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  1. Hello do you still have the 2011 Pandas?
  2. Are the 2010 Pandas mint? If so I will take them all please
  3. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    New Price
  4. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    And another drop any interest at all from you lovely people?
  5. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    Any interest price drop again
  6. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    New price for both
  7. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    Offers welcomed
  8. Somali Elephant Silver 1oz

    Hello there I have a 1oz 2008 Somali Elephant and a 2009 1oz Somali Elephant for sale. I'm a bit stumped about price what's reasonable guys? Both coins are in good condition. No visible milk spots P&P will be inclusive of price After looking at eBay coins are going for £65ish each I'm happy with anything over £80 all in for the both
  9. Hello everyone!

    Hey Gareth welcome
  10. New Member

    OK fantastic Now are the coins genuine 2oz monkeys do you have any pictures
  11. Novice silver stacker

    Thanks Piggybank I have some more coins to sell soon becoming more confident in the selling department Sent from my GEM-703L using Tapatalk
  12. Novice silver stacker

    Thanks for your welcome Gilver and KevinG Sent from my GEM-703L using Tapatalk
  13. Novice silver stacker

    Thanks Clen92 just put my ad up for my queens beasts wish me luck didn't know how much to sell them for because of slight milking Sent from my GEM-703L using Tapatalk
  14. Novice silver stacker

    Backyardbullion thanks for the welcome slightly curious what have you made recently any pics thanks Sent from my GEM-703L using Tapatalk