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  1. IOM Full sov at Atkinsons https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/pre-owned-isle-of-man-full-gold-sovereign
  2. Thank you @Aaron ebay
  3. I meant if his coin gets au58 won't add much value to it (cost of grading) A lovely 1832 William Full Gold Sovereign 👍
  4. Lovely coin but i don't think it worth grading ! I bought au58 for £350 2 days ago wich is near what you pay for a good grade one , only if you get lucky and get MS grade ..
  5. As above coin in great condition capsule slightly broken as shown £125+postage of your choice at your risk paypal f&f or bank transfer thanks
  6. 1870 full sov au58 1864 full australian sov
  7. 2011 1/10oz Britannia ☺️ Boxed+coa
  8. Take it easy ! Can't just get it all in one day people been buying for years .. you will over spend then have to sell (been there) i see you been buying 2002,2005,2012 they the most fun to have and a good investment , shields also Don't over pay for a sovereign there is always another one to buy