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  1. No probs mate
  2. you need to choose Grossbritannien
  3. Blimey they sold out quick!!
  4. Still available here aswell if anyones still looking http://www.postofficeshop.co.uk/silver-proof/royal-mint/peter-rabbit-2017-silver-proof-50p-coin-uk17prsp/
  5. picked up 3 of the proof Peter Rabbits from RM. Pretty lucky as they were sold out about 30 mins later.
  6. Bought 3 earlier from RM but noticed they were not available about 30 mins later.
  7. The Gold plated bars and coins can easily be bought from china trade websites for about £1 each. So pretty much no value at all.
  8. 150 Gram 2017 Silver Panda Proof from EMK
  9. Hi & Welcome to the Forum