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  1. wanted Edward VII Half Sov Specific Dates

    Any use?
  2. Buying junk silver in the UK?

    You can get some from antique shops, however this is very hit and miss. Plus they tend to price on age rather than the amount of silver.
  3. OK own up

    I thought "I may just get myself a couple of these." until I saw the same as you.
  4. Sunday night metal chat

    Burn in hell spawn of the Devil! UHT in tea, I'd rather gut myself with a rusty fish knife, or just go without.
  5. for sale 1/10 Gold American Eagle (2016)

    If it hasn't gone by the 26th I could be up for it.
  6. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    Are you going to start a thread? If so, I may well join in.
  7. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    Because, you know, reasons.
  8. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    It had a wider neck than my Martin dreadnought, however I mostly play bass and I think I could get used to it.
  9. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    I'll have to have count up, but somewhere between 25-30 guitars and basses!
  10. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    I could be willing to trade for some sov's.
  11. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    Indeed, well a real Les Paul Jr anyhow.
  12. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    I had put a little money aside so I could get a couple of sov's however...
  13. Two 2014 Aus Koalas?

    Righty chaps question time! Were there two types of Koalas made in 2014, the one graded by PCGS is correct as is another, but the others? All are the right weight and pass 'the magnet test'. I can't seem to find anything about the two with 2014 on the obverse. Just different, an error or have I been sold a, well a couple, of pups? Any help would be nice.
  14. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    Coffee shops, outside the cop shop, supermarkets????? I have done a number of face to face, not with silver or gold and the like, but for guitars. I have always met them in my local pub, the staff and locals know me for a start. By far the safest place for me.
  15. for sale Silver and gold coin

    Half Sov gone?