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  1. Why does NGC post as possible counterfeit holder? It's either counterfeit or not ..And with 0 census it's obviously fake...
  2. The only bullion coin thats worth grading is probley the queens beast..Ms70 seem to sell at 10x there price...
  3. The new Tiffany art 2017 with antique finish..Will be buying a few of these to keep upto date with the collection
  4. 2017 world money fair Berlin Panda
  5. The only way gold and silver will go up is if the economy collapses and we have a gold backed currency..I've been waiting for this to happen since 2012 listening to all the shills bullshit so we buy more silver...Bullion is a waste of time in my opinion.. That's why I stopped buying standard bullion coins and turned to proof coins with low Mintage..In 2012 I was paying nearly £30 a Oz for a standard bullion coin now 6 years later it's worth £15...Were as my zues coin for instance I bought for £90 and now it's worth £500+
  6. Just the 1oz unfortunately
  7. Today received this beauty...
  8. Can't wait for the video now...lol
  9. 5 out of 8 is amazing.. Especially the 4th expo bitmetal..Thanks Russell.. Dragon selling copper 4th expo for $600 😍
  10. The suspense...My hearts racing
  11. Niue 2017 2$ Falcon of Tutankhamun Amber Horus 2oz
  12. Lovely arnt they...
  13. Panda roosters arrived safely..Matching coa very happy
  14. Im not afraid of souring Andrew...But I cannot say anything bad about him as my experiences have always been positive...i