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  1. I'm with @prophet800 here I've had a sov and silver off @oliversw5 and the service was top notch 👍
  2. for sale 100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar

    Wow but I'm sure this would sort out @mr-dead's silver goal for the year 🤣
  3. I thought as much but just a question that had not been raised and I think the optional service charge should be doubled on this one 👍
  4. With gs.be saying that they are going to deliver in two separate deliverys are you @BackyardBullion to keep hold of it all until all is received then post out when all orders are complete to keep Mrs BYB's work load to a minimum. Just a question that has not been asked yet but I know one thing this is going to be one (maybe two or three) hell of a unboxing videos
  5. Todays unexpected pick up...

    These are my bu circulation ones @SilverSkipper pm on way
  6. Todays unexpected pick up...

    Good price for that and I'm sure I could I will dig them out later and pm you a pic and then will go from there 👍
  7. Todays unexpected pick up...

    Proof as well very nice I've got about 5 bu circulated ones in good nic what did that set you back if I may ask?
  8. Where are we at with this order will they be coming with the group order or at a later date?
  9. Anniversary somali Elephant

    @BackyardBullion payment sent sorry it took a while but I had to try and get my beauty sleep but just looked in the mirror and it hasn't worked 🤣
  10. Anniversary somali Elephant

    That's absolutely fine and thanks just let me know when you want payment by my friend
  11. Anniversary somali Elephant

    Put me down for one please my friend also I did notice that gs.be have got the 2018 lib on pre sale for April as well so that should tie in good for that order or would you require payment before hand
  12. 10p Coins

    I got a dispatched email today also but I've only got two folders and a few other bu coins I thought it will be better to hunt the coins with my kids to fill them
  13. Today I Received

    If you don't mind how much did you pay for this?
  14. Today I Received

    Nice find at a car boot 👍