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  1. Rosland Book of Gold Adverts on TV

    They call that a book? Now this is a free book that my wife was given in Sharps Pixley store last year.
  2. July 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Green Park is the nearest tube but Picadilly is close by
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Sharps Pixley have a selection of old sovereigns but I think they're slightly dearer than HGM. They don't advertise specific years as you have to ask them what they have at the counter.
  5. From £12 to £13

    Too early for me to worry about the price as I've only been in the game for just a little over four years. If it's still at this price when I retire then I've made a big mistake
  6. Today I paid to have my wife's name on the wing of a Vulcan Bomber http://www.vulcantotheskystore.co.uk/names-under-xh558s-wing-99-c.asp Not sure what's more deadly, the bomber or her tongue
  7. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    My reason is for a pension supplement but with a granddaughter due anyday now I want to leave her as much as possible if I don't spend it beforehand. Also it's enjoyable chasing low mintage coins before they sell out.
  8. Today I received.....

    Walked into Sharps Pixley this morning to buy a sovereign. Was going to buy a 2017 but opted for the 1895 Melbourne Victoria as it seemed more interesting. Also picked up a 100 gram silver bar and on the way out noticed they had 1 kilo copper bars so picked one up as well. They supply their coins & bars in little cloth bags for good measure.
  9. Today I received.....

    It won't be too much of a deal with collectors of every variation of the 2017 sovereign but it's wrong that the boxes are removed only to be charged as an extra for what buyers have already paid for.
  10. Today I received.....

    I bought a full and a half Indian sovereign last year from the Royal Mint and they never charged extra for the boxes. Makes you wonder what happened to the boxes of the ones this firm sold? Totally wrong that buyers have been ripped off!
  11. Today I received.....

    Did you see what they were charging for the presentation box?😮
  12. Milk Spots....What would you do?

    Milk spots don't bother me on bullion coins. Say when it comes to your coins being left to your family after you die, chances are they won't have as much of a clue about collecting coins or their value. They'll probably take them to a dealer and only be offered spot or under for them anyway. If you left them some proofs the same offer would probably apply from a dealer.
  13. Britannia 2017 release date?

    To me the image is of a hunched over granny with a bad back! Makes you wonder how bad the other options were before they settled for this design.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40715793 I stand corrected regarding electric trucks. Maybe not ideal for long distances though
  15. Today I received.....

    My Falkland Islands silver crown arrived today. Pleased it came with the motto