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  1. eBay prices vs current Silver price

    Jeez i count myself lucky I hitched a lift on silver when 13 per oz. Stackers, investors should consolidate worldwide into a lobbying body we seem to be one of the main purchasers of the stuff. No market manipulation without representation 😉!.
  2. silver price by 2020

    My Crystal balls say around £18.50
  3. Bitcoin vs Silver/Precious Metals

    A good time to pick up pm. Crypto s are ultimate lure for speccy & incognito loving money. Plus could be the Herald of a new way financial arrangements. Whether pension & investment funds get into them will be interesting to see. All about confidence. ( mutual emperor's New clothes or genuine peer to peer backing who's to say😉).
  4. New to the forum and looking for some help.

    Hey rich. Hi& Nice selection.
  5. What silver would you buy with £1000???

    I'd make the most of the privvy year, in selecting. Brits & poss half sov or two. Not a huge premium yet might be a value add even in a month or so. Then owls, I like the design plus extremely economical, then sit in a bunker with tin foil hat on and see how brexit mullers the price of everything. That really might let the genie out the bottle on metals.
  6. Bhutan lunar "series"

    He Absolutely is. I'm happy with my one.
  7. Silver has not been good to me

    Wouldn't be surprised. Or perhaps there's an element of everyones drunk themselves sober on fearmongering. Still they used to be very reactive to headlines, and now God knows what drives it.
  8. Silver has not been good to me

    One thing that's recently noticeable, gold & silver have become more unshockable in relation to global crisis. The state we are in, should be skyscraping by now😉. Whether that's a sign of maturity , or people are finding alternative safe havens who knows.
  9. Andy Hoffman says he's sold all his silver

    Unparalleled talent.
  10. Andy Hoffman says he's sold all his silver

    There's Only one Hoff worth listening to.
  11. Silver has not been good to me

    In the few yrs 2-3 i have been aboard with silver, the baseline price has risen steadily. Started circa 11 now around 13 near 20 %. So 6, 7 % per annum. Shows most accounts a clean pair of heels. Then there are the fast turn arounds. Unpredictable but normally pop up bi monthly or so, dividends of 50 % as routine are not unheard of. Then selecting a run of coins for longer term premium appreciation, quite enjoyable and there is enough a cadre of collectors to sustain for the foreseeable. Brexit looms for us brits potentially bringing a rise to in hand silver. Believe silver is ok as a reliable component for investment. There's always a moon shot possibility too. Doesn't seem so bad. Though there are more appealing speccy options right now.
  12. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    Yeah that's the one, um I recall seeing certificate on the spiel. I presume that equates to a coa. But that might carry specific meaning & in the light of the " proof like" standard certainly strongly advisable to seek informed clarification.
  13. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    I see some details on an hong Kong site. Apparently with coa. Finnish is proof like. Covers quite a lot of ground.
  14. As an aside, considering gold is more interwoven with currency would silver automatically rise if there is a big sea change in the way money is backed. Why should it?.
  15. Shouldn't think the fact of techno ways of using money would necessarily impact gold silver, if the whole fiat edifice underlying is business as usual. Even flowing more frictionlessly. Except there might be a nostalgia for more physical forms and that might benefit them.