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  1. Good prices here's here seem very cheap to me, https://sdbullion.com/silver/silver-bullet-and-silver-shield-collection/silver-shield-micro-mintage-releases
  2. for sale

    The entire series looks great, but this first one had only 500 minted. There are a lot more of the rest of the series being minted. This means there will be a lot of incomplete collections looking for this first one.
  3. for sale

    2oz glow in the dark artificial intelligence with numbered COA. in display box mint condition number one in the series, only 500 minted. £300
  4. for sale

  5. for sale

  6. Bulk silver minted in tens of thousands or even more is not numismatic i mean eagles and maples are not even semi numismatics
  7. I wish there was an alternative to eBay with lower charges especially for silver. ebay is good for video games, kitchen stuff, shoes and bags, but there should be a better option for silver..
  8. Love that Han Solo
  9. 10k minted is not really rare, some big buyers could have hundreds each which they may dump into the market at one go
  10. But these have mintages in the tens or even hundreds of thousands not exactly rare?
  11. Those buyers paying hundreds, I wonder if they will make any profit themselves? and to think these are not even micro mintage, these are mini mintage or higher
  12. Yes it's collectors who sometimes pay the most
  13. Those buyers paying hundreds, I wonder if they will make any profit themselves?
  14. Transfer wise is great, and there are other is similar options now.
  15. Why is platinum cheaper than gold when it is far more rare is it because gold is considered money and platinum isn't? silver is considered money so should be valued higher that it is today
  16. There are a lot of those that are invested in the stuff that doesnt perform as well and then people think that we can't continue on or whatever. I was like them when I first started stacking which is why I only bought bulk 100 oz bars. Then I saw how premiums worked and realized that there was another aspect to the game.
  17. You can't argue with them, just pay the vat and be pleased you can get the silver in hand
  18. You want a little bulk gov silver and get some rare low mintage silver as well, under 1000 minted is rare, over 1000 is mini mintage
  19. There are also oz versions of these
  20. Just sounds like so much trouble to go to. there is a chance it gets through customs unmolested if you don't put the importation codes, so you have option one where you definitely pay 5% plus £8 customs fees, or option 2 where you may pay 20% plus the £8 with a chance of not paying anything at all if your package makes it through unmolested.
  21. Can you post pictures of the roster by hidi westweed? I can't find them anywhere, how where can you order them?
  22. Is it possible to make a proper auction system here on the silver forum?
  23. Hello, is anybody else here from Wales? im just getting into silver, and love the look of this forum. Josh
  24. BULLION vs NUMISMATIC vs SEMI-NUMISMATIC There is sometimes confusion about what defines these different classifications of coins or rounds. For the purposes of this discussion I will use the term “coins”. Bullion coins are purchased solely for their precious metals content, which will become more or less valuable according to the prevailing market price of the associated precious metals. Examples of well known bullion coins are American Eagles, Canadian Maples, and South African Krugerrands. They are purchased as an investment, as an inflation hedge, and for survival purposes. According to Merriam Webster, “Numismatics” means “the study or act of collecting coins, paper money, and medals”. Numismatic coins are essentially rare or valuable coins that have an external value beyond the base value of the precious metal. There are many factors that can add value to a coin to place it in the category of numismatics, but they are generally valued for being rare and collectible. Semi-Numismatic usually refers to limited issue bullion coins carrying a significant premium above spot and produced by various government mints. An example of a semi-numismatic coin are the variations of silver maples produced by Royal Canadian Mint. The standard issue bullion maple is the well known coin having Queen Elizabeth on the obverse and a Canadian Maple on the reverse. As previously noted, mintage is in the several millions in any recent year. The semi-numismatic versions of these bullion coins have different reverse images such as a series of nature scenes, birds, or other animals, with mintage limited to “only” one million each. They are typically issued at a premium of about a dollar higher than the maple bullion version, and due to their so-called rarity typically command a value of several dollars higher than their standard bullion counterparts after only a few years.
  25. Is it correct that the mintage has to be less than 1000 to be micro mintage? If there are several thousand minted then it's mini mintage? if there are over 10,000 then it's still small mintage co pared to the hundreds of thousands gov minted stuff. on a different note, there are stories going round the Queen is close to death, will all the coins with the Queens head on have to have Charles head on after she dies?