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  1. What Watches do you own!!!

    I got it from Amazon. Search for the model SNK805K2. It came with a green strap but I got the brown one separately (also from amazon). The watch has proved accurate and reliable so far. Great for the price I paid although looks like it's gone up a bit since then, which is odd.
  2. Today I Received

    Group order turned up today. Very pleased, although the RM lunar dog is even more of an abomination in real life!
  3. Yey been waiting for this thread for a little while! Time to get browsing...
  4. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    That coin is a dog indeed... after seeing this and the RM coin it seems it is very difficult to create a nice looking Lunar dog coin, even for this mint that made the best rooster.
  5. What Watches do you own!!!

    I recently picked up this Citizen perpetual calendar chrono which I love, and had intended to become by every day watch. But then, I took an interest in automatic (mechanical) watches and picked up the seiko 5. I've changed the strap and now love that almost as much even tho only 1/3 of the price and far fewer bells and whistles. It just sits nicely on the wrist, is nice and light, and the second had sweeps smoothly. Plus it has a see through back so I can admire the movement. The rolex is my pipe dream watch for now. Perhaps for my 40th...gives me a few years to justify it [emoji3]
  6. Today I Received

    Collected my coin from BYBs group order from the post office this morning. My first ever 10 oz coin and a nice momento/reminder of lovely family vacations in Vancouver and Toronto recently. No milk spots so far [emoji41] although I'm not too concerned; I Wanted to add 10 oz and this appeals much more than a plan silver bar.
  7. I'm extending the anticipation and excitement: Package arrived today but nobody home so its gone back to PO to be collected on Saturday
  8. Stacking for children.

    I started with collecting/stacking silver partly as a way of hoarding something to pass down to my daughter (who is about to turn 2), but I have now decided the silver is for me to do as i want with and to enjoy. Instead, I recently decided i would start to gather some gold coins for her and bought my first one ever a couple of months ago (a RM Lunar year of the Sheep). It will only ever be a modest amount, but its something nice to pass down and Gold made more sense than silver over such a long time period. I keep track of the silver purchases and sales very closely, and am specifically collecting certain series / date runs etc. However on the gold side i'm just picking up the odd thing here and there when i have some spare cash and putting it aside to forget about - hopefully it will accumulate nicely and have some variety.
  9. Signed for delivery/post

    As above, this happens to me occasionally and i agree it is somewhat questionable on their part but since we are often out at work during the day i am actually grateful as it saves me arranging a trip to pick to the PO to pick up the parcel.
  10. New design colours

    I don't mind the new layout at all. But can no longer seem to get in on Tapatalk. Is this permanent? I would say 95% of my visits to this forum are via tapatalk..
  11. Tapatalk problems...

    Some photos work for me but lots have to be downloaded as you describe. Annoying. It must depend if the person uploading them was on Tapatalk or not?
  12. Westminster collection

  13. Agree almost 100%. Having no choice but to pay is reason enough to dislike the BBC and the fee if not the whole corporation should be abolished. The only thing we disagree on is the 1% of their programming which is any good which is not their Dramas but in fact the Planet Earth series. [emoji6]
  14. Will be joining again once payday arrives
  15. Today I Received

    Got this from BYBs group buy today. Capsule is slightly scratched but Coin design actually looks nicer than I expected in hand, some nice detail, very pleased with it.