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    Alex reacted to mongo28 in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    Chinese New Year is this weekend, this might keep the spot climbing! Especially with inflation concerns here in the USA...
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    Alex reacted to Jay2 in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    Oh no, someone gave positive feedback for this seller wrapping their husband's birthday sovereign... I hope it wasn't one of these play-doh beard ones.
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    Alex reacted to Jay2 in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    Young Elizabeth II looks more like Philip in a judge's wig.
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    Alex got a reaction from NRSovereign in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    Yes,but the George sovereign looks funny 
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    Alex reacted to 649tom in RM Queens Beast 5oz Lion Proof in Silver   
    Here I have for sale my precious Proof 5oz QB Lion. I love this beautiful coin but there's other coins soon to be released that I need to free up some cash for. I'm also looking to balance my silver/gold ratio a little better. 
    The coin has been locked away in storage in a clean and dry enviroment since the the day of purchase. It's free from spots/imperfections and the packaging is in mint condition. 
    I'm looking for £360 or near offer
    Please feel free to ask me and questions.

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    Alex got a reaction from JunkBond in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    Chinese holidays physical demand 
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    Alex reacted to augur in This MUST be a scam right?   
    If you look at the Krugerrand you will see that the beard does not start high up, so the Krugerrand is not genuine.
    Anyone who can read (or compile an eBay listing for that fact) would realise if they had 100g of gold or not.
    With 4oz of gold, the first think you do is not start a 99p eBay listing.
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    Alex reacted to sovereignsteve in C over rotated C?   
    It's a die crack. it starts at the edge, you can clearly see it the whole depth of the coin, goes through the T and then peters out toward the head.
    I've never seen one this obvious through the whole thickness of the coin before.
    It shouldn't have any effect on the value of the coin, which looks to be of a high grade.
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    Alex reacted to JCRJM in Today I drew   
    Just wanted to start a thread with some drawings I plan to do overtime when I get some spare time. I used to be pretty good but haven't drew in ages so my talents have went down hill. So gonna show here hopefully an improvement every so often and then topic will fit in with the forum. All drawings will be my take on any coins that have came out. If you wish to post drawings to of your take on coins Id love to see them. Some of my drawings including the first may be worse than others as its just for fun to come up with new ideas so any critique or feedback is welcome  
    Anyway here is one I started tonight when I came up with the idea to get the thread going. My (unfinished) take on the Britannia coin. Tried to make the shield look cool with the lines that are usually in the background of the Britannia design which didn't turn out well. The trident going behind the shield while she holds both. Side view was best for me as I'm not great at faces so the helmet done fine. The writing was hard to get correct maybe in future will change the way i done it on my drawing board with a protractor and compass. Recently liked the oriental border on the new 2018 Britannia and this is kind of where i got this idea from. Also see the bezel of some Rolex before looking like this with diamonds. So thought the border was cool going in and out all the way round so it wasn't just plain.
    So yeah will try and do at least one a week and might even sometimes do a better design than the real thing ( hmm the zombie dog). 

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    Alex reacted to PansPurse in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    Looking at the price chart for the last few years, I think silver and possibly gold are going to continue down this year (talking sterling only)
    First up silver:

    There was a bump 2016-17 but other than that it looks like a consistent down trend.

    Harder to tell. The $ chart looks more like an upturn but sterling gold price had a bigger jump in 2016-17. Reading the overall trend though it doesn't scream up but slightly down.
    So, there's my prediction, a good time to stack build and hodl.
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    Alex reacted to Stu in Rip off fitting charges.   
    You know your onions mate. @BackyardBullion , well someone had to😜
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    Alex reacted to swAgger in Today I bought.....   
    That's an impressive silver ounce-age in only two years. In a wide variety of the weights? I'm with you on the level of confidence in Perth stuff (the capsuled ranges). Whereas from other mints i am always more wary when checking. The difference is - Other mints: pleasantly surprised to find no faults, Perth: genuinely surprised to find faults.
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    Alex reacted to vand in Today I bought.....   
    Happy 2-year stacking anniversary to me!! I have not missed a month, and the spreadsheet now says 1395oz silver and 1.5oz gold.
    Added 38oz today, mainly Perth Mint stuff. I do love their coins, and will continue to stack their stuff heavily going forward. I was recently inspecting some of my the coins I have acquired, and IMO the Perth Mint stuff is by some margin the best. The designs are classy, I love the frosted finish on the Lunar coins, and all they come in plastic cases which offers another layer of protection. None of them have any blemishes whatsoever. 
    The other coins I love are Libertads, which imo are classically beautiful, but I have far fewer Libertads than I do Lunars and Kooks.
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    Alex reacted to BackyardBullion in European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!   
    Depends on the items - they also have a little bit of a price war at the moment, if you have an order in mind it is worth contacting the european mint directly to ask for a price match. Most of the time they can meet or beat GS.be prices. 
    You must also remember that GS.be are a huge company with an immense amount of buying power, so they can afford to sell their items at 1% or less profit margins. This is not possible for a lot of dealers out there. 
    The biggest difference (and in my opinion a deciding factor generally) is that GS.be have pretty sketchy customer services and use less than desirable couriers when delivering to the UK. Personally I have not encountered any issues but I know others have. European Mint offer much better quality of service and use much more reputable couriers. 
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    Alex reacted to mongo28 in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    Nearly 3 oz in the past month! Great minds think alike!
  16. Haha
    Alex reacted to Sovereign in Today I Received   
    Thank you  
    MS63/MS64 like pf69/pf70 
    can’t tell the difference in my opinion 
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    Alex reacted to Sal in Bars Photo Thread...   

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    Alex reacted to fehk2001 in Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin   
    yea, far east is doing hand make dragon pure gold 9999 , 3D  SOLID gold
    these are example below , and cheaper than perth mint per ounce premium , easy to buy as well 

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    Alex reacted to LiX in Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin   
    You can buy them from https://auragentum.de
    Their gold prices are cheaper than goldsilver.be and PayPal fee is only 1.9% compared to 4% of goldsilver.be.
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    Alex reacted to fehk2001 in Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin   
    Denomination: 1 dollar 
    it is a coin hence CGT free 
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    Alex got a reaction from mr-dead in Nephrite Jade Chinese Rat   
    My jade collection .I am not noob,trust me 

  22. Haha
    Alex reacted to mr-dead in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    Seems @nickslottery has joined to forum to spam bullioncoin
    2 posts, 2 bullioncoin hits.
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    Alex reacted to JCRJM in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    I hope your crystal ball is correct. I missed the sale of Wireless festival tickets so paid a fairrrr amount over to get one :/ 
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    Alex got a reaction from JCRJM in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    I would have done the same.Better to enjoy life that way 
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    Alex got a reaction from JCRJM in Will gold hit $1,500 this year?   
    You have time my friend.If my crystal ball is right it`s gonna be a bearish year