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  1. I hope that is over right now. I don’t believe anyone will do anything about it, it’s not illegal to trade/pump and dump coins. I know Bitmain owner and Roger Ver and McAfee organize that mess, but I don’t believe anyone will touch them
  2. If you wait few more days you will see how low it can dunk, my only problem will be, if it’s gonna survive the BCASH attack. If not, a lot of people will be pissed, including me
  3. It might destroy it, but it might actually pump it, as a lot new traders will know about BTC. If you know what is USDT, you will know it’s again futures, but for USD, they pump now BTC the same way with futures, but futures of dollars only the time will show
  4. Want To Buy

    Why you don’t buy from the exchange?
  5. If course it’s scam, like BitConnect and like Regal, like every investment platform. But to be honest I’m into BitConnect and it pays really nice man, if I see a scam/Ponzi scheme, I’m straight away inside from the beginning. Take it with consideration of course, but the Ponzi schemes are the best tool to make some risky money
  6. Bitcoin is king

    I wish I wasn’t so foolish at the time when the price was less than 10% of what is it right now... i miss the good old days
  7. Bitcoin Fork

    Coinbase doesn’t know ****, BTG team yesterday tweeted that that’s no sense, and assure everyone that the fork will happen at 25th at certain block number. Since then Coinbase doesn’t tweet nothing as they misleaded a lot of people without asking the source
  8. Hello guys, I have a question to ask, which bothers me a lot. You know we are in PM forum, but since the boom of BTC everybody start buying cryptos. What are you’re priorities right now? Crypto or PM? To be honest for me before was PM, but since the boom I put all my savings into crypto, I haven’t bought PM in may be 6-7 months. Just at the moment doesn’t make sense much, Gold is beautiful, but harder to sell and it stays at the same price since 10 years. I know that’s good for a investment, to have stable price, but if you consider the inflation, actually we lost money over time if you invest in PM. Idk, that’s my thoughts, I want to hear yours as well. Thanks
  9. Bitcoin is king

    My experience with alts is sour, I don’t keep much alts in general - 50-60 LTC, about 20 ETH, 6000 XRP and some BTC. Simple as that, I hear plenty other coins like NEO, Sia, Lisk, Ark... and so on, but they are so many that I stick with the best known
  10. Bitcoin is king

    I figured out the price of Bitcoin Gold, it will be around 0.03 BTC or around €150 or £133, so not so bad
  11. Bitcoin is king

    Would you sell right before the fork? Right now I ideal time to buy alts, I bought 20 BCH at €260 and couple of days ago the price reached €310 and I dropped with profit of €1000 for exactly 3 days everything in crypto world is gamble, you shouldn’t take the things too serious as nobody knows if the price will go up, down or sideways
  12. Bitcoin is king

    Of course it will have price correction, it will be great buy off for alts right after the fork. I hope you’re wrong for the price, as I was hoping for $100 a piece, but we will see what will happen
  13. Ripple you can buy from Kraken, and if you want to buy with BTC you don’t have to verify your account. ETH you can buy either from Kraken or Coinbase directly with BTC again. For NEO I’m not interested much and I cannot tell you where
  14. Bitcoin is king

    Some people say more than €8000 after the second fork S2X and I’m willing to believe them
  15. It might be big conspiracy with the new investors money, but I don’t care, it’s might be scam but the same - I don’t care as long as it brings something. But hey, I like risking, if you’re not sure, please don’t risk money