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  1. Today I made.....

    After the popularity of the "Today I bought.." and "Today I received" Threads I thought perhaps people could upload pictures of things they have made/poured/cast. I thought I'd kick it off with this 9ct Gold bangle I made today...
  2. wanted Platinum I would like some Platinum Please

    @Mkidstacker Hand poured platinum?😂
  3. @BackyardBullion Apologies, it appears I skipped half of the thread 😂
  4. If I'm honest having used BAO for many years I can't speak for Edinburgh, I've never had a bar or a piece of jewellery drilled into before, I have had a couple of knocks and bumps but I've found it's better to send the work in a semi finished state and finish polishing once it's back. If you're getting really concerned that have a look at the laser engraving hallmark, @SilverStan has it on a couple of his. Personally I'd be putting in a complaint and making them aware that you're not happy, Alternatively you could look at registering with another Assay office.
  5. Today I made.....

    Just a small update on the silver letter opener, went with a twist handle for a nice contrast. Thinking of putting a nice coin on the end of the twist.
  6. Today I made.....

    currently having one of those moments wondering how the hell this is going to work 🤔
  7. Today I made.....

    @Silverhunter it's going to be smoothed over and polished, not sure at that stage yet. What do you mean by the groove?
  8. Today I made.....

    I'll welcome any ideas for a handle?
  9. Today I made.....

    Found some time to work on something I've wanted to make for a while, a rather heavyweight 999 silver letter opener, very much a work in progress and some brainstorming needed for the handle. I've attached a video for anyone wanting to have a closer look. 20170711_161208.mp4
  10. What Watches do you own!!!

    @mr-dead that is truly a masterpiece!
  11. Hot weather

    Fill a Tupperware container with water and freeze it, leave it to defrost in front of a fan, hey presto air conditioning!
  12. What Watches do you own!!!

    @Trumar I need to do some work to the wire lugs and the dial redoing but it will look brilliant when it's finished.
  13. What Watches do you own!!!

    my watch maker offered me an absolute steal on this 1930s Silver omega trench watch, most likely an officer's. Couple of hairline cracks on the dial but I shall be getting it repair by a guy over in the states.
  14. JSP Gold Testing Acid

    I use acid testing for un-hallmarked jewellery all the time, cooksongold or other jewellery supplies have acid testing kits that would be more than suitable. I use a small abrasive "Buff Stick" which takes the plating layer off. one thing I would say is to wash the acid off with soda to neutralise before washing with water, acid remnants can leave nasty burns.
  15. 1982 Full Proof Sovereign, boxed with COA. Very good condition with no marks to coin. £270 posted SD.
  16. completed 1982 Full Proof Sovereign

    Last bump before withdrawal, £260 posted
  17. for sale 9ct Rose Gold Graduated Albert Bracelet

    Absolute bargain.
  18. Thoughts on 9ct gold jewellery

    To be fair it would allow you to have a gold bar at a fraction of the cost of 22ct or 24ct.
  19. Thoughts on 9ct gold jewellery

    @kimchi To be honest I'm at the point where I just need to have a glance, if something doesn't feel right I just check it out further, some faked are genuine 9ct chain ends with a base metal chain but with close inspection you can tell. There's also a lot of heavy brass rings that are stamped 750, usually Mercedes style and similar. it's important to know as if you're wrong you lose money at the end of the day.
  20. Thoughts on 9ct gold jewellery

    @Investor1989 If you make the right contacts you can get 9ct scrap/ jewellery for very good prices, you may even get lucky and buy under scrap. I'm surprised more people don't buy it because it is gold at the end of the day.
  21. completed 1982 Full Proof Sovereign

    Bump £265 posted, priced to go.
  22. completed 1982 Full Proof Sovereign

    Bump £270 posted.
  23. Hello Precious Metal fans!

    welcome to the forum!
  24. Today I made.....

    slightly over 100g, will be aiming for 100g by the time it's finished. @Bullionbilly