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  1. Did they only claim to have two in stock? wonder if anyone else was refunded.
  2. Lucky dip from Atkinsons...
  3. Thats exactly what I say to my partner lol, she gets sick of hearing the same thing every year haha. She understands the value etc but doesnt appreciate them like I do.
  4. If I bought anyhing like that I couldnt give it away
  5. Or bring the Soveriegn back as legal tender. Your 2017 Soveriegn Proof is now worth a quid
  6. These are the A16 air tite capsules so will hold any coin 16mm or smaller. I stored 1/10 Gold Maples inside. The tube can fit 20 capsules. These air tites are very good quality, bought direct from air-tites.com. The capsules have never been opened. Last picture shows what the coin looks like inside. Not included £10 + p&p of your choice. Paypal F&F or BT only please.
  7. Just think, in a few years we'll be asking to reserve the number 504750 lol
  8. Wonder if these will be the new 2017 Proof Sovereigns
  9. I'll take 5 & 6 please.
  10. Is it possible to do a gravity test with Sovereigns?
  11. completed

  12. for sale

    But how do you know the coin you buy from ANYWHERE has the correct cert with it? I'm sure the RM dont care which cert is given to which coin.
  13. What coins do you stack now then Steve