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  1. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

    They look great BYB will have to remember the release date lol
  2. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    I'm sure I've seen the 2008 on goldsilver.be have a look and get in on the group order but not seen the 2009
  3. Mine turned up today but away for a few days so will collect from PO on Friday thanks @backyardbullion
  4. for sale Various silver

    1890,1889 £21 posted(cleaned) Is that price for both coins ?
  5. What a nice unboxing that is going to be
  6. I can't wait for your video already@backyardbullion and wow what a lot of silver to go through can't wait to get mine thanks again BYB for doing this once again
  7. I think it's going to be one hell of an unboxing video can't wait for it neither again thanks BYB
  8. Awesome thanks@JSILVER pm is on its way soon to@backyardbullion
  9. I picked up 2 from STG a few months ago and after a little saving and tips from work was going to grab the roll might see what the price does in the next wwwk and get them from STG
  10. completed 2011 1 oz Libertads

    @PolarPanda what years are you looking for as I have a few double's in my collection that I would swap out for years I need if interested pm me
  11. Funny you should say that I was just looking at the same thing as wanted to get a roll of them
  12. I got the email yesterday about it and had my eye on a couple of .500 crowns and a good price (small purchase I know) but I was half expecting someone else to grab them as my work Wi-Fi was really slow but got them in the end lol
  13. for sale Pre 1947 coins Spot price delivered.

    Picked up from the post office yesterday and all good thanks
  14. And that's lucky I get home from work tom [emoji16]