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  1. John A -- Give-Away

  2. Still waiting for mine.
  3. Hello everyone

  4. Only 8oz but arrived safe and sound this morning. Many, many thank to Mr and Mrs @BackyardBullion for all your efforts. Looking forward to the next.
  5. How to spot fake or counterfeit silver coins and bars

    This site could be helpful, https://www.fakebullion.com/index.php
  6. Bit confused, if gsbe are sold out why is there no notification yet that these are ready to ship??
  7. Hi Kev, thanks for the reply but I meant does anyone have one for sale.
  8. Anybody got one of these for sale, I think they were released in January.
  9. I'll take one, is bank transfer OK?
  10. I can't see what people are getting so irate over this, @BackyardBullion was just reacting to a couple of requests to add this coin to there order. If he would have waited until the weekend then, due to there popularity, GSB would have been out of stock. He probably saw that they had very low stock and decided to order what they had left. He was just trying to do a couple of members a favour and I don't have an issue with this. If he was after making a profit he could have kept them to himself and flogged them on at a healthy profit. I appreciate everything @BackyardBullion does in organising these bulk orders for everyone and I think everyone else should as well.
  11. Coming soon, will it be in time for the bulk order? https://goldsilver.be/en/collectible/1730-perth-mint-1-oz-silver-emu-2018.html
  12. Hi from Manchester

    Welcome @Woodsy, enjoy.