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  1. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    I'm liking my poured stuff right now, some nifty skulls of various sizes. Perhaps bcos Halloween is coming up.
  2. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    These kind of spivvy antics make coins into fashion items, this season's must have coiture enjoying a twinkle in the limelight then onto the newest thing. Presuming pockets are deep enough😉. There is some soul in coins that have stood the test of time and carry history, also crafted with genuine artistry. But... Kind of like swans so might make an exception i imagine that's what they are relying on☺
  3. 4 oz silver banknote

    Think Shaun Oliver has some , don't know if they 4 oz
  4. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    All of the above, plus if you need some kind of additional reinforcement consider opening a specific account and deposit budget there. Religiously use for only shiney. Might be too much but will help sharpen focus and aid willpower.
  5. market manipulation true or false

    If the silver price ever ups to its supposed vallue, what are the knock on effect s. Will different commodities rise in relation to it. How will the system cope and compensate. And how serious a state will things have to be in for the rise to happen. Should we be investing in baked beans & portable generators. 😉. Or can it happen painlessly
  6. Kookaburra 2008 V's 2018.

    2018 reminds me of a thunderbird slightly. The legendary creature, not the jerry Anderson lot.
  7. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Well enlarge the principle to include them.
  8. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Once on buy it now eBay is indeed 30+. But after goldsilvebe is dry i think we'll get a truer picture of the price. And as it's a yearly series might be worth palming a few to coincide with the renewed interest when the following one comes. The completists will have more incentive then.
  9. Has anybody bought from or know....

  10. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Have one on the bay, bout an hour dizzying heights of £ 6.50. Mercurial prices.
  11. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Interesting, if any Mr Bigs wants to have a tickle i got three up at the moment reasonable rates, be there few days then the bay. ( monopoly get out of jail free card supplied with each order) There's something didn't realise till now still On gold be.
  12. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Blend of both strategies , seeing how a few fare now. And saving for their long term prospects.
  13. Three of each. 100 cedis & Falk brits with writing. 35.50 each. With capsules. Falks as issued with minor markings. Not really noticeable but mentioned for completeness. Postage 2.50 1-3 3.50 4-6 PayPal f& f easiest.