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  1. for sale

    Sold pending payment ..
  2. £280 each + postage of your choice (special delivery preferred) free special delivery if somone bought both Payment by bank transfer or paypal F&F Mint condition (no scratches) Comes with royal mint capsule thank you.
  3. 1871 Full Sov PCGS AU58
  4. really? .. won't surprise me
  5. yeah.. but he had 113 positive feedback (years ago) and pics looked real
  6. Yup unfortunately looks like been polished (why people do that lol) still worth keeping for what i paid for it
  7. I bought this panda on 7/feb he never sent it or replied to my messages but because his expected delivery time is 20/feb couldn't do anything til today 21/feb And now have to wait yet another week ,, i know i will get my money back just makes me frustrated somone holding my cash for over 3 weeks ,,,, in your case open a return req and send them back recorded after he approves your return req you will get your money back ethier ways
  8. looks a bit too shiny to me too .. will take few out and compare ..
  9. Not sure i hope not lol will take few more pics ..
  10. I would go for a sovereign or half However i'm selling 1/10oz lunar horse BU and the proof on eBay they not for me i will get another full shield sovereign instead of them my eBay username : kareem666_uk
  11. 1883(s) full sov shield (like the condition) 2012 half proof sov (full proof too expensive :/ )
  12. I didn't expect that for your coin ! it looked in a great condition AU58 to MS62+ What do we know :/ can i send my coin to you for grading ? (No rush) I think it should get VF , XF what do you think ? Thanks
  13. 1821 Full Sov love the old sovereign 1887 1/2 Sov PCGS MS62
  14. I meant numi's coin (MS) not mine you wright about mine
  15. Yours looks MS grade not sure about mine yet .. will put few pictures after receiving it then will send it to you for grading when you ready (if that's ok with you ) thank you