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  1. for sale

    The entire series looks great, but this first one had only 500 minted. There are a lot more of the rest of the series being minted. This means there will be a lot of incomplete collections looking for this first one.
  2. for sale

  3. for sale

  4. for sale

    2oz glow in the dark artificial intelligence with numbered COA. in display box mint condition number one in the series, only 500 minted. £300
  5. Bulk silver minted in tens of thousands or even more is not numismatic i mean eagles and maples are not even semi numismatics
  6. I wish there was an alternative to eBay with lower charges especially for silver. ebay is good for video games, kitchen stuff, shoes and bags, but there should be a better option for silver..
  7. Love that Han Solo
  8. 10k minted is not really rare, some big buyers could have hundreds each which they may dump into the market at one go
  9. But these have mintages in the tens or even hundreds of thousands not exactly rare?
  10. Those buyers paying hundreds, I wonder if they will make any profit themselves? and to think these are not even micro mintage, these are mini mintage or higher
  11. Yes it's collectors who sometimes pay the most
  12. Those buyers paying hundreds, I wonder if they will make any profit themselves?
  13. Transfer wise is great, and there are other is similar options now.
  14. Why is platinum cheaper than gold when it is far more rare is it because gold is considered money and platinum isn't? silver is considered money so should be valued higher that it is today
  15. There are a lot of those that are invested in the stuff that doesnt perform as well and then people think that we can't continue on or whatever. I was like them when I first started stacking which is why I only bought bulk 100 oz bars. Then I saw how premiums worked and realized that there was another aspect to the game.