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  1. Very nice, and I too would feel a little guilty and would try to find them and give them another £100? The nearest I have every come with a car boot is, brought a guitar for £7, sold it the same evening for £45, the next day I spied a bass, with case offered £45 and got it. Sold the bass for £225 and still have the case which is £100.
  2. Any more, for any more?
  3. Righty chaps, or chappets, which do think are the best value of the coins mentioned in the title? The general pros and cons? Any help would be nice. Type about this for a bit.
  4. The UK government cannot get hold of your gold or silver even if they wanted to, it will far to expensive for them to even try (that being the main point). They have to prove how much you have, if somehow they can, can they prove that that was not a gift (look up the value of gifts on the Gov.uk website). Gifts are not counted as any kind of inheritance, so give the money to others in your family so they can buy it for your birthday or Christmas, no CGT on these gifts. On amounts under £3,000 a year are not taxed, either by the giver of those that recive that gift. Everyone 'gives' you X amount, as long as it's not over £250, each item, each. So, mum, dad, brother, sister, well you get the idea. Each family member can give you £500, at least, worth of gold or silver each year, no CGT. This is not what you should or shouldn't do. This is not advice, just my take on what I can find out I very well maybe totally wrong. See a financial advisor, even your bank may be able to help you out.
  5. None of them are beasts of the Queen. The griffin is a symbol of Edward III and, his son John of Gaunt, used the greyhound. If the Queen does die before the end of the run, I should think, if need be, they would call them Royal Beasts.
  6. Prices seem to have calmed down on ebay, now going for about only around £180-190.
  7. The Canute coin is nice in it's self, but will be selling it if, more likely when, the price is right. However it arrived yesterday and lets just say it has issues. I will be posting a video on my Youtube channel (tallthinkev) later today. I you're feeling brave you may like to check it out.
  8. I've just taken the plunge and ordered a £5 King Canute silver proof, a total mintage of 6,000 of which half will be in sets and the other half available by themselves. Now that got me thinking (yes people tell me not to) how high is low mintage? 3,000 seems quite low to me, am I right?
  9. Any idea why those in the US can get the Red Dragon very easy and I can't seem to find one a good price as yet? Even if it is a case of making a lot more money in the US I don't see why I should wait.
  10. "Thought it was a different kind of 2p" said the spotty lad behind the till.
  11. Didn't really think it was anything to worry about or indeed getting excited, just wondered if anyone else had noticed it.
  12. It's not a scratch, but a ridge if you like, which makes me think more a die crack than anything else.
  13. Picked this 1/4 oz Griffin last week, on under very close inspection I have noticed a possible error, or maybe a die crack. Hopefully the pics will show up the 'problem'. About 75% up the first I after Edward there is a raised line which also crosses a said I. I have watched many Youtube vids on this coin and no mention as been made of this. Anyone know anything about this? Any help would be great.
  14. I film everything I get form Ebay, if it happens to be silver I have scales and a magnet on hand too.
  15. I had a problem when trying to buy a Panda a few weeks ago. 100% seller, paid my money, via Paypal, nothing within a week. Well things can happen give the benefit of the doubt messaged, nothing, messaged again nothing. Opened a dispute, messaged again and 8 days later reported to Ebay again and money back 2 mins later money back. A good 9 times out of 10 Ebay will go with the buyer.