mints have been coming out recently
  3. Agpanda could never be stopped from completing his Panda collection [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] Good luck with your grading on these coins
  4. Yeah but even MCM ran out of the ungraded ones showing strong demand on this coin. Probably is justifiable
  5. They are asking $995 for that ...
  6. Mine arrived from Westminster... Coin arrived nicely in the capsule but already seeing milkspot on the coin =...=
  7. @Silverstackeruk why did you get it all the way from Hong Kong when you are paying double the price while Westminster selling it at 125 quid?
  8. Would be expecting one to be delivered from Westminster this week hopefully the coin will arrive intact
  9. Only the second one seems to be worth to take the risk to me
  10. In my opinion whether legal tender or not doesn't really meant that much nowdays as you can see from the chinese panda medals. You can't make any judgement solely based on how the medal fare in the domestic market (ie. Netherlands). Most of the time the international market is where the money is and as you mentioned most of the buyers are international buyers which shows that demand is strong outside the Netherlands which is somehow similar to the silver Krugerrands. Regarding how the Dutch Mint does in the past few years, I don't think we should judge this coin solely based on that. For example, alot of the people thinks that 80% of Royal Mint production and design are crap in the past few years but guess what the 2017 Proof Sovereign together with the Queen's Beast series still shows that with a good design there will always be demand.
  11. Was looking at the piedfort as well but it comes with such a high premium 250 euros compared to 60 euros for the normal proof ones... For the graded ones, people are asking for around $350 for the PF70s on eBay.... Probably you would be interested with the gold one @Numistacker with only 100 minted or even the piedfort version with only 10 samples XD
  12. It's to commemorate a trade coin widely used in the 16th century. More information regarding the mintages and history in the link below. http://news.coinupdate.com/the-netherlands-lion-daalder-reborn-in-new-gold-and-silver-bullion-coins/
  13. What do you guys think about this new annual series from the Royal Dutch Mint? Specs: Finish: Proof Purity: .9999 Weight in Ounces: 1 oz Grade: GEM Proof Denomination: 1 Currency: Dollar Dimensions: 38.7 mm Mintage: 5,000