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  1. Phoenix Rounds from Abbot Coins

    They have been getting them out to people for the last 2 - 3 weeks, theres still people waiting for them on the Facebook group hopefully your not waiting to much longer. received 1 of my 2 on tuesday
  2. 2017 Proof Sovereign Blemish

    got my replacement today (sent it back as this one had a mark similar to the op's picture) there was also a check in there to cover the postage
  3. 2017 Proof Sovereign Blemish

    I sent mine back Thursday. I got a dispatch email this afternoon so it should be here in the morning I have no idea if its the one I sent back or a replacement as I've had no other emails from them. I know how you feel @Lea79 This is my first full sov I've bought.
  4. 2017 Sovereign

    nice pictures @Kman
  5. Today I Received

    after thinking about it i decided to phone them and said what was up with it and the lady apologized and said to send it back, i did ask her if i would be guaranteed a replacement and she said yes but i forgot to ask her to email me that tho. It seemed to me like that dot nnear the neck was missing the frosted proof bit like it wasn't stamped properly if that makes sense? i looked at it under a light and when i tilted the coin i could see the spot was shiny just like the mirrored background. anyways i sent it off a little while ago hopefully dont have to wait too long to get the replacement. @gazer let us know how your is.
  6. Today I Received

    today i received this 2017 sovereign i quite like it, however i have noticed a small dot on the neck and "bum" of the horse these are not really that noticeable with the naked eye. do i send it back for a replacement? or is that me being picky.
  7. 2017 Sovereign

    It should be free shipping? i think anything over £45 is normally sent free send them a email they might be able to take it off . they dont normally take the money from your account untill a day or two before your order is dispatched.
  8. 2017 Sovereign

    The 2017 sovs are up for pre sale on the royal mint site. Im wanting to get one but unsure what one, the full or half?. what will you be getting? (if any)
  9. 1/4 ounce gold queens beast

    Im kinda in the same boat as you Breaktwister i would like a 1/4oz queens beast but don't no if to wait for the rumored proofs or not. according to the proclamation i read, the Royal mint will be issuing the new queens beast in a 1oz, 1/4oz and a 1/10oz gold coin as well as the 2oz silver
  10. new member

    Hi all. i have been looking at this site for a month or so and thought i would join up and maybe join in with the conversations.