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  1. Got a tube of theses just a stacking coin like most silver coins about 4 have marks out of the 20 wouldn't pay much of a premium on any silver coin with the risk of them spotting the mints gotta sort it out
  2. 😄 pretty sure there real tryed the magnet test and brought from a shop
  3. After reading about this I decided to have a look at my silver coins and one my Britannia 2016 has milk spots but the rest seem fine, I have 10 maples from 2013 that are all fine but a coin nearly a year old already has them, after reading on here seems such a hit and a miss to get theses and makes me not want to buy silver coins that's prone to this for now on.
  4. Yeah I will see tomorrow how it is thanks
  5. Yeah I was just thinking that as I posted but do you think it will be better to buy tmw as the price of silver has droped? Only placed one order with goldsilver before and ain't really seen the prices drop as ain't know about it for long
  6. Hello now to the forum but been looking here for some time I had a question about goldsilver.be and is it the cheapest to buy the 1oz pandas 2017 ?and the silver price is dropping but for the last drop to kick in on the site do you have to wait till tomorrow? As I don't think the site is live with the prices.