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  1. Picked up today from po. Extremely well packaged, liking it.
  2. Yes coming to that conclusion cheers. I got a load of guff about coins not allowed, had to trek to a different po where thankfully they are more on the ball.
  3. Anyone had experience of sending to India. Just had a mare getting a silver coin away there. Is there an easy way?. Used royal mail.
  4. Nice chilled Sol, hits the spot today. Duru is like a colonge mild lemon scent but cools the skin on contact.
  5. Lemon Duru spray, quick cooling relief. Not too pongy either😉
  6. A service for high value items might be a runner. Either their own courier service, or contract where staff can verify the cargo at the sending stage. Extra tenner or so be worth peace of mind. Good for trade too as flimflammers are combed out. Can definitely see a gap there.
  7. My just came today. It's good. There are apparently some that deserve the proof name😊.
  8. That's some luck mate😊. Yeah could be that way or i still think that once you get a decent one might fly. C an't be heaps of them about.
  9. Hopefully get my today. Now the cheaper outlets are dry, should get an idea of their value.
  10. You know, all these returns mount up. It's more than likely to affect the real terms mintage. Up the rarity level. I'd be interested in seeing the mints policy on re issue etc. But then again I'm starting to call these Freddy Krugerrands.
  11. Yeah, hope you score.
  12. Yep, need to listen to a lot of Nirvana to solve that. I might keep one unopened like Schrödinger s cat and have both a 70 and a pile of tat. Sending tomorrow at, 95 more likely to get new ones. Still I'm sure their real price will become know in a month or so when the markets dry.