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  1. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    I thought collecting was cool but there is nothing like dumping a tube of silver in your hands queue @sovereignsteve with the dump jokes
  2. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    Cheers guys, so I need to ditch the plastic tube at some point. @Kman I have faith in years to come they will be worth more than spot as collectors will always want to backdate. Look at the prices that 10 and 20 year old brits are selling for on Ebay. Not massive margins but you would want your head examined not to sell at those prices rather than spot (unless you wanted a quick sale). I live in the North East so its not too bad most of the time. I cant see 50C + temps being a problem really given Silvers melting point. I was more concerned with humidity but I've also been toying around with the idea of buying a shrink wrap machine and using mylar to wrap coins ( I was going to wrap tubes but that's now looking unlikely).
  3. So I bought my first full tube of Britannias....

    These are the non- anniversary coins so no caps. Though they are cheap bullion in 20 years time I suspect I could flog them well above spot so want to keep them in good condition. Anyone else add to the safe being ok in a loft for long term storage?
  4. I was curious to know if the tubes they come in are suitable for long term storage (decades)? Secondly I was thinking about putting a small fireproof safe in the loft and was wondering if that was a good idea or would there be problems with temperature in there?
  5. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Its Apple..... say no more.
  6. 2017 Silver Britannia Proof

    At first I thought it was shockingly bad. However after getting one in my had it moved up to acceptable. Lets face it its not a great design but it does stand out as something different I guess. Im a britannia fan so Im more easily pleased than most.
  7. Im of the opinion I want to know what I'm buying. If people are buying tubes its because the price is right. For all I know someone figured out how to counterfeit the seal and its a pile of crap inside. Open them up and throw them around they are cheap bullion. Have some fun and enjoy them On a side note. Are the plastic tubes you get bullion in from suppliers or mints suitable for long term storage?
  8. The Royal Mint signature gold service

    @darrol Even if that is true, there is always another war, financial crisis or terrorist attack around the corner unfortunately. Until we all earn to love each other gold will fluctuate up and down. Thats why you keep gold for years not months.
  9. 2017 10oz Queens Beasts Lion BULLION coin

    @Cornishfarmer Mine is fine so far, I've had it from release.
  10. Vacuum Packed Silver, anyone tried it?

    @JohnAnsink They do delay but do not stop tarnish. There is no way of stopping the inevitable, only delaying it.
  11. Vacuum Packed Silver, anyone tried it?

    @silversky Thank you very much for your input. I am really surprised how little attention this has gotten. Id have thought there would be more interest from lovers and haters of the idea. I have done a little more research today and it seems to be a Marmite subject. There are those that tried it and say their silver went cloudy and those that say it worked great. Of the ones who said their silver went cloudy they did not specify what material the bag was made of. Those that said it works great seem to suggest Mylar. Those textured Mylar bags are rather expensive thought they do look the part. Apparently there is a way to use the much cheaper non-textured bags and that is to cut a strip off a normal textured bag and place it between the flat mylar bag sheets and that will create enough space to remove the air. As the strip is after the heat sealer it wont get sealed with the bag. As I have my first ever tube of silver Britannias on the way I want to seal them up for 20 or 30 years then sell them I think I will give it a try with some single coins in a cap and leave it sealed for a month to see what its like.
  12. Anyone tried vacuum packing silver? Im curious to know if it works and if so what equipment would you recommend? Obviously my aim is to stop tarnishing over long term storage.
  13. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    @jssagu Hey, apologies for semi hijacking your thread, my thoughts on the subject are go for the proofs if you like them. I dont know if they spot but I would think you would be very unlucky if they did due to the quality control on proofs. The proofs sell out fast and you will make money on them over the years without fail. They also happen to be imho extremely sexy proofs.
  14. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    @fehk2001 Yeah I had heard that mate. I keep one of all my bullion in them just to stave off tarnish for my collection. The stacking silver just gets kept in tubes. Ive only been stacking about 9 months but so far the only things that look like they will eventually spot are my Somali Elephants. I have had other stuff that I bought second had but as stated above it was all frosted and I just used a cloth to remove them without any evidence they were ever there =)
  15. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    Yeah, if you sine across them rather than on top of them you start to see these spots regularly on bullion silver. Thats why I like frosted coins. I've bought Rwanda Wildlife coins with spots and tarnish cheap and used a polishing cloth on them and they look as good as new. Makes me wonder if mints such as the Canadians who seem to have adopted heavy frosting was in a bid to hide milk spots.