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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Sorry to hear about the rare Libertad. Hope it shows up. There is so much risk with posting coins off for grading. It would be good if they had a base in the UK.
  2. Group Ordering USA to UK

    I'm looking to buy a single item from Apmex, is there a group buy I can tag onto?
  3. withdrawn 1/20oz gold graded pandas

    Really nice collection mate.
  4. for sale 2017 proof half sovereign

    BUMP - reduced to £280 (not including delivery).
  5. for sale 2013 5oz silver proof Britannia PF69 + artist drawing

    BUMP - reduced to £350 + delivery
  6. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I think it was a disgraceful response from NGC. Surely all they had to do was contact customs to confirm that they are an international coin grading company and they receive deliveries of coins from all over the world?
  7. 2017 Britannia proof

    Worst yet imo, a real downer for the whole series that they do this on an anniversary year. Just shocking.
  8. for sale 2013 5oz silver proof Britannia PF69 + artist drawing

    Thanks for the info, silverstackeruk. I got my pricing from ebay. Will reduce price given that the art is nothing of real value (although I have seen a few of these on ebay with no mention of art being included).
  9. I cannot find any details on the artwork anywhere so if anyone knows how many of these were sold with the artwork I would like to know! REDUCED to £350
  10. for sale 2017 proof half sovereign

    As new, bought direct from the RM. £300 including special delivery within the UK. Paypal F&F or bank transfer
  11. My first oz of Gold. Going the 'right' way?

    I started stacking gold and silver last year. I would suggest buying a wide range of pieces if you can. I think only once you hold the coins in your hand can you decide if you are going to focus on that type. Why do you need more than 1 guitar?
  12. Gold and Silver backed crypto

    I am all for sticking the two fingers up at the criminals at the COMEX. I've signed up to the Bullioncoin mailing list and will be making a founders purchase.
  13. Retirement...

    If I remember correctly, pensions in the UK were first designed so that very very few were ever expected to live to collect on the promise.
  14. Saving tax?

    Sorry but this is utter nonsense. If I own property I am entitled to let anyone I choose stay there rent free if I so wish. This does not trigger any tax liability. HMRC cannot say "well you should be renting that out at £xxx so we are going to tax you on that sum".
  15. Retirement...

    Watch the USA for the huge public pension ponzi that is about to collapse. When this happens you will see gubmints around the world scale back on their pension promises. You cannot rely on ever receiving a state pension.