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  1. for sale

    Sorry for very poor pics my phone has had it
  2. That makes sence, i just wondered with the 3 coins in the video. I think if i attempted a pour it would end up like that scene from the end of The Terminator !
  3. Thanks again BYB, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with ! Megans got a truely 1 off present and a cool video and story to tell her all about it. On a side note... did all 3 roo's go into the heart ? Wondered if you lost some from the melting / pouring process ?
  4. The mrs has just booked another holiday so some of my goodies have to go , dont like dipping into my savings accounts. 1- mint sealed roll of 2017 kooks £350.00 + post. Possibly 2 if enough interest. 1- privateer round - siren. £42.00 + post 1- 2oz bu destiny round. £59.00 + post 1- 2014, PCGS MS70, 1st strike panda £40.00. + post 1- 2013 pcgs ms69 panda ***sold*** postage is £7.95 for rolls . Rm sd. Singles are approx £2 rm 1st class sf. Uk postage, if outside uk ill have to look in postage costs. pics to follow when im home from work. Paypal f+f or plus fees or bank transfer please.
  5. Superb picture
  6. Ha ha, brilliant , made me lol. Thanks for sharing !
  7. I think we have a winner..... Does it have a storey Roy ?
  8. completed

    Thanks @SilverStan & @woody65. I was seriously tempted.... and threatened with divorce !
  9. bet-promo-codes.co.uk https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.bet-promo-codes.co.uk/betfairpromocodes.php%3Fcid%3D379%26p%3DBetfair-Promotion-Code?client=ms-android-samsung
  10. I could buy the other... haha A good deal for some brits has been snapped up on here by a lucky member earlier.
  11. Things really do fly off the site don't they
  12. completed

    Not supprised ! Cheers
  13. Nice one ! @SilvergunSuperman I just had an email saying atkinsons mixed up our orders.... if you would be so kind as to send me my stacker ill PM you my details for a swap
  14. completed

    Would you split or is it a job lot ?