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  1. Yulin Buddah set..love these medals with hand painted art..
  2. Today I received my Malaysia trigo panda medals..Seem to have sold out before presale..The 70mm copper are amazing both 88 Mintage..I think
  3. Wow someone submitted 69 coins 😎
  4. Very tempted on the platinum proof but really have to control my spending
  5. Yes was $1318 I bought at $1718.spoke to him this morning he said every 10 he sells he will rise the price $30usd
  6. Just bought 6 proofs from Lpm today..Price has risen 3 times since yesterday's release
  7. A couple of 1/10 gold lunar tigers
  8. The 70mm copper only 88 mintage
  9. All gone on eBay now...
  10. Yeah I ordered the panda then decided to go for the set being the 1st coin..
  11. I bought them preorder from Andrew..The sellers were allocated 25% and the rest will be sold at the show next week.. Don't think Andy has anymore as I wanted another 3...Lucky is selling the 40mm copper ones but he has no silver been allocated to him..Dragons allocation is going straight to NGC so only Naomi has 2 sets left
  12. Today I bought 2017 Malaysia trigos 1st KL Money fair 60g silver Panda and dragon coins with a mintage of 66..
  13. Just ordered a set of the 60g silver panda and dragon coins mintage 66. They also do a 600g with a mintage of 88. Copper also available. Not many available ATM only Naomi has them forsale on eBay...
  14. Just a few Rwanda Rooster proofs