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  1. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    I personally love this series. Yes, milk spots are a risk, but they are a risk for other mint products, as well, not just the Royal Mint's products. It seems to me British coins (so maybe this series) hold their value more than other countries' coins.
  2. NGC Slabbed/Graded Proof QB Unicorn @ MCM

    I've pulled the trigger and ordered mine. I have read the black core is something NGC did for its anniversary this year, but it looks so smart with the royal purple label I hope they continue to have it as an option.
  3. Full set of britannia

    If by bullion you mean the business strike silver 2PND coins, yes absolutely! Some years sell better than others (2001, 2003, 1999 or the 2014 mule error for instance), but they certainly have a presence in registry sets on NGC and I see them on eBay often.
  4. Queens Beast Unicorn of Scotland Proof

    Why aren't they doing the proofs in the same order???
  5. Star Wars silver coins

    These are often referred to as colorized coins and for the most part they don't do well long-term. I wouldn't say that is true in every case, but they tend to be more gimmicky type coins and the people who are willing to spend good money on coins aren't interested in these it seems. Check out eBay or some coin shows and see what colorized coins you do see and how well they sell. It could be a good way to gauge whether these will be successful.
  6. Full set of britannia

    Some of the higher grades in the years pre-2012 command $150-$250 a piece. If you have the set and most are in gradable condition (MS 68 or higher) it might be worth it to slab them and then try and sell the set. NGC has a 5 coin minimum but 10 coins is ideal for a submission. Maybe get in touch with@Numistacker while he still sends in submissions for forum members...
  7. Full set of britannia

    Are they in graded slabs or raw?
  8. New Here

    Welcome! You'll find some Koala lovers on here no doubt
  9. The best 50p coins

    I don't collect them, but was hunting for a Kew Gardens that was slabbed recently (I've seen many fakes so I'd rather get a genuine graded one) and came up without a good way to get one. I'm being patient being a US collector. As far as favorites for the WWF and classic Britannia designs are elegant and eye catching. Those are my faves!
  10. for sale 2001 Gold 1/4 OZ Britannia NGC MS 70

    I have changed the posting, thank you! I simply forgot to include and I won't let that happen again.
  11. 2017 Netherlands Lion Dollar 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin

    Love the design, but it does seem like an attempt to stir up interest in the US rather than anywhere else for this coin. First off, the labeling even touts it as "America's First Dollar". Clearly pandering. Does anyone have the history on the original coin? I've see the Spanish 8 Reales Silver coin discussed as North America's "First Dollar" or America's "First Silver Dollar". I realize an 8 Reales is not the same as a dollar (and the words Thaler or Daalder are where we derive our word Dollar from), but were we trading that much with the Netherlands over Spain or England as a colony to make this the first "dollar" the US used? Just curious!
  12. a little bit of silver for you guys to look at

    Love that 1935! Great design
  13. An NGC graded MS 70 2001 1/4 ounce gold Britannia. This is one of the more popular designs for this series - Una and the Lion - and one of the lower mintage years. There is a coin in the same grade and size selling on eBay for $866.90 USD from PNG. There are no red spots, marks, or blemishes. Asking $799. Open to all reasonable offers and willing to ship to Canada or the US. If shipping to Canada would need to see the cost of postage before accepting an offer. Thank you! .
  14. US based Anglophile and Coin Roll Hunter

    I have a few - my favorite is a 2015 2 Pound Britannia uncirculated and graded. I mainly stick to precious metals, but I liked the history, story, and low mintage of this particular coin meant for circulation. Do you?
  15. Queen's Beasts: What Would Happen?

    This would be an amazing series! I hope they do this next hahaha