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  1. Hi and welcome, Have a read and dont rush in ! Loads of great people on here to help you out along the way
  2. What took you so long... Welcome along !
  3. Nice pieces again BYB . Keep up the good work !
  4. Welcome along
  5. Hi . Welcome along
  6. Drop @BackyardBullion a message. Im sure i have seen in one of his youtube videos or read somewhere that he plans to make them a regular thing. Maybe you can get in on the next order. Edit... seen a few post up by BYB did not read all topic before posting.
  7. Very nice. I thought i was alot heavier...
  8. Thats a right lump ! I like the look of it. Whats the weight ?
  9. Lovely coin, great video too.
  10. wanted

    You little tease....
  11. Thanks for the reply. Amazing picture
  12. Im not an art person, but i really like the Miss Universe. Can i ask what you paid for for the piece or its current value ?
  13. Anyone secured one yet ? Was looking on ebay and one seller, mcm coins i think has sold 600 + already. If the 1000 figure is true they cant be many left.