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  1. Hello, anyone interested in the new Minerva Tokens on the ETH network, would anyone join the pre-sale or it's just me? 2 of the members on that new coins are members of the original Ethereum. Any thoughts about the token? Is it worth to invest, the first pre-crowdsale will be with 20% discount *United States are excluded from the crowdsale and primary pre-sale, which is fair (don't want to be mean) to be, as all the speculations on the price will come from there https://minerva.com/ the White Paper:
  2. Why you don't send EURO from your bank, than it will be SEPA and the very next day you can use them, check your bank of course, but here in ROI we are in EURO, but from my online banking (AIB) I can send EUR, BGP, USD, JPY etc.
  3. crypto strategy

    The easiest way to exchange altcoins for me it's https://shapeshift.io/#/coins do not need to register, just paste the desire destination address and desired altcoin, they give you address to send the primary coin, and after 10-15 min you receive the desired altcoin. Easy as that!
  4. How many apps in total you can download before the memory is full? If you hold BTC, ETH, LTC and Ripple do you think it will handle 4 wallets at the same time?
  5. Ripple XRP

    Yes, that what I mean, I know it's not the new ETH, but it can easy go €1 or even €2 in future, especially if more and more banks start working with it, it will be official payment system, than we can exchange it for fiat money
  6. Ripple XRP

    I'm waiting my Ledger Nano S to arrive and I'm start buying them, now are €0.15 which is basically for free, if you put €1000 on them, you will have more than 6000 ripples, if they reach eventually even €1, it's great profit... I would buy them soon
  7. Paper Wallets

    It's the same thing for LTC as well, download the whole page https://liteaddress.org/ with right click on google chrome, than stop the internet and start the .html file you've downloaded. Go on paper wallet section and to be sure it's more secure tick BIP38 encryption, put your passphrase and choose how many wallets you want, remove the images on the wallet as it's easy to see the private key late on and resp. to copy it. Download the ready wallets as pdf and and print it, keep the pdf on your comp, email or dropbox, and don't worry to keep it online, as you are the only one knowing the pass phrase of the wallet to unlock it. If you need more help for LTC, PM me I will help you. PS: don't use that plastic car you bought cuz I'm sure they know the private keys of it
  8. crypto strategy

    @tothemoon I did the same thing as you, when dropped with €80 down I invest as well, but now I'm holding it as it's down with €150 more... let's see what will happen
  9. @ChrisSilver I don't have links to share, as I read about it few years ago, it might be the same bug you're talking about, I'm not gonna argue. @4Nines7Hills I didn't know you're talking about day to day trade with Trezor, I suggested paper wallet with BIP38 encryption as best alternative for long term storage of coins away from exchanges. I personally use paper, but Trezor might be your preferred way.
  10. I don't want to discourage you, but read more online about them, few people actually lost their coins because of Trezor, it's still digital sh*t and I don't believe much in them. The best choice is Paper Wallet with encryption, keep them on paper, in your email and Dropbox, even if someone find it, they will only see the wallet address, but not the private key, it will require password to unlock it. @4Nines7Hills you can BIP38 encrypt your paper walled and it's harmless to see it and use it, unless you know the password of it.
  11. crypto strategy

    Let me tell you my thought of them, if you don't agree I will understand you! BTC recently split as you know, to BTC and BTH (Bitcoin Cash), I personally don't invest in Bitcoin, but if I was, I would buy BTH to flip and dump them as many people do that right now. Bitcoin it might look interesting to invest, but it's government owned crypto, the biggest wallet known to people (except Satoshi's wallets) is FBI owned from SilkRoad, so the government owns a lot of them and the things will get worst as they start confiscating BTC from illegal activities. Ethereum - the coin was good for short period of time to hold, but does it will last for long term investment? ETH is financed by two of the biggest financial institutions - J.P Morgan, as well as Microsoft and Intel and many more pump and dump companies. Second of all, Ethereum is not coin, but token, that being said, the issue of it is unlimited which makes it not so rare. And you might notice that couple of months ago price went from €360 to €160 at the moment thanks to investitors from J.P Morgan dumped $30 millions in ETH, which someone bought 7 months ago for $150 000... Now few words about LTC, that's my best choice of investment, a lot of people disagree with that, I see you as well which is fine, but LTC is the Silver of cryptos, proven crypto currency, the oldest and the first after BTC. The price to invest right now is great, it's still not too high and you can invest more and eventually to receive more in return in future. For few thousand you can buy decent amount of coins, which with BTC will worth 1 or 2 coins. By the end of the year is highly possible LTC to hit €100, which on today's market will triple your investment in just few months... *That is only my opinion and I don't engage nobody with it. Invest wisely and don't blame me if the things not goes as written here.
  12. I agree with you, I'm operating in EUR, so I don't have problem with withdrawing, the app is easy to use and top up, purchase as well. Other thing is to purchase from Coinbase and sell on Kraken, Bittex or other similar market place!
  13. Possibly that's true as well, they need to make money as well. And that's the best way, it's nobody's fault if the person is "weak hand"
  14. Coinbase forcibly stop the webpage when they see the currencies goes down, I notice that the last month, when you're ready to act, they shut it down. But to be honest Coinbase is the simplest way to exchange EUR/GBP for crypto currencies. If I can give an advice for Coinbase - don't keep all your coins inside the app, store them (or at least 60%) in cold storage, as I don't believe Coinbase people, especially when there is a lot of finances involved!
  15. Side Hustle

    My side hustle is crypto currencies - Litecoin and Ethereum mainly, sometimes Bitcoin. I trade directly on GDAX as day trader, sometimes the days are good, sometimes I screwed myself, but that's the risk over it. My other hustle is gift cards, I flip gift cards and vouchers of big chains and make a profit over them, as well as I top up Subway Subcards for free Footlongs and trade them in. I know it's not a big deal, but every penny is important, as long as you make money on the side and of course satisfy my main "addiction" - Gold coins!