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  1. You could try the Lighthouse Ultra Premium caps that are rimless.
  2. I have for sale 239g of .500 Pre-47 silver. Price is £43.50 + Postage of your choice. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal
  3. I've been there pretty poor show in my opinion all of the good items are "not for sale" and just to get you through the door.
  4. for sale

    Price reduced.
  5. for sale

    They're nice 1/2 oz rounds though
  6. for sale

  7. for sale

    Price Reduced
  8. I think he meant a half with the 1817 shield design like this.
  9. Don't give the RM more ideas
  10. wanted

    Last Brit Monster box I got was from Atkinsons they don't show on their website you have to call them up or use their online chat.
  11. I have for sale 5 lots of Pre-Decimal Cu-Ni coins. Coin numbers calculated by weight. Crowns (Churchill, Jubilee, Wedding Anniversary) - 314g - 11 coins - £4.10 Half Crowns - 241g - 17 coins - SOLD 2 Shillings - 464g - 41 coins - SOLD 1 Shilling - 325g - 57 coins - SOLD Six Pence - 873g - 308 coins - SOLD Prices excluding postage and packaging. Payment by Bank transfer or PayPal F&F
  12. Based on the 2017 Sapphire Jubilee Strike on the Day Sovereign it would be PF