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  1. Not Metal, but cool... 1917 and a 1928...
  2. Good luck with the 10oz, they seem to be a 50/50 shot. I'll eventually send in my 5oz Pandas Proofs for grading once I give them a good look over...
  3. Yeah I already have 2, they will grade at MS69 at best... I will have to gamble on more down the road with some of the Silver profits shortly...
  4. @pampfan now if I can only get a hold of the 1/4oz Griffin in MS70 I'll be good to go...
  5. These came in the mail today, the Queens Beasts took forever to find but finally got it in MS70. Only 33 the last time I checked and only 3 with this label. And my first batch back from NGC resulted in 3 MS70 2017 Silver Stock Horses, I sent in 5... The other 2 are MS69...
  6. If anyone is looking for the Silver 2oz Lion in MS70, one just became available for a cheap $550 on ebay... About $150 lower than I've seen these... If I didn't already have one I'd pick it up.
  7. I'd send that to NGC, PF70 looks to be a good investment. Even an MS69 would increase the value of the coin! Especially being as rare as it is... If you don't have 4 other gold coins to send, have@Numistacker it for you.
  8. My guess is a 1 time release kind of like the Isle of man coins with different American/British figures...
  9. The same reason why all my "attached" photos are sideways... The forum has a glitch when uploading from a phone...
  10. EBay bucks put to good use before the rush on the 2oz Monkeys. I already had one from last year but didn't have anything else in my bullseye... And you can t go wrong with another 1/10oz gold Eagle...
  11. withdrawn

    That's a nice price too!
  12. Funny I started a thread on the 2oz monkey 2 days ago and no one responded.
  13. Here
  14. 1/10oz 2016 Koala
  15. 5 Stock horses arrived