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  1. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    You probably got my return..they keep sending them out hoping someone doesn't notice..
  2. Finally my wallet is on its way..this is a must have for anyone buying multiple cryptos.
  3. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Wow thanks Numistacker..made my day..
  4. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    The easy part is stacking.. selling your stack is the hard part.. As for paying taxes...what are taxes 😂
  5. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    No I've had enough of them..six out of six damaged...throwing the money into cryptos..can make more money in a month of cryptos then I have stacking for 5 years...you will never be rich stacking..you will just about store your wealth if your lucky but will never make money...
  6. You need to make bank transfer to coinbase then link gdax to coinbase and buy through gdax then no fees...
  7. I would just call them..I've heard a few people have had this problem..
  8. Then your banks blocked it..ring them to confirm future transactions
  9. Yeah in the UK that's the only option we have with coinbase
  10. That's strange..it's working fine for me..they even upped my limit to £2500. Have you sent a sepa payment to them to confirm your bank? Soon as I buy the coins i take them straight off.
  11. New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    I think they've made her look less manly 🤔
  12. New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    Its out in October. Yes the queen looks funny because that's how she looks now lol! Looks nice..im not buying any but thought I would contribute to the forum as it's getting quiet these days with all the crypto going on 😂
  13. New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    There high relief..
  14. New Isle of man 2oz piedfort proof Angel

    What's your thoughts on these...999mintage Also 0.5g gold proof mintage 15000
  15. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign