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  1. Smoking or Sovereigns

    Silly! Be like me and buy backy from the Czech Rep and with the money you save buy a half sov a month!
  2. 1919 - 1920 50% or Sterling & Gothic Unboxing

    Nice coins, however it may well be worth investing in a small tripod and a 'clamp' for your phone. For myself it was quite difficult to watch as I have focal epilepsy, fast moving images are not conducive to my condition.
  3. A Fair Price?

    They in very nice nick, PM and we can have a chat.
  4. A Fair Price?

    I wish to get rid of the coins pictured, yet not too sure at what price is fair. Any help would be nice?
  5. If you were going to stack just one series of coins

    I wouldn't stack just one type, I know I don't. What's favour on the month now, might not be in 5/10/20 years time. If purely for stacking for wealth in year X get the lowest price you can now, however that only works if the spot does a lot better than other investments. IMHO Lunar II, Pandas, Brits and QB's are the ones to go for, well those are the ones I go for.
  6. It took the Romans nearly 200 years to make, what is now Catalonia, a province and they didn't muck about. So Spain has it's work cut out to hold on to it.
  7. for sale 1998-2012 Britannias Sold Separately

    I'll take a 2004 if that is alright.
  8. for sale 1998-2012 Britannias Sold Separately

    If you still have the 98 and 2002, I'd like to take them of you hands.
  9. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    I'd like to order 4, but my German, is lacking to say the least. Any help?
  10. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    Any idea about postage costs?
  11. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

  12. The new 2 oz Silver Unicorn is out now

    Too much cost on the postage.
  13. £1 Silver Proof Coins?

    Anyone else?
  14. £1 Silver Proof Coins?

    Question, are the £1 silver proof coins worth it, there's not much silver, 9.5g, but as a collector investment? Any ideas chaps?
  15. Decimal Changeover

    I remember my dad telling me about the new decimal coins and how they were different. A far as I can recall it went something like, "there're used to be 240 pennies in the pound but there are only 100 now" However went you are 4, 100 is the biggest number ever!