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  1. Welcome along
  2. 10x nectar points offer on ebay for 24hr check you're messages.
  3. Welcome along
  4. Propper tea
  5. Lovely bar that is
  6. for sale

    What you got...
  7. for sale

    Whenever you like , remimd me tho, ive alot going on at the moment
  8. for sale

    Well... i suppose i can do my bit for the forum. Ill pm you a price etc ASAP when i can find my silver log book pm me if i forget in the next few days
  9. for sale

    These are to pack the hinges...
  10. for sale

    For once my little lass is having an early night, thats the only reason i was quick.
  11. for sale

    Lol. Theres always next time I remember missing out once by the click of submit reply
  12. for sale

    Luckily id just picked up my phone and it came up ! Unless a PM beat me ? Or did you get them and im too slow ...
  13. Ive listed a couple of items before and have had PM'S to "enlighten" my pricing, i saw it as useful to be honest and took another look at my pricing. To mirror a few other comments on here, i have sold and bought plenty on here. I feel there is a real sence of community here and feel i Safe when buying or selling knowing its as safe as can be.
  14. Welcome along John