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  1. completed Fractional Gold

    Theres a 1/20th lunar snake from Atkinson's at £75 with free delivery. Bit closer at around £48 a gram
  2. Quick question, when you decide in the future to sell your coin series, e.g Lunar series, Queens Beasts once its complete, or any other, would you be selling as a complete set or individual coins, and what do you think would be most profitable?
  3. Today I Received

    Probably making them in the back of his shed [emoji23]
  4. Today I Received

    What a lovely sight
  5. You need to state a price
  6. Today I Received

    Yeah i have seen that, cant afford that at the minute with xmas and stuff. But maybe ill get the 2018 on the group order next time.
  7. Today I Received

    I think I need to start collecting these after xmas, i love the design and also maybe collectable im a few years time.
  8. Perth mint lunar series ii

    Here is the order for lunar 2 2008-mouse 2009-ox 2010-tiger 2011-rabbit 2012-draggon 2013-snake 2014-horse 2015-goat 2016-monkey 2017-rooster 2018-dog 2019-pig
  9. Queens beast unicorn bullion

    I knew they buy from the public but wouldn't that be in the ''pre-owned" section not "new" unless they found more stock. Who knows.🤔
  10. Queens beast unicorn bullion

    Lol i don't need 4. I only mentioned it as i just thought it was abit strange how they had none but got 4 now, so where would they of got them from?
  11. Queens beast unicorn bullion

    I checked that yesterday after watching shadow stacks video and they never had any, now they do, but they only have 4 in stock.
  12. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    You good always get one on the group order through backyardbullion, goldsilver.be has the 2017 in stock.
  13. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    Especially the 2016 first in the series, i think that will do well in the future
  14. somalian 1/10 gold elephant

    They are a great looking coin, i dont own any yet, but may consider getting them in the future.