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  1. The Elizabeth is 1578/7 but fairly common, , the George II has been cleaned and a LIMA, but they are also common, also for the George I SSC, there is one variety of these where the SS is minted over a C in the 1st quadrant but even so the grade is still low, i'd be looking to pay between £75 and £90 for all those 3, the Frenchie i've no idea
  2. Yes, unfortunately it's not perfect. I had phoned the dealer on Monday asking where it was because i had sat patiently for 7 weeks without hammering his door down. He actually had just received them that day but also said the US Mint had recalled them for quality issues, i'm thinking they may have had the same transportation problems as the Silver Krugs because the coin was packed separately outwith the coin case
  3. Scratches at the back of the neck , it is high relief
  4. So i received my new $20 Liberty head after 7 weeks of waiting, but she's going back
  5. Yes, sounds like they are quite difficult to get a 70 on these for some reason. The PCGS Paris grading week is on end of next month, so they'll be heading alsonh there
  6. No one knows what will happen until discussions have taken place. There's lots on the agenda, so lets no get ahead of ourselves, hopefully there will be a trade deal between al countries, if not, then you can hit the big red panic button
  7. In Munich last year we had the same conspiracy theories about a shooting that took place just 500 meters from where i live. People were throwing all sorts about, walking past a corpse with a bullet hole in his head puts it all into perspective. There is a lot of theories about a lot of BS that is going on around the planet, of course i don't believe everything is real, including what happened on 9/11 or the fact that they shot Osama Bin Laden and threw his body in the ocean. Osama is either in Guantanamo Bay or sitting on some paradise Island surrounded by bikini clad women all paid for by ex president Bush, but to just throw him in the water without any actual video/picture evidence that he is dead and to proudly display their trophy to show the rest of the terrorists that they can find you anytime anywhere just doesn't wash with me.
  8. Sone did, some didn't, those that didn't want to pay the RM price, i liked the coin so just bought it regardless. Looking forward to the Unicorn though
  9. Today i bought 5x 1oz Proof Rwanda Roosters (7 in the picture, 2 had been sold) and 5x 2oz Lunar II Monkies a few days back
  10. I paid €140 for mine and thought it was high
  11. Looks like NGC are dishing out 70s willy nilly for the big boys start at 3:49. Just to remind people that any 70 grade and the coin should be flawless
  12. Pricing in dollars because they're not really that popular this side of the Atlantic and using the Apmex pricing as a guide
  13. I think the best thing is before running away is asking what he's be willing to sell for, but the big bullion dealers get these things graded en mass and add premiums for MS70s, i think they're around $60 or so each, unslabbed i think about $20 or so, i could be wrong but if the seller is looking for north of $20 a coin i really wouldn't bother, the coin isn't worth the slabbed premium
  14. All common, if you try to sell these back to places like Apmex they'll offer 50% of the spot price, i'd honestly steer clear
  15. I think GSBE are much cheaper for their product, as an example STG Britannia 2017 €18,75 a coin and GSBE €17,77 a coin, so quite a large saving per coin