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  1. Silver 1 ounce Red Dragon of Wales Proof NGC PF 70

    The past PF 70 early releases have sold for about $200 to $210 USD. It isn't that much more expensive considering the demand! I appreciate you pointing this listing out to me!
  2. Have any silver forum members purchased or seen one of these in the Early Release Black Core holders? I have the Unicorn of Scotland and Lion of England in these Early Release holders which I believe are special from Modern Coin Mart, but haven't seen the Red Dragon of Wales available. I'm fearful I may have missed the opportunity! If anyone has one for sale I'm interested!
  3. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    Seems that way, I couldn't access that gallery either.
  4. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    If you're interested in Britannia "like" coins the two you mentioned are nice. I also own a 2015 50 pound Britannia coin as the design is the same as the 2014 silver 1 ounce proof. There are also the "shipwreck" Britannia coins that come in 1/4 ounce of silver (these are small coins) and have edge lettering saying Gairsoppa which is the name of a 1919 ship that sunk and silver was recovered from to strike these coins. There are two years of these. There is a 2 pound bimetallic Britannia coin which was first issued in 2015 for circulation. It is not a precious metal coin, but the design is similar to the 2015 proof design on the silver ounce version. I have some graded and love this coin. It comes in a gilt and piedfort version that are PM. Finally, there are images of Britannia on British currency from history you might like. I know for a long run Britannia is featured on the circulating 50 pence and this coin is also available in silver proof versions. I like the heptagon shape and the size of a 50p is nice. 1. Agreed. 2004 is a "hard to find" issue. I think it is for two reasons. a) It is one of the early strikes of the coin so there are probably less available since anyone who collects these might already have it and is holding onto it. b) It is a year where the design didn't alternate. I've noticed the alternating designs go up for sale more often than others maybe because of a perceived scarcity or uniqueness. 2004 and 2006 I think are more difficult to acquire than 2005 and 2007. That being said I'm hunting for a 2007 myself. I only collect graded versions and have a registry set myself on NGC. Looking for a quality graded example is far more difficult than just getting a coin for that year. 2. I wish there were more reading and books available! 3. Not sure, but I know if a collector is going to take a chance on grading a coin having it in OMP is better than seeing it in a capsule in someone's collection. That's what I would think. Can't help on a presentation box, sorry!
  5. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    I don't collect the proof versions myself, but the size of a 1 ounce coin is much better for viewing the designs. Gold is probably more stable in terms of price. I have business strike silver 1 ounce coins in this series myself and really love them, even the ones where the design hasn't changed. They just appeal to me more than an ASE, CML, or Panda.
  6. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    While it is not quite complete, but it is the most complete I've found, I'd say use the NGC registry site. NGC sees a lot of coins and they designate varieties and errors so they have more information than the common collector. There's also a book called "Silver Coins Bullion Book" by Sebastian Wieshowski which I first heard about on @Numistacker's YouTube channel. It does a good job of listing and describing most modern bullion collectibles - referred to as semi-numismatics on this forum and in other outlets - but stops at year 2012 for the Britannia in terms of mintages and information on design. It briefly mentions the most recent versions with the textured fields, but lacks information on the varieties. The notable varieties are the 2011 matte, the 2013 seated, and the 2014 mule error. I only learned about the 2013 seated because of the registry sets. I collect Britannias and try to get as much info on them as possible, but it is very difficult. I think there is more information and completeness when it comes to collecting the proof designs. I think the Royal Mint might have assumed collectors weren't interested in the business strike versions as anything more than bullion investment. I even emailed the Royal Mint a few times and couldn't get information from them, not even a response. If you know of any sources or found other books, @JohnAnsink, I'd be interested in hearing about them!
  7. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    There's actually an uncirculated or "business strike" version of the 2013 that is listed on the NGC registry as a "seated Liberty" or sometimes I've seen "seated Britannia". I haven't found much about it other than it had a limited release similar to the plain fields versions with a mintage of 10,000 coins that have come out in tandem with the textured field versions with larger mintages. Below is the top registry set for Britannia's and the collector has both the 2013 with the standing Britannia that is common and the seated one. The first screenshot shows there are two slots in the registry set and the second shows a screenshot of the coin in DPL. Not sure if anyone else knows abou this coin or has more information.
  8. Today I bought (Non PM).....

    I read about 1997 being the first, last, and only year the 3rd definitive portrait of QEII was featured on the bi-metallic 2 pound coin right here on The Silver Forum (thanks for the info @HelpingHands!) and decided to pick up a UK mint set for that year. I love it! I've been looking on eBay for some more. It seems the more recent ones are quite expensive and contain more coins than these sets. Love the UK coins and currency so I'll post some more of these sets as I get them. I know these aren't as "sexy" as the precious metal coins, but they are well struck and I like that they are the uncirculated versions of real coins that are actually used. Anyone else love these?
  9. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    Please share! Would love to see some photos of what is out there.
  10. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    Interesting fact. So is it that people collect the 2PND coins in coin books like in the US we would for statehood quarters? Or is it people collect UK annual coin sets and by default collect these variants as they are included?
  11. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    Agreed - as a US based collector it would be much easier to collect my own country's currency, but I started with the silver 2 pound Britannia series and now am hooked on the Queen's Beasts proof coins, and of course love some of the designs on these "meant for circulation" 2 pound and 50 pence coins. Slippery indeed! The kew gardens one is very lucky to find! I've seen them on eBay for quite a lot of money - have you gotten it graded?
  12. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    All the way back to '86! That's really cool. Am I correct in that the design did not change every year? Do you collect the years were there were multiple variant designs? For instance, there were 2 designs in 1999 - one for the rugby world cup and one celebrating technology.
  13. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    I'm an NGC member myself and while I didn't get these coins graded, I bought them already in their slabs, I would be curious to find out about your results. Also, is it quite common for these to be bought and sold in the UK in uncirculated condition. I'm based in the US and rarely see them come up on my eBay here. I'm thinking it's because many would not be available for shipment outside of the UK by the sellers. Would love to see some of the photos of past designs as well!