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  1. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    You good always get one on the group order through backyardbullion, goldsilver.be has the 2017 in stock.
  2. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    Especially the 2016 first in the series, i think that will do well in the future
  3. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    They are a great looking coin, i dont own any yet, but may consider getting them in the future.
  4. completed 1981 1/10 Krugerrand

    Just about to buy it
  5. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    I think the elephant series began in 2004
  6. for sale Silver for sale

    Ok no problem
  7. for sale Silver for sale

    Dont suppose you have another 2008 kookaburra?
  8. for sale 1/10 gold **112 Delivered/Ea**

    Ok I have that year, thanks for replying.
  9. for sale 1/10 gold **112 Delivered/Ea**

    What year is the roo?
  10. Today I Received

    Received today a 2018 1/10th Kangaroo, nothing to exciting
  11. Would of been nice to actually acknowledge my interest in purchasing one of these, obviously you have been online so you must of seen the messages. Anyway manage to get one from another member. Thanks for nothing.
  12. terrible customer service

    Exactly what i said earlier, its just gone out of hands
  13. The 2018 Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin

    Will be getting the 1/10th Kangaroo
  14. terrible customer service

    Yes it should, as he's sorted the deal with Atkinson's now, nearly everyone has had their say, what more is there to say on the topic??