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  1. for sale 4x Bullion sovs for sale £220 each

    Yes please
  2. Is this the world's laziest sheep?

    Now I never knew that. I just googled it & especially around lambing season they can become top heavy. BYB you murderer or are you having Mutton today?
  3. Is this the world's laziest sheep?

    Very lazy sheep indeed
  4. Is this the world's laziest sheep?

    Looks knackered if you ask me
  5. Few more to change up

    2x 2018 Full Sovs sold
  6. Few more to change up

    Open to reasonable offers
  7. Today I Received

    Thats all I collect Steve, have been doing for a while now since I got my 1902 Matte Half a year or so ago, I can buy graded Halves & still have a selection of coins whereas if it was full sovs graded I wouldn't have as much.
  8. Today I Received

    Im trying to keep my Half Sov collection to London Mint else im going to get caught up in that hole aswel, for me I am going for high graded coins but the Mrs has managed to get pregnant somehow so maybe I will have to slow down
  9. Today I Received

    Todays Half sov
  10. Few more to change up

  11. completed Cheap silver coins at £14.59 new offer

    Im having them mate, just working so give me a chance
  12. Few more to change up

    Just had a look & no it has no mintmark so will be GB
  13. Few more to change up

    Sure Bosse, all items have arrived so when I send them tomorrow I will give you the total Can you PM me your address. Thanks