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  1. 1919 - 1920 50% or Sterling & Gothic Unboxing

    All the coins shouldhave the dates on them for you to see what you have. Also yes you are right on the dates pre 1920 is sterling silver. 925 and pre 1947 is .500 silver
  2. Is a coin worth its face value?

    Indeed a very good idea all I could possibly guess is the the RM could not cope with the amount of returnsthey were getting on the coins hence not making nothing themselves out of it
  3. Is a coin worth its face value?

    There was an article not so long ago in the papers that one man who took out an air miles style credit card linked it up to the RM and was buying thousands of pound's worth of the 100 for 100, 50 for 50 etc coins then taking them to the bank to cash them in to pay the fee on the card but still keeping the air miles then not long after that the RM sent a memo to banks etc telling them not to accept as legal tender
  4. Silver Deals.....

    They got most bu libs apart from the 1988 that I'm after ☹
  5. I'm after a 1988 1oz bu silver libertad pm me pics and price then can go from there
  6. Today I received.....

    The postman brought me this today 1998 1oz bu silver libertad only need one now to complete the date run 😀the specks are in the protective package but just a little nic above pura
  7. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Is yours the account ending in **** as there was not a lot in there 🤣
  8. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Just opened it up and all fine I run android must be an apple issues??
  9. Damn Canadian Mint!

    I only have one Canadian maple now the rest I had I sent to @SilverStan and he melted them into a nice 4oz loaf bar that was when I just started stacking now the same as you @PolarPanda I stay away
  10. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    Thanks for your response I thought it would be something like that but just wanted to ask the question and that way new members can see as well to work out what would be best for them but as I said I've used you a few times and always a good service thanks
  11. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    This question is for @coininvest I have used your sister company STG a fair few time's and always had a good service and I've always seen your announcements on new releases for coins but then a lot of other members then will always look for a better deal from another company or join a group order from Belgium so is there anything you can do (being active members of this forum) for the members of the forum to be more competitive or beat other prices even by a few £/€ just to bring a bit more business your way. I understand if you couldn't but what's the harm in a question.
  12. Today I received.....

    Through the post today was my 1999 1oz bu silver libertad only 95k mintage a couple of dinks but got for a very good price only 2 more to go in the date run set now
  13. That could just be reflected light of the camera as I've not heard of a hologram one being released
  14. Today I received.....

    My 2 silver forum/ BYB 100g bars just come through the post and I could not be happier 😁 with them thanks to all involved