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  1. February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Nice one... 2 on the bounce ! Congrats
  2. Sovereign Rings

    Ill share tea duties with @JunkBond My days crawling about are gone... used to love it but cant get in the places i used to Looks in decent fettle from that picture.
  3. for sale Full Sovereigns.

    Weekend bump....
  4. All the best for tomorrow night Lizzie !
  5. for sale 1kg Silver bars

  6. for sale 1kg Silver bars

    Great price Ash ! @Keenstacker vs @mr-dead
  7. What's your favourite queen,s beast

    I really like the bull, i think its a simple but powerful design. Ive not had a 2oz silver in my hand yet but the gold proofs are lovely
  8. British 2 Pound WWI Aviation Error

    @fehk2001 I believe he is fond of £2's and may be able to guide you.
  9. Not much but made a donation . Well done lizzie !
  10. That about sums it up perfectly !
  11. Nice gesture ! I'll start you off. £5 bid
  12. for sale Full Sovereigns.

  13. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    Great price