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  1. I have a large collection of the series and currently have lots with Numi for grading . Lovely coins although I have sold 10 of my 2016 Rabbits as the sell on price hit £600. Selling Tiggy Winkle and Nutkin PF 70 graded on EBay . Squirrel Nutkin SILVER 50P NGC Graded PF 70 COA #100 http://r.ebay.com/FFxS3O
  2. Absolutely atrocious- I am both saddened and disappointed looking at those pictures. What on earth is the Royal Mint playing at? The Royal Mint was the pinnacle but now the laughing stock.
  3. I have sent 15 for grading with "Numi" in May, see his video. All good no milking . I have 2016 Nutkin, Puddleduck and Tiggy all at NGC PF 70 for sale. I'm on EBay as the-50p-man .
  4. Lovely
  5. Safe flight Captain - looking fwd to seeing how all my Silver 2017 Rabbits , Nutkin and Puddleduck grade.
  6. I have found last years Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter offerings to serve me well. I am hoping the same for this years. I have a number of the Tiggywinkle and Squirrel graded