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  1. Hello guys, I have may be a bit stupid question, but while I was browsing YouTube I saw one video of the Vegan Stacker with 3 QB coins with great coin capsules and I was wondering if you know how they call them or at least where can I get them from. I attach pic so you know which capsules I'm talking about:
  2. I'm far away from retire, but I've spend few months in Asia - Thailand and Malaysia and for retired British, there is the place. Of course not in the capital, not Bangkok, but Pattaya or if you're rich around Phuket it the best place to be. If you're single - Pattaya for sure!
  3. If anyone is interested in the new Liberty gold coin 2017, I see everywhere is around €2000 and over, at eBay from MCM now is €1860 plus shipping to Europe and its PCGS graded PR70 https://www.ebay.ie/itm/142339501231 2017-W Am Liberty 225th High Relief Gold $100 PCGS PR70 DCAM FS PRESALE SKU45296
  4. One more from me:
  5. It's really nice offer for proof coin, thanks
  6. For me personally, I'm baying the closest billions to the spot price, either pandas or something from the Canadian mint, my last purchase was 1oz Canada Call of the Wild ELK, just €25 over spot. If I have to buy 10oz, I will definitely buy closest to spot price, but for sure variety of them, never the same...
  7. My newest video, resp one more entry:
  8. One more entry from me:
  9. Hello, the idea is great, I will participate in the competition, for now that is my videos (resp. 2 entries):
  10. for sale or exchange

    Preferably gold coin the same value or a bit higher, the best if it's certified, I'm open to any suggestions, if they are gold and PCGS or NGC certified. I have 2 of them, that's why I'm selling it, I'm not picky much what is it in exchange, as I'm not gonna loose that coin
  11. I'm selling or exchanging this beautiful gold coin. It's 1/4 oz .999 carat gold, it's PCGS graded and I can provide box and certificate if needed. It's 100 years of Proclamation of Independence of Ireland, it's limited edition as well. The price is €510.
  12. It looks really nice, but it's only for personal collection, not for investment... with 20% more investment I will buy 1/2 oz... so it's not worth it for me
  13. Same here, I did it twice. Once through the web page, second time over the phone (45 minutes conversation with US Mint in the States). The end result was cancelled both ways... I'm not frustrated at all, as I can see the coin strike is not so deep, the quality is not so good at it...