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  1. 22mm... Trouble is I only technically need 1 (for now!). Only place I can find the nice black ringed air tites online ship in bulk from USA so not ideal
  2. Yes
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, I heard a rumour morezone sold them but he is out of stock of this size.
  4. Received my 1/4 oz gold lunar sheep today. Lovely coin, in great condition. Very pleased with my first ever gold coin although confess to being a little underwhelmed by the size at first haha. Would quite like a nice ringed air tite capsule to keep it in as don't really like the one it came in.
  5. Do want! But I spent my money this month on the 1/4 oz sheep instead[emoji22]
  6. Today I purchased.....my first ever gold coin!! A 1/4 oz Lunar Sheep - the year of my daughters birth.
  7. They are growing on me. Given the price point, I may well pick up a tube one day
  8. I gave a PAMP silver lunar bar to my neice for her christening (year of her birth). I like the idea of giving (and receiving) silver as gifts, but am careful not to over do it as I know not everyone loves it as much as me!
  9. I was wondering this myself. Would be a bit weird to have Queens beasts without the queen on but also a shame to end the series part way through. If there are 10, does that mean it's expecting to run to what.... 2021? You would think it's a strong enough possibility she won't still be around by then that someone would have considered it....
  10. completed

    Sorry for resurrecting a somewhat old thread, but are any still for sale? @Stu73
  11. Small selection, mostly from[mention=3331]MikeSol[/mention], which have been waiting at the post office for me for a few days. Look great.
  12. completed

    Dragon and Kooks just arrived safely and look great, thanks! P.S The dragon capsule is posher than the ones I have for my 2oz griffins and lions and now I want them all in that type - did you get it with the coin or buy separately?
  13. Thunder and Roses for me, and Double Shuffle for the wife (on my free bet). 33/1 and 28/1 Loving the outsiders lol!
  14. £25 for me, in my first draw and on my birthday too. Equivalent to a full years interest at high street bank rates so anything else is a bonus now
  15. completed

    Can I have the QB Dragon and both Kookaburra if still available please?