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  1. Some banks use Indian call centres but you can request to be put through to someone in your home country. Also it has been known for some foreign call centres working for banks to retain your information and pass it on to crooks. Recently my mother had a phone call a day after her bank contacted her with someone who requested her card details to verify who she was. My mother ever so bluntly told them to 'F*** **f' and hung up! There's been a few stories lately in the press about people who have been scammed or nearly scammed, so trust your instincts.
  2. I had this happen with my bank a few years ago. When they asked me for my dob I reminded them that they called me and why would I give any details over the phone from a random number. I hung up and popped into my local branch just to be sure it was from them.
  3. Well they could try to hold a seance for my grandparents to vouch for my parents @sixgun I reckon this will be the case but hopefully without the interview process that new applicants have to attend.If no interview then it should be straightforward. My stepson had his passport renewed this year after being seven years out of date and it was just a case of renewal without any interview. Although his passport wasn't as out of date as my parents!
  4. Maybe a silly question but can my parents use their out of date passports as proof they are applying for new ones? Both their passports expired in 1977 and are of the old blue type. I can't find out anything online about them being this out of date that means they'd be OK to use. If they could use them it would save them the interview process that new applicants have to go through. My mother is from Northern Ireland and my father was a serving soldier but apart from my father who travelled with the army, they haven't ventured out of the U.K. Or Ireland. I want to take them abroad next year for a holiday and would like the passport process go through as easy as I renewed mine this year.
  5. Custom Dragon Rounds from Geiger

    It'll probably be the only way to buy it but I still won't be getting a Facebook account. I'll have to find someone who's in the group who could order a couple for me, maybe someone willing on the forum?!!
  6. Custom Dragon Rounds from Geiger

    I haven't got a Facebook account so can't view it
  7. Custom Dragon Rounds from Geiger

    Does anyone know if this series will be continuing or has it died a death? The next one was supposed to be the Pegasus but I can't find any info about it. A shame if the series doesn't continue as it has great artwork.
  8. Today I received.....

    A solitary 2oz silver Queens beast Unicorn from Atkinsons. Not much buying for me this month as my wife wants all spare money spent on our granddaughter (who will probably get my stash of metal in the end anyway)
  9. Sarnia Silver

    I've used them in the past & they're straightforward to deal with & no problems at all.
  10. Damn Canadian Mint!

    Does anyone know when the Milkspots started to appear as I'm sure the early maples never suffered from the problem? edit; just searched eBay and there's a 1991 slabbed maple with Milkspots, so I guess all my early ones I've been lucky with.
  11. 2017 proof sovereign big price drop

    Ebay prices haven't changed much have they?
  12. 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary (Royal Mint)

    Agree with you. Not the expected high standard from the Royal Mint, more like it's from another mint lower down the scale.
  13. Britannia Info

    Any pictures?
  14. Open Thread.

    Monarch now gone bust and I was due to fly with them next week. Paid via PayPal for flights only so contacted PayPal and found that I was covered and will get my money back within a few days
  15. 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary (Royal Mint)

    I know they're getting on a bit, but this makes them look terrible