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  1. Hello fellow members

    Welcome and enjoy.
  2. You'll probably find that this is pretty standard and that the end date is the date that your obligation to the contract ends but it carries on until you notify that you no longer require there services. I don't think people would be to happy if they needed to use there phone for some reason, e.g. to finalise a big silver deal, only to find that they had no network because they had forgotten when there contract ended and then they had missed there opportunity. I think SKY do the same.
  3. Storing silver coins

    Read a post earlier where someone stated that they stored there silver coins “correctly”. Made me think, what is the “correct” way to store silver.....?
  4. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    Bought a funnel web spider off ebay for £21, after testing turned out to be fake. Seller posted stock pictures of a real one. Got my money back from ebay and reported the seller but they did nothing and he carried on selling them. Lesson learned, test the silver you buy from ebay.
  5. wanted Queens Beasts

    https://goldsilver.be/en/203-queen-s-beasts Works out at about £16.50 an ounce, and in great condition. @BackyardBullion is about to close this months order.
  6. Fully working, wife has had an upgrade. Extremely good condition, has been in a full case from new. See pictures. No headphones as I'm sure you wouldn't want them after they have been used. Just waiting for Vodafone to unlock. UNLOCKED by Apple £260 delivered, possibly trade for 1/4oz gold queens beast. Open to offers. Payment by bank transfer. Paypal +3.4%
  7. completed 2012 uncirculated full gold sovereign

    not a very flattering pic
  8. I'm happy with multiple (unless I win 1st prize, LOL)
  9. Put me down for 2 please. Money, £10, already sent via bank transfer.
  10. for sale Queen's Beast 10oz Fine Silver

    FYI, This coin is available through the boards bulk order from GSB for approx. £165. regards.
  11. expression of interest Hand Poured Christmas Silver Gifts

    Love the 1.38 oz
  12. Broadband Speeds

    Virginmedia, laptop on wi-fi