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  1. If the 5oz bar is easy to come by then sell it, especially if it doesn't have a sentimental value...
  2. Today I Received

    Glad you liked the Unicorn!
  3. Today I Received

    1899 & 1902 $5 Gold Liberty BU
  4. Funny as my guess is ball parking it at 5784...
  5. Today I Received

    1915 Sovereign BU, beautiful coin! Sovereigns are growing on me like the $5 Liberty's...
  6. Got Buffalo’s ?

    Very nice!
  7. Today I Received

    2018 Silver Swan (5) 2012 1/10oz Gold Eagle 1886-S $5 Gold Liberty BU Mail man was busy today
  8. For Sale: 2018 Silver Swan Proof PF70 & PF69

    SOLD!!! Thanks
  9. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Yup that's the cash price when I purchased, credit card or PayPal was $37.×× Turns out I was right with the price jump!
  10. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Picked up 5 at $37 each via PayPal... This price is already $17 above the original price offering for the 2017 Swan... And the silver spot price is very similar... Wait and see.. I still couldn't pass this up as last year the priced jumped 3x the original price within the first 12 hours. It's a gamble none the less...
  11. For Sale: 2018 Silver Swan Proof PF70 & PF69

    Price update, reduced to $239 shipped. Thanks
  12. For Sale: 2018 Silver Swan Proof PF70 & PF69

    PF69 is sold!
  13. Today I Received

    2018 Silver Swan PF70 & PF69 with Early Release designation and Flag label. (Also for sale)
  14. I have one of each available with the Early Release designation. They come with all original mint packaging including the COA. $149 shipped for the PF69. SOLD $239 shipped for the PF70 If interested please PM. Thank you
  15. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Just checked NGC Population report, only 158 PF70 and only 1 PF69... I have to laugh as I believe I'm the only PF69 at the moment. Lol But at least I have 2 PF70's...