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  1. Perth mint lunar series ii

    2018 yes, but there are 12 animals so it started in 2007. The year of the Pig is the last one i believe. OK, appears I was working off the year of release rather than the date on the coin the sorry....
  2. Perth mint lunar series ii

    I think next year is the last in the set for series 2.
  3. Air-Tite Coin Capsules, where can I buy them?

    Thanks all, I managed to get some caps thanks to Silverstan for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. 2018 China Panda design

    Am I the only person who thinks this looks like it was drawn by a 15 year old kid? Don't get me wrong, I like the pandas but its pretty poor in my eyes.
  5. Hi All, Does anyone have a 1oz Silver 1997 Britannia for sale by any chance? I just won one off Ebay only to find the right box and COA turn up but the bastard has swapped it for a 2009 in the hopes I would not notice. He didn't seem cut up about the fact the wrong coin was in and mysteriously didn't have one to replace it..... He has left me lamenting what could have been. If anyone has one or knows of any for sale could you let me know. Many thanks. Chris.
  6. Hi, At the title suggests, can anyone tell me where I can purchase official Air-Tite coin capsules (without the foam rings) in the UK? I was suggested coin gallery but they only sell lighthouse caps with foam rings. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a 2017 US anniversary britannia for sale that were commissioned by Goldco. Thanks, Chris.
  8. stepping up a gear

    You put forward a valid point sir.
  9. 1855 Oz sovereign

    1855 Oz sovereign..... I was think thats one big ass sovereign.
  10. stepping up a gear

    Yup, Id agree with that, I use minimum of 20 oz or 250 quid if there is something I'm desperate for from say GSBE. It really depends on if you are min / maxing the cost of everything including exchange rate and spot price. Though if you are doing that you could never buy.
  11. stepping up a gear

    Dude, that will cost me a fortune
  12. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    Proof QB Lion or the first Destiny round.
  13. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    I thought collecting was cool but there is nothing like dumping a tube of silver in your hands queue @sovereignsteve with the dump jokes
  14. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    Cheers guys, so I need to ditch the plastic tube at some point. @Kman I have faith in years to come they will be worth more than spot as collectors will always want to backdate. Look at the prices that 10 and 20 year old brits are selling for on Ebay. Not massive margins but you would want your head examined not to sell at those prices rather than spot (unless you wanted a quick sale). I live in the North East so its not too bad most of the time. I cant see 50C + temps being a problem really given Silvers melting point. I was more concerned with humidity but I've also been toying around with the idea of buying a shrink wrap machine and using mylar to wrap coins ( I was going to wrap tubes but that's now looking unlikely).
  15. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    These are the non- anniversary coins so no caps. Though they are cheap bullion in 20 years time I suspect I could flog them well above spot so want to keep them in good condition. Anyone else add to the safe being ok in a loft for long term storage?