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  1. Today I Received

    Got a bunch of fractional libs courtesy of @StackSellRepeat and 10 walking liberty half dollar's courtesy of @BackyardBullion after a massive @#$% up from the post office 🤣 also had a few Kennedy's and Franklin's last week from @MikeSol so nearly filled tubes of each 👍
  2. wanted 2017 1oz silver bar

    Have you thought about asking @BackyardBullion if he has any 2017 left ?
  3. Today I bought.....

    I'm with you on these numi I think i will be adding some as well
  4. Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    Wow haha well you will be able to to put on eBay now as rare miss/slabbed 2p £500 buy it now 🤣
  5. Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    Maybe @Numistacker may have an idea on how the cross grade might fair on these but they are nice coins 👍
  6. "Random Year" Coins

    I've had two different orders on random year / lucky dip on silver the first was on 10 silver eagles all year 2017 and on a group order of 5 libertad all 2009. So I think it really depends on what the dealer has and wants to move on
  7. Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    I think this privi would be a perfect fit for the RM lunar zombie dog 🤣
  8. Is this complete to date or are they not bringing the 12th coin out and it's going to be a 11 coins set ?
  9. completed Kooks and koalas

    Price reduction from £85 to £80 and SD at cost. Will be withdrawn tomorrow at 5pm
  10. Stacking old British Silver

    That would be brilliant I will go though the folder now and pm you 👍
  11. Coin Rings

    Good luck and will be waiting for the results as this fascinates me and I would also love to try my hand at it but it'shaving the time 👍
  12. Stacking old British Silver

    Same here I have just completed date runs in .500 (1920-1946) in halfcrown,florin/2 shillings, shillings,6d and 3d apart from the 1927 florin that was only in proof and goes for £120+ and there was some years the 3d was not minted and only one known 1945 3d survives to this day. But would like to find some better example's of some
  13. mispriced or just rediculass?

    Yes they do 👍but apart from there over priced lion they are not to bad seen else were for about £60
  14. Hi and welcome @PuraPlataPura I absolutely love the libertad's myself as well and have to date the whole date run on 1oz bu silver from 1982-2018 As well as a few proofs and fractionals I have to done a few vids on them so I will pop over to your channel soon and have look 👍
  15. mispriced or just rediculass?

    That's on silver to go isn't it and they have had that price on there for a few weeks now