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  1. Today I Received

    2016 Shakespeare 1/4oz gold proof only 350 minted
  2. already bought 1/4oz last night 😂
  3. want one but CBA 🤣
  4. Today I Received

    thank you no the larger sovs too expensive 😱 only wanted to buy the full but the seller gave me a good offer for both ..
  5. Today I Received

    1911 full proof sov 1911 half proof sov 👍
  6. Today I bought.....

    1911 proof full sovereign and 1911 proof half sovereign (Got good deal for both) no more purchases for this year !!!!
  7. Today I Received

  8. Today I Received

    Christmas treat for me 😝 1902 PR62 matte proof (another one) 2017 PR69 1907 AU58 2006 proof sov (bullion price) unboxing video on youtube ..
  9. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Cheapest 2017 full proof sovereign i have seen seller will accept £550! Only if i had spear £550 😂 (Buy at your own risk) https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2017-Great-Britain-Pistrucci-Gold-Proof-Full-Sovereign-Coin-Box-COA/282758564800
  10. Just spent £950 let’s hope i did the topcashback thing right 😂😂
  11. why do i always forget about topchashback ..
  12. Why is it

  13. I have the dragon and unicorn missing the lion pm if you have one for sale thanks.