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  1. for sale

    1/4 oz QB lion sold
  2. for sale

    1/4 oz QB lion back on the market, open to serious offers
  3. for sale

    1/4 oz QB on hold
  4. for sale

    The Rooster proof is sold!
  5. for sale

    Also open for a good offer and open to trades
  6. for sale

    Hi fellow members, Hereby I am offering for sale 3 graded coins. They can be bought seperately. I have here a 1 oz proof Rwanda rooster pf69, a BU Rwanda rooster ms69 and a beautiful ms70 Queen's Beasts lion 1/4 oz gold. The pf69 can be bought for €150 The ms69 can be bought for €60 The ms70 can be bought for €450 If you have any questions please contact me. They don't have to go, only for a good price
  7. I like the coin but i would only be interested in tops €22. The price is (already) too high for me
  8. for sale

    Up for this great piece:)
  9. for sale

  10. for sale or exchange

  11. for sale or exchange

    I PMed you
  12. for sale or exchange

    Hi, Yes i still have the coin.
  13. for sale

    Hi there, Up for sale this magnificent 5 oz proof panda from 2016. Coin was never been taken out of the box or it's capsule by me. asking price €220 ex shipping of your choice. Any questions will be answered for as long as it is about the coin
  14. for sale or exchange