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  1. Perth mint lunar series ii

    Seen a good number of times where the 1/2 is more expensive than the 2oz.
  2. Perth mint lunar series ii

    Here's an update.
  3. Perth mint lunar series ii

    Here you go, waiting for the dog from BYB
  4. Isn't your coin stuck 70,000 light years away?
  5. Does not do a little dance, well... erm... yes, does little dance.
  6. 2018 Half Sovereign Bullion

    I needed a bit of a shock to wake me up, and that price did just that!
  7. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    As others have said, sovereigns first and foremost. 1/4 Beasts are more than just nice, and when you get the full set, you will more than get your money back if/when you sell them. 1oz is just too much for me on different levels, one shelling out X at one time is big cut in to, even a years, money coming in. Also not always very easy to get rid of it quick without taking a hit.
  8. Quite a nifty amount. However I don't wish to see the headlines "Gang of villains put off massive silver blag"
  9. How much is the order now? A new record I take already?
  10. Australian Lunars loosing demand?

    Think the Lunar 2 will go up quite nicely when they have finished this set. No much doubt number three will come out soon after. Wait 3/4 years and maybe able to double your money. They won't have the same price power as the first lot but still...
  11. I can make a unboxing of my own, after you have sent the coins to myself.
  12. Backyard, do you wish videos to be made by those unboxing the coins that you have unboxed, in your unboxing video?
  13. Sovereign Question

    Thanks chaps this info is pretty much what I thought. There are trying one on.
  14. Sovereign Question

    Picked up this 1902 Sov, Perth Mint, the other week for a nice price at my LCS, yet when looking on Ebay they are priced for £340+. Did I stumble across a bargain, or are dealers trying one on?