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  1. Just looked at the Royal Mint website and they have marked their 1/4 oz Queen's Beast lion proof coin as 100% sold
  2. Shout out to Backyard Bullion for making the video on the 1/4 oz proof QB lion. Got mine in the post today. This coin is a real beauty. Some scratches on the capsule but not the coin. The box it came with is really nice as well. Part wood with detachable magnet piece that holds the coin. No regrets buying it.
  3. for sale

    Have listed these coins for sale now following advice from others. Thanks for dropping by!
  4. for sale

    Thanks for the advice the both of you. I might just put them up for sale instead as you rightly stated trading can be difficult. Which price guide would people recommend I follow? Atkinson's isn't selling any of the lunar II coins and Bullionbypost is outrageously expensive.
  5. Hello, I have decided to list this for sale instead of exchange due to difficulties with trading, as suggested by fellow members. Coins for sale : 1) 1/4 oz Lunar Dragon ----- £310 2) 1/4 oz Lunar Snake ----- £305 3) 1/4 oz Lunar Horse ----- £305 4) 1/4 oz Lunar Rabbit ----- £305 5) 1/4 oz Lunar Goat x3 ----- £290 ea. 6) 1/4 oz Lunar Rooster (no picture, I stored away all the coins and realised I forgot to take a picture of this one!) ----- £295 7) 1/4 oz Australian Mint Monkey ----- £300 8) Full Sovereign 2007 in wooden box with CoA, limited wedding anniversary, cheek seem to have 2 spots, have not tried to wipe it off ----- £260 9) 1915 Austrian Ducat x2 ----- £120 ea. 10) 1/10 oz Britannia x6 ----- £117 ea. Prices are lower than the other websites that still sell these coins (BM Australia and Goldbe in Europe). If you are missing the 1/4 oz mouse/ox, Goldbe still has them so you can complete your collection although they are pretty expensive. Total price for all the Lunar 2 series (1 of each, excluding the Australian Mint monkey) ----- £1785 Price does not include P&P. Bank transfer only please. I can only send the coins by post on weekends due to work commitment, unless you want to drive over to collect them in which case i'm free after 6 pm. Thanks for your time.
  6. Some quick and easy way to check for authenticity (option 1 is by far the most accurate): 1) I got some coins through ebay and then brought them to a gold dealer to ask if they wanted to buy my gold. They took the coins to weigh them and looked at them using their fancy loupe before offering me a price. I also brought the coins to a pawn shop where they weighed them and also wanted to drill a tiny hole in the coins to further check authenticity. I said no thanks to the latter but they did offer me a fair price for the coins (more than the gold dealer did). 2) You can look up the dimensions of the Britannia and then use a ruler to check them. Also weigh the coin if you have a scale sensitive enough to weigh coins. If the dimensions and weight are correct, your coin is genuine. 3) Buy one of those cheap plastic/card thingy on eBay. The plastic has a cut out with the exact dimensions of many common gold coins like the Kruggerand/Britannia/Maple/Eagles. All you do is fit your coin in the plastic cut out. If they fit exactly, your coins are genuine.
  7. The griffin looks really nice. I prefer it to the lion to be honest. But where is the 1/4 oz?!
  8. I really like the Kruggerand and would like to cut down on premiums by getting the 1 oz rather than fractionals. They also seem to be the cheapest bullion next to maples. When the price is right, I would just sell everything rather than one at a time to online gold dealers and reinvest. I don't mind the quick flip to.
  9. The 1/4 oz lunar 2 farm is getting populated 😀 Missing the monkey/ox/tiger/mouse/rabbit!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I was intending to sell back to Atkinsons/HGM instead of on eBay as the eBay/PayPal fees seem really high whereas the established online dealers are guaranteed to pay 2-3% under spot. I just need to wait till the price goes up at least 6% from current to earn 3% lol. With that in mind, I am not worried about finding a buyer. If we assume there is a buyer at all times, does it still matter if it was a 1 oz or 4 full sovereigns (or fractionals totalling 1 oz)? My math failed me a long time ago P/s: I also noticed that one of the dealers (I think it was HGM) pay more for bullion Kruggerand than other similar weight bullion.
  11. Hi all, Quick question. Is it better to buy the 1 oz Britannia or would it be better to buy multiple Sovereigns totalling (or close to) 1 oz if my intention is to sell them in several years time? I didn't think it mattered as the price of gold is based on gold content or am i mistaken? 1 oz Britannia takes up much less space than 4 full Sovereigns. I really like the Krugerrand but being in the UK, Britannias and Sovereigns seem better due to the CGT exempt. Thanks
  12. 1/4 oz Queen's beast back at Atkinsons. Special offer: 1/4 oz Britannia + 1/4 oz Queens Beast for 610.82 at time of posting this.
  13. My collection so far 1 oz Krugerrand 1/4 oz Perth Mint Lunar Series 2: Snake and Horse 1/4 oz Australian Mint Lunar Monkey 1/4 oz Queens Beast 2007 Sovereign Also have 2 Austrian 1915 1 Ducats not in photo I like 1/4 oz due to their size but they are difficult to come by. Looking to get the 1/4 oz rooster, maybe when gold price drop a little. Am currently looking into 1/10s but the premium on them is pretty steep so I'm a little hesitant.
  14. Bullionbypost charges an exorbitant fee. I tend to purchase coins from private ebay sellers with good reputation (100%). I also look at how they describe the coins. In my opinion it is less risky buying from sellers that put the % precious metal content in the description because if the coins turn out to be counterfeits, you have a solid case to bring up with ebay, i.e. coin has less % precious metal than described by seller.
  15. Is this still available?