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  1. All the talk at the moment is about electric cars, what has happened with the hydrogen fuel cell? In theory seems a better option to recharging and batteries.
  2. It will be like having to put a new engine in your car every 7 years. I imagine the batteries will degrade as they get older so may need replacing earlier to keep up performance.
  3. Today I received.....

    Thanks BB.
  4. What lens do you use on your camera for these shots?
  5. New Member From The UK

    Welcome m8, plenty of good advice/help available. Regards,
  6. Today I received.....

    No milk spots just reflection on the capsules in the photos
  7. Today I received.....

    Bit disappointed with this one, part of June bulk order from goldsilver.be, even though it is only bullion it has started to tarnish all around the queens head.
  8. Thoughts please

    this pic on amazon From APMEX INC
  9. Received today, great condition. Thanks Mike.
  10. Hi Mike, I'll take 1. Pm sent.
  11. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    #16 landed safely today, many thanks to Byb. 😊