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  1. I have for sale 10x 1/4 oz 2014 Silver Libertads which have a low mintage of 6950. £110 Delivered.
  2. I think that the Silver Shield type products (Rounds,Medallions,etc) are classed Exonumia and not Numismatic.
  3. Thanks for the information,I may put in an order next year to APMEX or Perth Bullion.
  4. Would the coins get through unhindered if you asked the Bullion dealer to put the commodity code on the customs declaration form.
  5. So would rolls of Perth Mint Lunar series,Koala,Kookaburra etc count as a Numismatic collectible to the HMRC.
  6. Does it take a long time to claim back the VAT off them and what collectible evidence do you have to provide?
  7. I would imagine that most Silver coins would be classed as being of Numismatic interest as many coin designs change from year to year and also the metal value is far higher than the face value of the coin. Although the HMRC may beg to differ.
  8. Has anyone successfully used (numismatic collectible code 9705000000 ) to import coins from North America and Australia. I was reading a long article from 2013 about a UK based coin dealer, who eventually after being sent from pillar to post managed to only pay 5% VAT on imported Silver coins due to Customs applying the wrong charges. The incredible level of bureaucracy from the HMRC/UK Border Force and Royal Mail combined whether it is by accident or design has put me off from ordering from outside the E.U. Not sure if this code is still valid.
  9. GOLDSILVER.BE have got some at 0.91 cents each.
  10. Wait a few years until they start to turn up at auctions. Let the mugs who buy it first take the hit,buying the latest Proof coin from the Royal Mint is like buying a new car in that you are certain to lose money as soon as you buy it. Like most of the Mints in the world they produce low mintage,rare coins and limited editions every month and have done for donkey's years. You might hit lucky with one from time to time, then again you can also get lucky now and again buying scratch cards but you will never recoup your money. If you love the coin and you are not bothered about losing money then buy it,if you are concerned that you might lose money then I wouldn't bother.
  11. I have used Transferwise through Topcashback,so I have £11 pending. How long does it take to be paid out on average?
  12. Unfortunately at the moment there are very few alternatives to animal testing when you are trying to develop new drugs. Most scientists would prefer not use animals on ethical grounds and also it is expensive to use animals for testing. It is just one of those issues where some people can't separate emotion from logic.
  13. The Perth Mint consistently produce top quality coins,some of the other well known mints should be embarrassed of the low quality milk-spotted garbage they produce. The Royal Canadian Mint seems to be a serial offender and I would never buy any of their products again.
  14. I have ordered some 1oz Coloured Lunar Monkey's,Perth Mint 1oz Dragon and Phoenix's and some 1oz Wedge-Tailed Eagles. I'm hoping that they can do well in the future. Has anyone else got any favourite Semi-Numismatics that they think will perform well in the future.