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  1. Still haven't seen any of the 3 i bought, 1 in the US of A and the other 2 around an August delivery time Looks really nice though, is it slightly concaved or is it just how it looks on the picture, REV, the rim looks quite high
  2. What is SP?
  3. Apparently they do or else they wouldn't swap out COAs
  4. A BU coin can't have a PF grade, well, yes it can if the grading company don't know what they have in their hands, which means they don't do any research on the coin.
  5. Regardless what NGC class it as, everyone knows it's a BU coin.
  6. I'm not sure a printing error brings a premium, a strike error yes
  7. Are you looking for secure storage or just storage in general?
  8. for sale

    I don't doubt you, it just makes things easier when I have to ask about the 19% tax that he's added in the 2 gold coins I bought from him. Instead of emails and phone calls I can get on the ubahn and go there personally, I just didn't realise he was in Munich and a couple of digits postcode away from me.
  9. for sale

    @Silverstackeruk would you believe that the guy who runs silber-sammler is probably 15mins away from me 🙄 I never even heard of him until you bought your panda. I will be taking my receipt to his door now and asking about this 19% tax he's charged
  10. No Kman, I created the post about the Sov and you joined in. I believe you listed the Sapphire sovereign in a list of coins you have bought, I believe that list was added when we were all talking about the 1817 strike on the day and that's when I asked you about it and the thread I linked where you said it was overpriced. You went a little sheepish saying you had bought afterwards. Anyway, its water under the bridge.
  11. overpriced I think you said. I added my part. But I should thank you , I gave the heads up, you said overpriced then bought it, not even a mention on the thread that it may have been a good buy, so big 👍🏾 for that.
  12. They'll drip feed the coins to maximize the price
  13. for sale

    So $486 is roughly €419. Ok, I'll drop it to €350 and that's a nice hit on my part.
  14. for sale

    Maybe @Numistacker can advise a bit.