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  1. Got my sets ordered...
  2. Some lovely slabs😵
  3. Welcome Mancunianstacker where are you from 😂
  4. Have a safe flight Numistacker
  5. Then again if mine come back all Pf70s then all will be forgiven
  6. From my understanding if you buy something brand new you want it sealed otherwise it's 2nd hand..if this is a known problem with SA mint which is causing these coins to be damaged then they should recall them all check and repack them all properly which isn't going to happen..you guys should count yourself lucky I paid £1200 for 6 which I can't send back and some other buyers paid over £400 for them...
  7. Hi numi are you going to reveal the rest of the results? The suspense is killing me..feel like im waiting for exam results from the teacher😵
  8. Bought the outlaws of the marsh first in the series to go with my dream of red chamber series.Bought this set which I was going to grade until I found the full sets already graded..by that time it was too late to cancel.although the seller did offer me a return but I'll keep..
  9. QqOrdered these ages ago but had to wait for the Tiffany Art to be released before they were despatched.. I've been collecting the Mongolian wildlife and Tiffany arts from the start..
  10. Can I go halves with you? I'll PayPal you the £1
  11. Yes that's the winning number for a gold premium kruggerand set..didn't u read the leaflet?.. Narh my fav numbers are 7 and 11
  12. Wish I would of got that Coa 😏
  13. Thx numistacker you made my day better after just paying £160 for a flat tyre I only bought 1 week ago..said not repairable 🙅
  14. So this is your trigo? How did mine do 🙏🙏🙏