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  1. for sale 1kg Metalor

    Keep tripping over the door stoppers...
  2. for sale 1kg Metalor

    I have 2 x 1kg Metalor bars with certs for sale. £480 + post each or £475 (each) + post for both Pics to follow
  3. Signed.
  4. Starting to stack silver coins. What should I look at getting?

    As @Myblueheaven says Take a look on goldsilver.be's website. They have alsorts of stuff, as above @BackyardBullion kindly does a monthly group buy which i and many others have taken advantage of to cut postage fees. Other than that get you' re redbull and matchsticks out and wait for a bargain to hit the sales section they do come up on a regular basis, premium members get to see the ads first so it may be worth signing up.
  5. Gold and silver

    Hope you're GF makes a speedy recovery mick.
  6. Ill be honest... i thought this would be a red hot thread. Surely theres more imput than mine ? Come on... spill the beans people
  7. Ayup, mi duck

    Good for dieting chocolateers....
  8. Ayup, mi duck

    Welcome along trev, i doubt you'll find any starbars for sale here but... @BackyardBullion does a mean kitkat !
  9. Good video BYB, i recently sold off my stack to fund a house move and made approx £400 on £4000/£5000 of silver id bought. Better than the banks rates i suppose and fun along the way Ebay is ok with the £1 fees paypal is a little steep i think. I now pick up bits and bobs for my daughters stack, she has a good stack going now ( not that she knows it , shes 4) i decided to buy and flip on her behalf after a terrible interest return on her savings, i recently made £75 clear profit on a 1kg royal mint bar i bought on here and sold on ebay with a £1 fee. Thats only a few quid less that a years interest on one of her savings accounts. Ill continue to do it like this until she can decide her own path with it. Once the house is sorted ill be back on with a new stack for me again So in short... i think you can make money , maybe not as much as you would hope, but you can. Graded coins i suspect would be better but my experience was in bullion really.
  10. As someone who only buys bullion as cheap as possible now i usually price check against gs.be, if its cheaper or roughly the same i'll buy. Some good deals come up on here from time to time, i think we're all looking for a bargain hence why the dearer stuff hangs around. Ive bought and sold a fair few items on here now and each and every transaction was flawless, only hickup was on the royal mails part who lost a package, however the member i was dealing with was quick to refund.
  11. Stacking goals

    I can't see me buying a gold "door stopper" anytime soon I hope she does one day though....
  12. Stacking goals

    Stunning mate, well done on the purchase !
  13. Stacking goals

    And i superb " today i received " picture