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  1. Hi from Manchester

    Welcome @Woodsy, enjoy.
  2. The capsule is out at the moment, expected ship date 1st March.
  3. Hello Everyone!

  4. Do you have #16, to match my 2017 1 oz bar?
  5. for sale Silver for sale

    1 of these please, 1oz South Korea 2017 Gallus pm sent
  6. New Be

    Welcome and enjoy.
  7. How do you safely store your stack?

    Under the biscuits. Note the round and oblong compartments for coins or bars.
  8. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    That's a great price??????
  9. new years resolution

    Some people have no self control. lol
  10. wanted Lunar 2 rooster - lion privy

  11. Anyone got one of these at a reasonable price? I was going to get it in the sites bulk order but the europeanmint doesn't seem to stock it.
  12. Silver testing magnet

    If you are in the UK and PM me your addy then I will pop you one in the post.
  13. You can use REVOLUT, transfer in euros convert into sterling then transfer to bank. Think you need to make a deposit into coinbase through revolut first so coinbase can verify the account. No fees rom revolut and they give the best exchange rates possible. Bit of a slow process but I think that is coinbase wanting to keep hold of your cash for as long as possible.