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  1. for sale

    All sold Thank you @sixgun , once again a simple transaction.
  2. for sale

    As above full tube of 2013 philharmonics Selling off a few bits as the boss wants to move house ASAP £337 inc special delivery in uk. Possibly another mixed tube available of 6 x 2016, 4 x 2013, 6 x 09's and 4 x 2010. 2nd tube would be £330.00. Ill add some pics when im home.
  3. Welcome along
  4. for sale

    @BackyardBullion Kiln fodder
  5. for sale

    NEW PRICE @ £200 delivered in the uk.
  6. +1
  7. Hi & welcome along.
  8. +1 Good form @MickB
  9. completed

    He who thinks too long.....
  10. for sale

    Silver proof sold. Antique still here. £190 plus post
  11. Im pretty sure it can be done. Ive had to do it in the past.
  12. I tried to join a week ago, it said not excepting new members due to hacking?. A little strange i thought .( but what do i know )
  13. Superb !
  14. for sale

    Looking to sell my expo medals, info below is" borrowed" from @Numistackerpost when the medals were first brought about. Each year for the last 3 years a small gathering (VIP) has been happening in China to discuss Pandas! This year it may or may not be happening - TBD but the special VIP medal for the gathering will be made. It is minted by Shanghai mint and may be one of the last low volume medals to be made by the mint who are leaving Nanjing to that generally unprofitable market. The medals i have on offer are- Silver 30g Proof - 299 Mintage (distribution 150 china, 30 VIP china, 120 for World ex china) Silver 30g Proof Antique - 99 mintage (distribution 50 china, 11 VIP china, 39 for World ex China) I have £300 tied up in these and would be looking for that back, if previous medals are anything to go by they look to do quiet well. They will come exactly as they did to me, origional plastic wrapping , jiffy bag and box. Post will be £7.25 uk. Pictures to follow when im back from work.
  15. See..... its easy Also see the sales section on here, lots of variety and all decent people in my experience, the mods do a good job of outing the "wrong ens". And keeping them out.