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  1. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Doesn't your worthless FIAT buy you your Crypto to buy you your PM?
  2. wanted Wanted - 2017 Rwanda Lunar Rooster Gold

    I'd be interested to hear what you're willing to pay..........
  3. New member, looking for advice

    99% of new release won't do very much, it's mostly guess work whether or not they become a hot ticket item. I see i have a message from you Phillip
  4. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Not sure why you'd want for issue price, weren't these going to be the best of the bunch? I don't see Rwandan Roosters at issue prices nor the original 2017 Sovs, prices rise with demand yet i don't think anyone bit the sellers hand off to buy any of them. So i assume when you come to sell (whenever that may be) all your coins will be sold for issue prices?
  5. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Wasn't there someone on here selling a fe STOD Sovereigns, surprised you never went and bought some more
  6. How to invest 5000€

    Silver to go and Coininvest are much more expensive, if you want to happily throw money away then it's a good move, if not, try gold.de to price compare, but don't just look at the actual price, check the total price for the coins you want to invest in............On picture 1 here you would see that Sparing Edelmetalle is €24,47 shipped for a Philharmoniker where as silver to go and coin invest in the 2nd picture are way down that same list at €27,10 and €28,11 respectively, so if he were to take you advice and buy from any of those 2 he's be losing €3,64 if he were to buy one coin from silver to go and €2,63 if he were to buy from coin invest. Price always wins in this game, or else you're just throwing money away, regardless of customer service, i want coins at the best possible price
  7. Last song you heard?

    Definitely a great tune.......
  8. Today I Received

  9. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    I thought he gave his review a few pages back already, so if he’s not buying how can he review something he doesn’t have in the hand? Is his yes it’s great or no it’s bad a deal breaker before a decision is made?
  10. Possible Source for Coin Collectors

    Agree with the above sentiment. High price junk is what most numismatic collectors wouldnsay about this place, although, they did get their claws in Mckenzie Crook I think his name was, their most high profile client.
  11. Half Sovereign Price guide

    It’s hosted on Issuu and I don’t think a download is possible from there.
  12. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Just another piece of pimping IMO, they’ll eventually water it down like they did with the 2017 proof. I’m out
  13. Half Sovereign Price guide

    It does say Jubilee head, nothing more, but in more detail on the type
  14. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    Not entirely sure, but is banxico.org the bank or the mint? If numistacker in conversation with the Pat (mexican mint broker) states the bank figure is the accurate one then we'll be one step closer, but as i said, i'm not sure who banxico.org is