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  1. for sale Disney Cars Silver 1oz Coins

    Bump £38 each plus postage of your choice.
  2. Royal mint coin releases 2018 coins

    Looking forward to this coming year, will probably be expensive though. Whats next Rupert the bear
  3. I prefer PM mainly because its something I can admire & look at whereas crypto is just digital currency that goes up or down. Pms are stable Cryptos atm other than Bitcoin are dropping daily & you could lose alot of money. In my case I only invested £900-£1000 but today the value is £550-£600
  4. Homeless people

    Its my fault, I have never really looked deeper into the homeless situation & how or why they become homless whereas Kimchi has come across people who have been & in my sheltered life I have not so my comments have offended when I did not mean to.
  5. Homeless people

    If they become addicted to drugs once homeless then yes its a very sorry state to see or hear about.
  6. Homeless people

    If you read what I actually said 1st, I am not talking about becoming addicted to drugs once homeless, I said if they become homeless due to taking drugs & wasting money etc then its their own fault in becoming that way. I never said anything about once people were homeless
  7. Homeless people

    Unfortunately I have no experience in what or how homeless people live so I was under the assumption that there were enough services out there. If they have addictions with drugs then tough luck tbh, don't do drugs in the 1st place. If it is mental illness related or unfortunate circumstamces then yes I would feel sorry for them.
  8. Homeless people

    I think what Roy was wondering about is how are people homless in our society with all the avenues that are able to help. Soup kitchens? Hostles etc
  9. Homeless people

    Why did you edit Roy
  10. Bitcoin is king

    I have just gambled with mine tbh, took a punt which is a big loss atm. I have: Siacoin at 96sat now at 59 Rdd at 27sat now at 19 Spr at 16000sat now 6800 So atm im well down but like I say it was just a pure speculation punt. I may put the £200-£300 into another punt which is OKcash. Im going for big gains rather than Alts that are alot more stable. It will either pay off or be a flop [emoji4]
  11. Bitcoin is king

    I have a small amount in Alts roughly £900 its down atm but I am hoping to just hold & see where it goes. The amount of times I have wanted to sell before losing 20% in a day is countless but longer term I am hoping it will regain its value. I may spend another £200-£300 on Alts leading upto the fork where people will be putting money back into alts causing them to rise again. Patience is key atm I think.
  12. UK help needed

    Thats nothing. Living with a last name of Shaw I have heard them all but tbh Shawshank is a new 1
  13. UK help needed

    No skin off my back Happy to help if I can. It will be delivered here & I will just forward it on & luckily the Post Office is 6 doors away from work.
  14. UK help needed

    Pm me details & I could possibly help