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  1. Popped into my local Maplin store & bought this 3 piece eye loupe set & led magnifying glass, to use on my coins. Didn't get much of a discount in their closing down sale but they might reduce prices further a few days before they close for good. Thought I'd get them before they got snapped up.
  2. I can see the 1 & 2p coins being withdrawn eventually as they are more of a hindrance in the pocket for what they are worth. Quite a few people drop them into charity collecting tubs whilst at a shop counter as they don't want the burden of them. As I don't smoke the ashtray in my car is full of them. Also got a large jar full of them in the house. People I work with just throw them away when they get a few in their change. The days of buying something for 99p and thinking it's a bargain compared to paying a quid are gone as most people tell the seller to keep the change or ask them to round it off to a pound to save the weight in their pocket.
  3. The 99p store would be forced to change it's name. It couldn't be rounded off to a pound as Poundland already exists, so we'd all save money if they changed it to the 95p store 99p stores closed last year. Probably knew the demise of the 1 & 2p coins was on the way.
  4. 1-2p coins are only copper plated anyway so are a waste of space. Maybe they'll be kept in circulation for nostalgia.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43388662 Even the validity of the £50 note is questioned.
  6. https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/exemptions-jury-service
  7. February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

  8. Proof Sovereign Collection

    Impressive! I'm only 38 proofs behind your collection
  9. Today I Received

    Atkinson's site has the thickness at 5.60mm
  10. Today I Received

    The matt finish is the same on the front of the bar. They both have an appearance of being handled but in certain light it looks like a yellow tone. Both bars are identical in size and I need to source the correct size capsules for them as the spare ones I bought for 1oz JM bars are a bit too big.
  11. Practicing antiquing

    My dad has some bottles of antiquing fluid for when he makes Tiffany lamps. Ideal way to clean up milk spotted coins and treat them with this. You could probably make a profit in doing this
  12. The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group

    Are you owed any money by this group?
  13. Today I Received

    Just had a closer inspection of mine and the Queens side appears to have a yellowish tone. Didn't notice it at first and it doesn't clean off either. Also my Perth Mint kangaroo 1oz silver bars appear to have the same that I bought a while back. Need to catch it in a certain light to see it. At least they're not proofs
  14. Today I Received

  15. Today I Received

    My Australian silver dragon coin bars arrived today. Nice artwork on the rear although my photo doesn't do it justice. Think I'll pick up a few more of these.