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  1. Hypothetical Question - Where do I sell my silver?

    @sovereignsteve I think the water in the tyne would melt anything thrown in @tbone I have been planning to pop along to some of the coin dealers in Newcastle to see what they have out of curiosity if nothing else. If I can pick up a few nice semi numis coins cheap in the process even better. @IamManchurian Very good attitude to have sir. Im in no rush to sell either not for another 25 - 3 years anyway
  2. Hypothetical Question - Where do I sell my silver?

    Cheers guys, some very interesting points from the both of you. Its certainly food for thought. It does look that if I was to buy silver bullion semi numis would be the way to go like Lunars rather than Brits. I font be buying in quantities that would worry me regarding CGT. As was stated I was going to get some silver now as come brexit I think we can dismount buying silver VAt free so I should get some while I can. So I guess I'll get tubes of silver until 2019 then buy gold sovs after that =)
  3. So, although the title says Silver this includes gold. I initially started stacking this year as a collector of silver bullion and proofs. I then started adding a few gold coins (full sov and quarter oz QB). I have since come to the realisation that selling all my silver will become a pain in the hoop when Im old and wrinkly as I have at most 2 or 3 of all sorts. So I'm planning on stacking for weight primarily silver (tubes of 25 when I can afford it) and gold (Sovs). My concern with stacking for weight though revolves mainly around the fact that if in 30 years time I have say a 1000oz of silver where is the best place to dump it? I was primarily hoping for a response from those located in the North East of England as if I did sell, I would want rid of it that day to preserve maximum spot price. I am of course assuming in my naivety that selling to a local business would be the fastest way but would it net me the most profit? I have been looking at silver prices from some local shops and if you take into account spot is at £13 an oz at time of writing the shops are paying between £10 and £10.50. To my mind not that great value if you are paying a premium on silver when made into coins and taking a hit when selling. What Im after is minimising the loss at sale time. Im planning on purchasing silver in tubes mostly for now in case we leave the EU and cant get Silver ex VAT from within Europe. So sorry for the ramble but that leads me to the question is selling locally the best option, do I use some other method I've not thought of? For the bonus question, should I buy closest coin to spot or pay a tad extra premium with the hopes I can sell on Ebay from tubes of 25 i.e Perth Lunars as well as the option to sell elsewhere. Any help and advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Flip silver for gold

    I considered doing this myself also. I was looking to buy a tube of Brits or Owls from GSBE and flipping them on Ebay but came to the conclusion also that its basically now worth it for the profits you would make. I came up with the second option that was also mentioned on here that Im going to do my research and wait for the next Perth Swan to come along and hedge my bets. So its just a waiting game for me..... I don't have anywhere near the cash you seem to have to play with but if I can make enough form sales to but even a few extra oz of silver form a tube thats a win for me. Im easily please
  5. New to Stacking and this is my plan:

    @BaldyBob Howdy, Im still here and still stacking. I have spent way more than I intended so far but Im enjoying it. I have somewhere in the region of 70 oz of silver, 2 quarter oz's of gold and about 8 proof silver brits and queens beasts. The QB series really got me to open my wallet up playing on pride in my nation. I seem to have been diverted down the collector route more than stacker. This is something I plan on rectifying by purchasing more Brits for weight at low spot prices. My thinking being that I want to keep my sets to hand over to my daughter and I can sell the silver brits in years to come at beneficial spot price rise as well as the gold sovs I collect. I still also have other coins such as dragon+phoenix and pandas etc that i will flip in a year or two.
  6. eBay Gambles

    Every once in a while karma smiles on you. Nothing wrong with expecting the worst but hoping for the best though.
  7. Britannia 1oz Proof vs Proof Set

    Thanks Kman, I agree after some thought, I can buy a proof Britannia + QB and still have some change left over vs 1 and 3/4 oz silver for a set.
  8. Hi, The title says it all, apologies if this has been covered before, as I'm going to start collecting a few proofs (Queens Beast's + Britannia) and the RM are not exactly known for being milk spot free I was curious to know if there were any ways to detect spots before they happen with the possibility of sending any back that look bad. I have read somewhere that halogen or LED light can show up spots. Is this right and are there any other methods? Thanks, Chris.
  9. Britannia 1oz Proof vs Proof Set

    Yeah, that would make sense.
  10. Britannia 1oz Proof vs Proof Set

    , I guess so! Why dont the sets gain much value, anyone know?
  11. Britannia 1oz Proof vs Proof Set

    Hi all, I've started collecting recently, all bullion. Im itching to start collecting a proof coin. I decided on the Britannia (nice coin and patriotic). So when the 2017 proofs hit I'm trying to decide on the 1 oz proof or the proof set of 6 coins. Looks aside, I'm thinking profit if I ever decide to sell which wont be for decades (if ever). Looking from a purely profit based stance I assume the 1 oz would be better to go for as you are paying a more significant premium on the set over the single 1 oz. I have to say I do like the 6 coin sets just because it looks better than a single coin. The problem is that it looks like the 6 coins sets don't gain in value that much compared to the singles. What are your thoughts from a financial / aesthetics point of view? Thanks Chris.
  12. 1/10 gold, what to buy?

    Thanks Roy, I was thinking of becoming a premium member.
  13. 1/10 gold, what to buy?

    @Micky9776 Thank you sir.
  14. 1/10 gold, what to buy?

    Ive only found Atkinsons Bullion to have anywhere near a varied collection for sale. Are there any other good sites in the European or UK to buy Sov's / Fractional good from?
  15. 1/10 gold, what to buy?

    That was my problem with Sovereigns, they dont really change. Why would someone want a 2010 version when they 2017 version looks the same?