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  1. @morezone your smashing mate..imagine if you would have put the same amount into crytpos as you have into precious...safe to say you would be retired by now..this is just the beginning..Thanks for making me aware of cryptos..now's my turn to smash it.. Nice 11k profit in 3 days...im doing ok ..
  2. Panda Photo thread...

    Bimetallic 5th expo 🐼
  3. Wow the only way to win the game is to hold and not trade..
  4. I would be very interested to see how @morezone portfolio is doing as it was Simons post which caught my attention to cryptos..I remember him being 5k up and thinking I want some of that 😂😂😂
  5. Figure Eight Dragon 2018 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

    My favourite things themes are dragons my lucky number is 8 but these are nasty
  6. Hope nobody bought bitconnect..now belongs to HRH
  7. Im just holding on to mine..no trading..bit like my stacking of precious..not sold one piece since I've been stacking..
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That's not mine 😊
  9. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Thanks Numistacker..im over the moon
  10. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    How did the rabbit results come back so quickly? Wasn't they only submitted recently?
  11. eBay Warning!!

    And there is no protection on gold right?
  12. £900 Peter rabbit

    On this occasion I wish I did follow the masses.. sadly I didn't buy one rabbit.so treated myself to a gold one.
  13. £900 Peter rabbit

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202096072467 It ended at £900...im still shocked..some have sold over £1k
  14. £900 Peter rabbit

    I still got loads of ducks..was embarrassed to send them all back to rm so kept them..i see they have gone up also..😊
  15. £900 Peter rabbit

    Didn't realize they fetch that money..to say you had a box of them Arshimo 😞