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  1. Today my half sovereign and Perth Mint silver swan arrived.
  2. @Silverhunter posted an image of the platinum Queens beast lion on the; 'Platinum - Who's buying?' thread.
  3. Just bought a 2015 half sovereign from the Royal Mint bullion.
  4. This week the Royal Mint started to sell Platinum bars but the range so far is limited to 500g & 1kg sizes. It's possible they'll sell smaller sizes later as well as platinum coins on their bullion site. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Platinum-Bars
  5. You're lucky to pick silver coins up in charity shops as in my area they won't sell them. Think they get offered to a coin dealer first in case there's a rare one donated that's worth a few quid!
  6. That's all it is, just add water along with the sachet of yeast that comes with it. 48 hours for fermenting is a bit quick but I suppose they have the right ingredients for this to happen!
  7. Will do. Can't wait to try it My wife keeps on going on at me to buy a cider press as we have an apple tree in our back garden. I've never thought of doing it before even though we've been here 18 years now! All that potential alcohol wasted
  8. Today I bought a home brew kit from Dunelm for £19. There are six different brews available so I thought I'd try the pear cider first. At 4.5% strength and under a pound a pint, ready for drinking within 48 hours. It's worth a try at least.
  9. Today I bought a 2017 Perth mint silver swan from an Aussie seller on eBay.
  10. Milk spotted coins usually go for a lot cheaper price on eBay and with online dealers who sometimes mark them up as seconds. The spots can be cleaned off with a treated cloth but under a microscope there'd be light scratches present. Haven't tried ultrasonic cleaning with silver cleaning solution yet, might be the way to go to get a better price.
  11. Are you going to buy one regardless or are you a traditionalist?
  12. It goes against the tradition of the sovereign and is just for the Royal Mint to get more sales. A traditionalist would hate it but who's going to run the risk of not buying one? All that potential hefty profit if they only ever do it once. With all these new coins the Royal Mint have in the pipeline I think my kitchen renovation I have planned can wait a while longer