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  1. -9 in stock
  2. Will get this graded but think I am going for the standard label. Not a massive fan of the specials.
  3. £495 on Chards for preorder
  4. Can't afford it. Thats my reply [emoji6]
  5. 1 Piedfort for me too. Hopefully its a success for the future as I won't be flipping.
  6. £780 on Chards
  7. £95 cheaper on Rm than coinportfolio but I don't have a spare £800 atm & they do 0% finance. Oh well
  8. Any idea what time?
  9. Hi & welcome.
  10. If its a bullion design then I am out.
  11. Yeah, I have seen a few near misses whilst in the car & its generally a cars fault rather than the motorcyclist.
  12. Buy a notor home or invest. Bikes are killers
  13. So is this coming out on Monday then? Im sat on the beach wondering if I can get myself & stop all holiday things to get 1
  14. I would take 2 if it goes ahead with the same numbers I had this time