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  1. Ripple you can buy from Kraken, and if you want to buy with BTC you don’t have to verify your account. ETH you can buy either from Kraken or Coinbase directly with BTC again. For NEO I’m not interested much and I cannot tell you where
  2. Bitcoin is king

    Some people say more than €8000 after the second fork S2X and I’m willing to believe them
  3. It might be big conspiracy with the new investors money, but I don’t care, it’s might be scam but the same - I don’t care as long as it brings something. But hey, I like risking, if you’re not sure, please don’t risk money
  4. Well, it’s been over 10 months since it launched. A lot of people made a huge amount of money, the BCC token is at 12th place of coinmarketcap and it looks amazing. If it’s scam or not I cannot tell you, but even if it’s ponzi I’m all in, the best profits are made in Ponzi schemes you know that of course I didn’t risk more than i can loose, the minimum is $100 and it’s around 1 % daily, in a bit less of 2 months you return the capital you put it. I’ve tried with $200 and at the second month I got my money back in BTC. Its worth trying if you like the risk like me
  5. Hello boys and girls, anyone else in BitConnect.co network lending BTC? I recently signed up to try it out and I believe it’s worth at least tryout. If someone of you would like to try t out, I would offer you 7% of your initial invest if you sign up with my link below: https://goo.gl/NJAUB6 I can give it back as Bitconnect tokens, so you can reinvest them in the platform. If you want more info, find me here and let me know
  6. Yes, that’s what I got from Google, but I couldn’t find reliable resources to confirm anything more. If you ask me, buy whatever you can in the top 10 cryptos and hold, next year around August is expected 2 of the biggest exchanges to open in India, and you know that Indians have loads of money, expect the prices to be pumped 4-5 times over. Just see what the Chinese did with cryptos this year, x20 times pump
  7. Tell me more about it? Where you can buy it and when you can buy it? Do you know how much, or any other info?
  8. I’m not sure about it, but I believe they don’t support that. The only option is Euro by SEPA and GBP through wire transfer. More which you might find interesting here: https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-expands-to-the-uk-3f2723100d11
  9. True, but I’ve seen some people in UK just open account in ROI or UK but in Euro as topping up to Coinbase is easy to do so in Euro and from there you transfer them to GDAX. I believe it will not be so soon to open accounts to send directly GBP as that means they need to open accounts in UK which is a tax hell for them. If you notice their main bank is in Estonia, known for as the tax heaven in EU
  10. Boys, it will go down at least 25% more, just fasten your seatbelts and wait. BTCC yesterday announced they will close at 30th this month, in the next few days is expected few more exchanges to announce they will close, so it will be further down 20-25%. Keep tight and HODL!
  11. Yes I have channel, my YouTube channel is GoldStack
  12. Hello lads, I would like to tell you how to save money on fees at Coinbase. I guess you know that every time you buy crypto coins over Coinbase, they charge you fees. Actually there is a 1.5% fees over Bank Transfered Money, and 4% on credit/debit card purchases. So let's go over the topic and the question- How to save money on fees over Coinbase? Simple - don't use Coinbase. Let me tell you other trick you can make, there is an exchange called GDAX at https://www.gdax.com/trade Actually it's owned by Coinbase, but the difference between the main Coinbase and GDAX is that the second is used to trade cryptos between users, rather than with Coinbase. So here is the trick, you can use the same account and registration over Coinbase, but on GDAX. The only difference is that GDAX wants 2 verification documents, but you can still verify them at your Coinbase account. Second encouraging thing is the fees there, instead of 1.5% of buying, you pay ONLY 0.3% fees. And that is if you buy the coins at the market price. One more trick to save even more money, buy on Limit Orders, if you're Maker of the order you will pay ZERO fees over buying the coins. So basically you can top up your Euro/GBP account in Coinbase and than to Deposit that money over GDAX. From there you have the option to buy coin on market price with 0.3% fees or Limit Order with zero fees. For LIMIT ORDERS you need to be the Maker, so what you need to do is to check what is the market price and than to place your Limit order few cents below it, that's how you make the order as Maker and you don't pay fees over it. I hope I helped someone else here, if you have any other questions, let me know here or on PM. I will be glad to help you to save some money.
  13. Paper wallet you can make at https://www.bitaddress.org/bitaddress.org-v3.3.0-SHA256-dec17c07685e1870960903d8f58090475b25af946fe95a734f88408cef4aa194.html save the webpage and start it offline. Than do the address. The blockchain.info is only to check your balance and to see the ledger of your transactions, you don't need it for top up or whatever. Try with bittylicious, but give a shot to Coinbase as well. once you have your paper wallet you can top up anytime you want just using your public key. But make sure it's worth and put bigger amounts as any transaction cost €7-8 at the moment and will increase in future as the price increases. I dont want to teach you how to invest your money, but consider altcoins as well. Bitcoin is good to invest and probably will hit 100k in future, but don't underestimate altcoins. Anybody now is concentrating over BTC, that they forgot to look for coins like Litecoin or Ripple. Litecoins are now €75, couple of months ago they were €20... do the math, but you can be rich with altcoins more than with BTC.
  14. I'm not sure if BTC is the future, as BTC became half FBI owned and half Chinese (leading to split the BTC). You see the problem here, most of the early mined coins are lost, huge amount from Silk Road - around 700k are FBI's owned right now. 1M are frozen from Satoshi's wallets and BTC-e got their coins taken from FBI recently. That left us with few big players on the market (the first 3 biggest wallets combine contained 300k BTC, probably from one person) which are manipulating the price swing up and down, so the so called "decentralized" coin is centralized by few people. Don't get me wrong, LTC is the same way, the early adopters took the chance to take and store the mass of the coins basically for free. Right now we can see that LTC is not moving much compared to other joke altcoins. The market right now my friends are nothing but pump and dump and get rich type of schemes like ETH. Does anyone of you believe that 1 ETH token really worth €300? That's not even coin, the tokens are not made for payments like BTC or LTC, but the people with money decided to get rich and hype the ETH a lot... i hope I don't sound too negative, but I had to write it down
  15. When did you order it mate? I order mine a couple of weeks ago, but they said no early than 15 of September. Did you order from the same batch for 15th of September?