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  1. Yes, I know these are not silver, just the £5 BU. Yet for eight times less the price how does this work? The marks are on the packing.
  2. The more comments, the more I think about a refund. Money towards another 1/2 sov. Thanks chaps.
  3. I just checked and they now have 90% reserved, I may just ask about them, but of course they could be the ones that others have returned.
  4. The next question is replacement or refund?
  5. Ordered the Unicorn proof from the Royal Mint a few weeks a go and got it on Friday. Send it back? I think so. Refund or money back? Your help will be more than nice.
  6. Mine has the same kind of marks on the mouth/lips, I too hadn't really taken notice before.
  7. The thing is NCS is not a conservation service in the strict sense, they are much closer to restoration service. In a previous life was a conservator, nothing to do with coins however.
  8. Looks more like Landmarks of London.
  9. £500 is just about ok, but on the lower side IMHO. Push them up to £550 at least, but try for £600 if you can.
  10. Any idea what else could be in series?
  11. I'd do it this way. Sell the 97 alone, the 98 and 99 as a pair, then 2000-2004 and the 05-09 as sets. Could well get more money that way. I don't think the others are worth it just yet.
  12. I use a Samsung Galaxy A3 with a external mic and a JVC HD-W580 for my Youtube stuff, of which 95%+ is not coin related.
  13. The Queen is 90 so...
  14. I always film when opening up something I've been posted. That way, no if ands or buts.
  15. I want to know why I'm still waiting for the one I ordered. Why have those US got before me. How would US collectors/stackers feel if their coins were released to the rest of the world first?