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  1. for sale 1 oz proof nautical Santa Maria silver

  2. for sale 1 oz proof nautical Santa Maria silver

    Up, also open to offers
  3. Hi fellow forum members, I have here the beautiful and popular Nautical Santa Maria proof 1 oz silver coin for sale. As the picutures show it comes with the magic frame, which displays the coin very very nicely. I ask €150 ex shipping. I accept paypal but I prefer banktransfer because of the fees that I will have to pay. If you have a question you can ask (as long as it is about the coin of course
  4. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    1/4 oz QB lion sold
  5. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    1/4 oz QB lion back on the market, open to serious offers
  6. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    1/4 oz QB on hold
  7. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    The Rooster proof is sold!
  8. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    Also open for a good offer and open to trades
  9. for sale Varied graded coins for sale

    Hi fellow members, Hereby I am offering for sale 3 graded coins. They can be bought seperately. I have here a 1 oz proof Rwanda rooster pf69, a BU Rwanda rooster ms69 and a beautiful ms70 Queen's Beasts lion 1/4 oz gold. The pf69 can be bought for €150 The ms69 can be bought for €60 The ms70 can be bought for €450 If you have any questions please contact me. They don't have to go, only for a good price
  10. 1 oz silver John F. KENNEDY 2017

    I like the coin but i would only be interested in tops €22. The price is (already) too high for me
  11. Hi there, I have for sale a Rwanda rooster proof. only 1,000 minted and quite popular on Ebay. As you can see on the picture there is a small crack in the capsule, the coin itself is fine however. Asking $117 with a $5 shipping. The coin will have to come from Europe but I can see the market in the States is bigger so I am also open for selling in the States.
  12. Silver kruggerands

    I just "placed" my order for the proof also. I do like the design so i don't mind spending 775 rand. They have a weird way to order coins and i doubt i Will be getting it within a month or 2 but oh Well what can you do right lol
  13. Silver kruggerands

    The silver Krugerrands come in a capsule and with a COA. I have bought and sold one for a Nice little profit. (Some) people are still in the "newbie" fase that they will buy it for a high price meanwhile they will be minted at 1 million. I do have to say I'm starting to question if that will even happen. In my opinion African mints are having problems delivering in general so it could be they won't make it till 1 million. On the other hand the year is still young and they will have a lot of time to produce a lot of coins. I really like the coin and I hope the price will drop big time so I can pick a few up for cheap ))
  14. 2 oz somalian elephant

    Does anyone know another source where you can buy all the different sizes besides goldsilver.be? I want to buy them all lol 2017 appears to be the year of first releases lol