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  1. I doubt I will be checking the purity as its from a reputable company. If it was from Joe Bloggs then I probably would.
  2. I have used Sharps Pixely, paid via Bitcoin for 3 Sovereigns, paid £35-£40 in fees for the pleasure & the service is pretty slow, I purchased them last Thursday & have had to badger them to get it sent today. I would order again as it does convert Crypto in gold.
  3. Rabbits generally live underground where it does not get cold + family to keep them warm, we have 2 that cuddle up but as the run is only just above ground level it can get cold. They can't come inside as the Bengal kitten will think its dinner time
  4. No but I needed some cat food aswel
  5. Start using it for everything & whenever you think of buy something you will automatically think TCB. Its cold outside so I have just ordered a microwavable snuggle heat pad from Pets at Home for the rabbits & I got the £5 off special for today but also 2.3% back autopilot said try TCB before just buying from them anyway.
  6. Wanted: To buy a Sovereign for Bitcoin Equiv

    Yes please Stan, will Pm you
  7. As the title says. Looking to buy a sovereign or 2x half for Bitcoin equivalent. Thanks
  8. for sale Free Sterling Silver Brick Giveaway!

    Facebook, who even has the time for that people think im weird as I have never had it & I am 28.
  9. Maximum £50 cashback thats about meh, the item I wanted is £1700 lol
  10. HR Saltwater Croc please
  11. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Chris must have gone into hiding for me [emoji6] or he is still packaging my massive gift [emoji3]
  12. Bitcoin for sale

    Sorry I have used most of it to buy sovereigns from Sharps Pixley. I will edit my post.
  13. Withdrawal method

    This can also be quite costly. I bought 3 sovereign's from them & ended up paying £40 in fees for sending. Better than nothing though.
  14. completed 1866 20 FRANCS

    I will have this if available
  15. Bitcoin for sale

    Also willing to swap for gold.