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  1. I thought silver shield were banned on the silver forum because they are too controversial? has the ban been lifted?
  2. Hello, is anybody else here from Wales? im just getting into silver, and love the look of this forum. Josh
  3. Why do you think they are not selling? They are, I'm very happy with selling on Facebook. I'm not the only one selling silver shield but I'm one of the cheapest by far, but I've almost run out now, and I'm not selling my personal collection. there are more and more good silver groups on face book and more people are getting into silver.
  4. Good prices here's here seem very cheap to me, https://sdbullion.com/silver/silver-bullet-and-silver-shield-collection/silver-shield-micro-mintage-releases
  5. I think it's incredible that we can have these anti establishment strikes made today, even the extremely controversial ones. back in Ancient Rome you would have been killed
  6. Take this strike for example, only several hundred released in the entire world. very controversial meaningful, offensive to the Rothchilds for sure. this is the sort of antiestablishment design that's gets people into stacking silver who never would have before.
  7. Who are you trying to convince? Everybody is different and it sounds like you and I are more different than most. it costs a great deal more per ounce to make micro mintage, if you make hundreds or even thousands then the costs go down per ounce, but so does the long term investment potential. lets agree to disagree and they are supposed to be offensive, that's the point, the more controversial the more attention and the value seems to go up in the silver shield shield guide. The guide prices are worked out by actual sales, as they get into stronger and stronger hands the values go up. Collectors looming for strikes they are missing in their collection have a hard time finding somebody who will part with such rare strikes. i like this post. These coins are almost mythical however due to their rarity it makes them a hardcore collectors coin which puts the value at what people will pay, it also means on the sell side I lack liquidity if I want to achieve the maximum price. This is true that if you want liquidity then cheap bulk silver is best, to get the most of micro mintage it takes time in the global market
  8. American and English spelling do differ, but silver is a global market and usually American English is the preferred most accepted. Even though it is anti Brittish message in the main, these design are antiestablishment on a global market. Democide, is referring to all governments who murder people for their own interests. facebook groups into silver stacking are the best way these days to get info and buy and sell for free. UK silver stackers are getting heavily into these antiestablishment controversial silver shield strikes. I love the fact that they are so rare only a few hundred micro mintage of each design. Far more potential for Numasmatic gains than less rare strikes from governments that are not even controversial or powerful. Most government strikes are so boring with no real message. Why would anybody want silver with the queens head on it, unless it looked like this..... With all the wiki leaks vault 7, this is a very meaningful controversial powerful design, it's the more powerful designs in micro mintage that end up being very sort after in The silver shield guide
  9. Lots of inexperienced people bring out that old chestnut, silver is silver. more experienced collectors who know the truth about Numasmatic silver would strongly disagree. its the experienced collectors that are interested in rare highly collectable very sort after silver strikes for the long term. If if you think silver is silver then just stack bulk silver at spot, the other option is to go for the premium silver which is the option I'm interested in for the long term.
  10. I just see mostly in your link copper strikes. Or the counterfeit Rob Grey cheap rubbish. These are not even mini mintage, they are still being produced in large numbers, no way they will have Numasmatic value over time. We are talking about genuine micro mintags silver reverse proofs. Or even the micro mintage BU like this one with the queens head on it. Try and find this one for less than £40 somewhere... Democide. Murder by government. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-oz-2016-Slave-Queen-Six-3-DEMOCIDE-License-to-Kill-Proof-Silver-Shield-/252713458238?hash=item3ad6e55a3e:g:y7sAAOSwImRYHOfB
  11. At first I thought you were talking about the high mintage government strikes, then I see you were talking about the micro mintage stuff. Each to his own, let's agree to disagree. If you look at the latest annual silver shield guide and the actual paid prices for the micro mintage proofs, you will see that a lot of silver stackers around the world also disagree with you..
  12. Trouble is government mints can't make antiestablishment silver strikes, they are the establishment that these designs are pointing out. its the really controversial powerful designs that end up fetching the highest values.
  13. This is an excellent new forum for micro and mini mintage collectors http://limitedsilverstrikes.freeforums.net Maybe it's small mintage yes, but that's not very rare.
  14. If mini mintage is serval thousand, then over ten thousand is not really rare. Some are advertised as only a hundred thousand minted, ha micro mintage is hundreds, and what if there is a popular very sort after silver strike that is part of a very popular series that has mintage of less than ten released in The entire world, this is called nano mintage. I know of one such coin, it sold of over 3000
  15. I'm sorry but so many silver stackers now want to avoid anything with the queens head on, that why I'm trying to get rid of anything with that old head on it, this is the only exception
  16. Funny that mouse does nothing for me, if it was spot price I wouldn't be that interested. i like highly controversial powerful antiestablishment highly sort after designs, that already have a huge following g from all corners of the world. Something that has a multi year guide released with guide prices based on recent actual sales.
  17. Tens of thousands is not rare, not even mini mintage. If it's a few thousand that is mini mintage, if it's less than several hundred then that true micro mintage. This is rare. if Perth mint did a good looking design without the queens ugly mug on the back that was truely micro mi gage then I would pay premium for them by the way here is an excellent new forum about truely limited silver strikes http://limitedsilverstrikes.freeforums.net
  18. These are not generic rounds, they are very rare. I do mi take numismatic far are better than government mint low mintage proofs, so called limited edition when there are thousands minted, not especially rare
  19. for sale

    The entire series looks great, but this first one had only 500 minted. There are a lot more of the rest of the series being minted. This means there will be a lot of incomplete collections looking for this first one.
  20. for sale

    2oz glow in the dark artificial intelligence with numbered COA. in display box mint condition number one in the series, only 500 minted. £300
  21. for sale

  22. for sale

  23. Bulk silver minted in tens of thousands or even more is not numismatic i mean eagles and maples are not even semi numismatics
  24. I wish there was an alternative to eBay with lower charges especially for silver. ebay is good for video games, kitchen stuff, shoes and bags, but there should be a better option for silver..
  25. Love that Han Solo