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  1. It seems too good to be true!
  2. Check your Nectar points,I have received a bonus of over 18000 Nectar points after buying on eBay when they were offering a higher rate of Nectar points over three separate weekends earlier in the year.
  3. This is the last of my coins I am selling and I will only buy Gold and scrap Silver from now on as I don't have to deal with eBay when re-selling. eBay is great for buying but a nightmare for selling. The bidder who won bid in the last seconds so I was powerless to stop him,he promised to pay me at 2200 he never paid by 2300 so I cancelled the transaction. The good news is I put them up on a buy it now and sold them in 10 minutes to someone who has over 300 feedback.
  4. I am thinking the same thing,the last person that tried to buy my coins was Polish.
  5. Its happened again another zero feedback bidder at the end of the auction won my coins. I think it could be the same bidder as last time as the address has no house number and didn't on the last address of the last zero bidder. The winner of the auction has just joined eBay today.
  6. Just resold my coins yesterday. The person that bought them has zero feedback and joined eBay yesterday. Not expecting to get paid again.
  7. Anyone selling on eBay look out for proofscoins-2 he is a non payer and time-waster.
  8. I'm afraid this is Fake news,there are only 2 genders despite what the SJW's would have us believe.
  9. withdrawn

    I have for sale (1)2015 Iguana,(4)2016 Monkey Kings,(3)2016 Congo Gorillas and (2)2017 Perth Mint Lunar Roosters. All coins are 1oz each 10 coins in total. The price is £215 including shipping Paypal only. I will not take any offers lower than the asking price and I am selling as a lot and will not be selling individual coins.
  10. completed

  11. completed

    I have for sale 9x1oz Silver Isle of Man Angels. £180 including postage,paypal only.
  12. I have for sale 8x1oz Perth Mint Monkey Kings and 2x1oz Coloured Year of the Monkey 10oz in total. The price is £200 including postage,paypal only.
  13. If you buy from the Polish Mint make sure you have a Passport or Driving license as they asked me for I.D.
  14. There is a coin shop near the Marriott run by a couple of miserable gentlemen which had a few decent Polish coins from the Second Republic. Also the Polish Mint (Mennica Polska) has a shop in the Arkadia shopping centre.
  15. I am of Polish origin and have spent a lot of time in Warsaw,its a great city.