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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Ah yes, they also released a 5 coin gold quarter ounce set of the different designs in 2006, mintage of 250 only.
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Panda - are these Britannia's all yours? Some great results there.
  3. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Augur, I'm not sure if I am understanding your question correctly as the NGC results here are all for gold 1/4 oz but the "many different designs in 2006" only applied to the silver proof set which was a set of different designs from previous years tinted with a "golden silhouette". This 2006 golden silhouette set replaced the regular annual set of different size pure silver proof coins which make the standalone 2006 1oz silver proof much rarer than normal hence it carries a premium.
  4. storage boxes for NGC slabs - UK purchase

    PM'd Shinus, thanks
  5. storage boxes for NGC slabs - UK purchase

    The postage is more than the value of the box.... I just can't bring myself to make purchases like that!
  6. storage boxes for NGC slabs - UK purchase

    Just googled the SL50 and seen it cheaper at Duncannon......this is starting to sound like a product/dealer pump!
  7. How are you guys storing your slabbed coins? I have had a look at some storage options today and most of the good boxes on ebay are not surprisingly in the USA so shipping costs are painful. I know I can get PCCB boxes that hold 10 slabs cheap as chips from China but I was hoping for something to store 20 or upwards (and no smart arse answers saying just buy multiple PCCB!). I see a lighthouse intercept box SL 50 (holds 50 slabs) from Germany for £26 which seems ok and also claims to protect from oxidation. This is interesting to me as I will be storing gold and silver proofs for the long-term, I am not sure if this is a marketing ploy or how effective it is. The only issue I can see with the SL50 is that there is no individual slots for the slabs, they just seem to rest up against each other. Regardless I am leaning towards this purchase given options in the UK seem very limited. Thoughts?
  8. https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6193/heritage-london-ccg/ Seen this on NGC site. Couldn't find any details on HA site but it might be worth looking into if the submissions are insured in transit (currently there is no international insurance with direct submissions to NGC)
  9. $20,500 Gothic Florin

    Hi Jester, that is a nice florin - was it an ebay pickup? I am starting to look at these older coins now, have picked up Spinks and the British Guide to Grading Coins, haven't pulled the trigger on any purchases yet though.
  10. Is a coin worth its face value?

    I think we should all start trying this, as according to the BoE definition, if they refuse to take the "funny money" then you can just walk away and they will not be able to sue you for non-payment. I think BoE have got this wrong imo, it is too simplistic of a definition to be the full truth.
  11. Is a coin worth its face value?

    "Legal tender" means you can pay your taxes and court fines with it. Banks or shops are not under legal obligation to take it.
  12. What do you stack and why ?

    Britannia gold and silver proofs. I like the different designs and the fact that the gold series began in 1987 and silver in 1997 makes this an achievable collection.
  13. completed Quick sale: 3 x 10oz Queens Beasts

    PM'd for one
  14. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    Hi Jeffers, how long have you been stacking/collecting? A new stacker will always have this problem as he does not yet know what strategy to employ, it is a personal decision after all. I have been stacking for one year now and I was like a headless chicken for the first 6 months, just buying up everything I liked which lead to budget depletion and feeling of "missing out" on some releases. This will pass as you come to develop your strategy, whether that is based on series that you like (collecting) or buying close to spot (stacking). None of us can buy everything!
  15. First Majestic/ Mining Finance

    I like Keith N. He has spoken out against PM manipulation where most other producers are silent. FR a good buy at current prices (mid 700s). I was trading this long when it went down to 600 odd last month.