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  1. 2017 Half sovereign came today, 1/4 Oz queens beast last week. I want more.
  2. Ok, number 86 please. Thanks
  3. Also can I reserve number 99 please, so two bars please. Thanks
  4. Can I reserve number 100 please
  5. Hi, could anyone give me a rough idea on how much this is worth if i sold it? Thanks
  6. Ron, who prefers not to reveal his last name, said he has no plans to sell any more of his gold.
  7. I've only just recently bought the coin and only just noticed these marks.
  8. Hi, quick question, i see a few spots on my 1/2 oz tiger, just wanted to know are these milk spots appearing? Thanks
  9. Yes it came in a Lunar capsule, i'm going to buy more accurate scales to 0.01 instead of 0.1 and redo the gravity test. Thanks to everyone on here for their opinions and help, very much appreciated, Seems like a very helpful forum
  10. I bought the coin of eBay, and I know people say not to buy from there unless it's a well known seller, but I took the risk and yes it's only a 1/2 Oz. Also I will take good care of them now you mentioned about it. Here is another photo, hard to take a good one with a phone.
  11. I did the gravity test, just to make sure i did this right, the coin weighs 16.1 grams, then in the water the coin weighed 1.6 grams then divide that which is 10.06. My scales are only accurate to 0.1 and not 0.01 does that matter?
  12. Ok Thanks will try that, but here are some photos of the coin
  13. I tested it and its diamagnetic, its just the weight that seems to bother me, i know they say give or take .2or3 grams, but this coin is .6 grams heavier, should i be concerned?