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  1. Thought as much, I think I was just fobbed off as an excuse as to why my order has taken nearly month.
  2. I have been told that all silver beasts are made in the US by Sunshine Mint, if this is true, which I don't think is the case, could be one more reason.
  3. Trouble is you never know when that may happen, and how much money you have at that time.
  4. One thing about HGM is their lack of stock. Just checked and of their 37 listed gold coin products, 27 were out of stock.
  5. Cheers, as I said new to gold.
  6. It's a half Sov.
  7. It's only the second gold coin I have brought and the first second hand, I haven't been done wrong, as yet, by the shop that sold it to me. However being new to gold it looks too nice for a coin that is over 100 years old, if you know what I mean. As most think it hasn't been cleaned do any think it would be worth grading?
  8. Is the VAT on the price you pay when you buy, no VAT on gold, or the total of that 0.5%?
  9. That is indeed what I mean.
  10. What do you think, cleaned or not? I can't see any cleaning marks as such, under a X10 hand lens, still not sure.
  11. I'm very sure that you are covered by EU law and they have to either replace or refund your money if you are not happy with this of any other product. You have 14 days to say you are not happy and if they don't care they are braking said law.
  12. Very nice, and I too would feel a little guilty and would try to find them and give them another £100? The nearest I have every come with a car boot is, brought a guitar for £7, sold it the same evening for £45, the next day I spied a bass, with case offered £45 and got it. Sold the bass for £225 and still have the case which is £100.
  13. Any more, for any more?
  14. Righty chaps, or chappets, which do think are the best value of the coins mentioned in the title? The general pros and cons? Any help would be nice. Type about this for a bit.
  15. The UK government cannot get hold of your gold or silver even if they wanted to, it will far to expensive for them to even try (that being the main point). They have to prove how much you have, if somehow they can, can they prove that that was not a gift (look up the value of gifts on the Gov.uk website). Gifts are not counted as any kind of inheritance, so give the money to others in your family so they can buy it for your birthday or Christmas, no CGT on these gifts. On amounts under £3,000 a year are not taxed, either by the giver of those that recive that gift. Everyone 'gives' you X amount, as long as it's not over £250, each item, each. So, mum, dad, brother, sister, well you get the idea. Each family member can give you £500, at least, worth of gold or silver each year, no CGT. This is not what you should or shouldn't do. This is not advice, just my take on what I can find out I very well maybe totally wrong. See a financial advisor, even your bank may be able to help you out.