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  1. Panda roosters arrived safely..Matching coa very happy
  2. Im not afraid of souring Andrew...But I cannot say anything bad about him as my experiences have always been positive...i
  3. I received the rest of my medals via courier today from Andy...I've never had no problems with Chinese medals but like in any business your always going to get customers that aren't happy ..And there are 2 sides to the story which you haven't heard Andy's side yet.
  4. Thanks Russell for helping me grade my medals...Really appreciate it
  5. Mine not arrived yet
  6. Hi numistacker just out of interest are you grading a bimetallic temple of heaven panda? I will be sending you my 4th expo and temple pandas..Shall I on you for the address?
  7. Finally arrived with all more other packages from around the world..three separate consignments stuck in customs for no reason..Coins are in great condition ...
  8. Tbh it's not Dragons fault..I just thinking of worst case scenario that we don't get them...Dragon just message me saying if not arrived in 10 days he will refund me...
  9. At what stage shall we do something about these missing coins?
  10. Can't see these being lost...He sent our batch at the same time and non have been delivered...I think customs have them as my batch wasn't from eBay sale and I'm guessing numistacker and the others arnt too?
  11. Nothing yet... Probably after new year now if we're lucky
  12. I don't believe anyone gets special treatment as I was speaking with Andrew last week and asked him to pick me out the good ones but he insisted that non of the coins are checked and are shipped out as soon as they receive them..Don't think he has time to check every coin. Saying that I would be upset if mine turn up like that but then again a few years in storage a perfect coin will probably get spots anyway..
  13. Wow the antique panda looks amazing in that photo...