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  1. My advise would be send back and don't buy and silver proofs from royal mint if your looking at it as a long term investment as it will milk spot..I've checked my stash last night and alot has spotted including my 5oz 2014 Britannia which in gutted about..think I'll wait for the silver price to rise alittle and sell the lot..probley only buy gold and crypto from now on..silver isn't going to hit the moon like we've all been lead to believe..
  2. If you thought Lucky's price was high check out Frank's price..nice to see the dealers pumping the price up..
  3. I bought from my dealer in Germany..I don't think he sells them on his site as it is special order by email..he did say he can get more if needed.. His email is Christian.Heuermann@t-online.de He is the boss of silber-sammler.de
  4. Wow that is very impressive...
  5. I thought mine would be the 68 and 66 as I didn't check took them out of capsuals and put them in flips..I even remember giving one of them a wipe😂 must of been that one that got the 70..
  6. Just ordered a bimetal..€2100 Tried to talk myself out of it then realised money is there to buy and experience things not to sit in the bank.. Should arrive next week .. Hopefully in time for panda edition labels?
  7. I had the same problem..I sent mine back and had it replaced
  8. Today I received a 1/2 Oz tiger courtesy of @forgottenmemorie.. Very impressed with the condition of the coin..thx very much..
  9. Atm unless it's less then spot price nobody is buying.. obviously there will be a handful of collectors still buying to keep up with the sets me included but the standard coins you have no chance of selling over spot...im talking eagle's maples ect..with the spot price as it is now this is becoming really depressing..I know it's a long term investment but I really don't see how the metals are going to increase...even if it went back to the all time high price of 2012 that's not really nothing to scream and shout about.. regarding the tiger coin I didn't really want it but it was rude not to buy at that price...😎..
  10. Thing is with old coins it's very nische market and I know nothing about it..I remember first stacking and use to refresh the silver price on kitco every 5 mins getting excited if the prices moved up..5 years later silver cheaper then ever and possibility of most my metals milk spots toned whatever..not sure as I've never checked them..yeah the metals game is boring me..bought a half Oz gold tiger yesterday for £535 delivered and noone was interested in it for a week...that shows you how bad it's got..
  11. Im trying my luck with the crypo ATM..metals are boring me to death...
  12. Im just getting the coinset..would love the bimetallic one but its little expensive ATM.. Probley get the bimetallic one once I cash in my etherum 😂
  13. for sale

    Dragon old mo Pls not old.. stupid spell check
  14. Longmen Buddah grotto..62g high relief silver medal