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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Yeah the Perth Mint Sovereign for 2016, I bought it at auction a couple months ago & really liked it so I would like to get the other years if they are up at a reasonable price.
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Think that 2016 is mine Lindeman, I sent him that along with the chinese medal above.
  3. All I use is the 2 factor auth via the website so basically my password then a text to input a security code.
  4. Question..... I have a new phone I need to setup I bought a few weeks ago & would like to have my apps on it. Do I need any codes to keep to get my accounts back for my crypto? Currently I use Coinbase & Bittrex.
  5. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Great resuls there I see my 2 both got 70's, especially the Panda expo coin.
  6. I have sorted it now thank you, I will be using my other bank account that will let the transaction work.
  7. Today I bought.....

    May I ask where you got the proof Libertad from?
  8. I may give up before I even start lol. If its this much effort just to add a few £
  9. Bank are telling me they authorised the transaction but Coinbase have not. Now will not let me deposit anymore today as I have tried a few times aswel as the limit lowering everytime.
  10. I tried both banks I use so I will give 1 of them a call soon & ask if they can accept the transactions from Coinbase. Do I call whilst in a transaction or ask the to sort then try again.
  11. It says to buy I have to authorise the buy with card issuer?
  12. No I have not done Sepa yet, worth a try maybe? Takes longer than the other method?
  13. Help needed if possible, I setup a coinbase account & verified myself & I can't buy coins for some reason. I have tried 2 different debit cards & 1 credit card & says processing then 10 mins later the transaction has been cancelled.
  14. Cornering or influencing the market

    Would love to find 1 of these