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  1. Does anyone know another source where you can buy all the different sizes besides goldsilver.be? I want to buy them all lol 2017 appears to be the year of first releases lol
  2. Hi fellow stackers, I have noticed that goldsilver.be is selling 2, 5 and 10 oz Somalian elephants. Is the mint bringing out different sizes (besides the kilo) elephants from this year on or have I just never seen the 2 oz elephants? they look good!
  3. completed

    Sold for €118 ;-) this one is complete thank you!
  4. completed

    No it is not the proof version. I can't seem to Find a way to post picture of it. If you want i can sent them to your email.
  5. completed

    no this is not the first silver Krugerrand that has been struck. this is the first year they bring out silver krugerrands. Sorry if that wasn't clear!
  6. completed

    Hi there, I have for sale the very first silver 2017 krugerrand 1 oz coin with certificate! I am open for bids but it will be sold right away for the price of €120 including shipping. I will be getting more coins soon and if this one won't be sold by that time I will sent this coin alongside with some others off for grading :-) picture will be online by tonight!
  7. completed

    This piece is traded! The mods can close down this threat
  8. completed

  9. completed

    UP i am open for an offer
  10. completed

    Here by the pictures. The markings for example on the queen's face is on the capsule. If you hold the capsule to it's side you can see it is clearly on the capsule. There are no major scuffs or damages to the coin itself. A very popular coin and design!
  11. completed

    For sale a beautiful 10 oz kookaburra from 2008. The kook won't get an ms70 if graded but a good grade it definitly Will get! asking price is €325 including shipping to Europe. Pictures Will be uploaded (hopefully) tonight when i Find out how to do that. If you have any questions than I will happily answer them!