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  1. silver price by 2020

    yes...with truck ready to be backed up!
  2. silver price by 2020

    Costs have doubled in the last 15 years so the floor would be £10 or $12
  3. silver price by 2020

    At £5 every mine in the world would shut down. No supply means the price would shoot up dramatically. My guess is that the absolute floor on the price is around $12. It simply cannot go below that or the supply will start drying up as mines scale back and even shut. So basically, we have very little downside and huge upside. Buying as much as I can on this recent dip.
  4. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Niels, did you use gdax at all, coinbase exchange? If you left your coins on gdax they won't show in the coinbase app.
  5. completed 1kg Metalor silver bullion bars

    Might be too late here but PM sent
  6. Stolen goods - please read

    Which insurer is that? Ill check them out at renewal time.
  7. wanted 1kg silver bar

    I've never purchased a 1kg bar before so I don't really understand the differences between premiums for some of the brands. Just looking on ebay for prices atm. PM me if anyone here has any for sale.
  8. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    A lot of love on this forum in general for sovereigns and once you have an older one in hand you realise why, the rich history of the coin as Real Money. However, the collector in me realised that I would kill myself tryin to collect them all so I went for the 1/4oz Britannia proofs. Collector or stacker approach will determine your main purchases. Defo sovereigns for stacking gold.
  9. I read that gdax was leading the way which indicates retail buying. Over the past week or so Bitcoin articles have been everywhere, in print and online major portal homepage articles. Even my mother in law was asking me about it the other day, of course I told her I sold all mine ages ago!
  10. for sale Australian 50% Silver Florins

  11. I'm not in a rush to sell these but willing to let them go at the right price . Good opportunity to pick up some of the rarer pieces (2014 coins super low mintage and only available in sets) at a somewhat normal price compared to the listings on ebay from the "premium price" sellers I am sure we all know! These are all gold proof ultra cameo. 2013, 2014 and 2015 £1 1/20oz PF70: £490 for all three. These make a nice little mini-set so really only want to sell as such but will listen to sensible offers for the individual coins. 2014 1/10oz PF69: £485 (mintage 613 in sets only) 2014 1/4oz PF69: £765 (mintage 613 in sets only) 2014 1/2oz PF70: £985 (mintage 473 in sets only and my fav of the lot, just looks absolutely stunning in hand) 2005 1/4oz PF69: £325 (nothing special here) SOLD 2005 1/4oz PF70: £385 (only 4 worldwide graded PF70 in the NGC database) 2013 1/2oz PF69: £595 (mintage 351 in sets only) Mintage figures taken from the Royal Mint Discovery>Mintages page.
  12. Herd Anticipation

    If US rates go over 3% the gov will not be able to pay the interest on its debt. it will default. The ramifications of this for the rest of the world probably aren't positive. They have no choice but to continue to keep the price of money (interest rates) at historic lows. The end game is a cashless society with negative rates for the serfs. Maybe, just maybe, one way out is if they actually hold the 8000 tonnes of shiny as they claim, they could revalue it to a real market price ($10k an oz) and clear some of their debt. Although I doubt that they have it tbh.
  13. Flipping art, easy money

    I didn't even see the gilt rose version. I liked the blue so just jumped on for it.