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  1. Tapatalk sucks that's why. I was trying to illustrate my point by attaching a pic I took 3 days ago on a Euro trip on my own bike. Investing in yourself, experiencing the world is the way to go.
  2. Another bike. No question. At a push option 3 motor home I suppose. You have to get out and live life, not just spend it hording PMs.
  3. This had all been waiting at the post office for me yesterday as I have been away. Three koalas from BYBs group order plus an extra couple of bits. [emoji16] Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  4. When I ordered a few months back I got an email when it arrived at customs saying duty was due and I was able to ring up and pay over phone at that point. However the guy delivering it (UPS) was expecting to take payment upon delivery and had to double check with HQ at that point so maybe thats how most people do it Oh, and the invoice turned up in the post a few days later. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
  5. 22mm... Trouble is I only technically need 1 (for now!). Only place I can find the nice black ringed air tites online ship in bulk from USA so not ideal
  6. Yes
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, I heard a rumour morezone sold them but he is out of stock of this size.
  8. Received my 1/4 oz gold lunar sheep today. Lovely coin, in great condition. Very pleased with my first ever gold coin although confess to being a little underwhelmed by the size at first haha. Would quite like a nice ringed air tite capsule to keep it in as don't really like the one it came in.
  9. Do want! But I spent my money this month on the 1/4 oz sheep instead[emoji22]
  10. Today I purchased.....my first ever gold coin!! A 1/4 oz Lunar Sheep - the year of my daughters birth.
  11. They are growing on me. Given the price point, I may well pick up a tube one day
  12. I gave a PAMP silver lunar bar to my neice for her christening (year of her birth). I like the idea of giving (and receiving) silver as gifts, but am careful not to over do it as I know not everyone loves it as much as me!
  13. I was wondering this myself. Would be a bit weird to have Queens beasts without the queen on but also a shame to end the series part way through. If there are 10, does that mean it's expecting to run to what.... 2021? You would think it's a strong enough possibility she won't still be around by then that someone would have considered it....
  14. completed

    Sorry for resurrecting a somewhat old thread, but are any still for sale? @Stu73
  15. Small selection, mostly from[mention=3331]MikeSol[/mention], which have been waiting at the post office for me for a few days. Look great.