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  1. for sale

    Price drop £105 posted
  2. for sale

    Another one of my jewellery offerings, I have a lovely brand new condition 9ct gold amethyst bracelet, definitely one of those to keep the other half sweet. Happy with either PP gift or BT £115 posted SD weighs 5.4g
  3. i have double checked and it appears my wires were crossed, it is on the exchange not with betfair.
  4. @shawy2510 yeah, he got on at 500/1 on the exchange somehow, not entirely sure how.
  5. I know of someone who put 150 quid on leicester to be relegated at the start of the season, pays out 66k if they do, received a phone call from betfair yesterday offering a 7k cash out, i believe he laughed at them.
  6. After the popularity of the "Today I bought.." and "Today I received" Threads I thought perhaps people could upload pictures of things they have made/poured/cast. I thought I'd kick it off with this 9ct Gold bangle I made today...
  7. @Madstacks Not sure about coins fairs and the like but at jewellery trade fairs there's always a fair few armed policemen on patrol so I'm sure the risk far outweighs the rewards.
  8. withdrawn

    Something a bit different to offer, This is a brand new, never been worn 9ct bracelet. Just recently polished by yours truly to freshen it up a little bit. Weighs 27.8g £525 posted SD Payment via paypal or bank transfer PM for enquiries please.
  9. Hello and welcome!
  10. Am i the only one who can't bring myself to part with my sov, for love nor money.. i actually really like it.
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. completed

    Yeah, also curious as to how he can see so soon without being a premium member..
  13. completed

    Buzz Monkey and horse please
  14. 4x 1oz Silver Mecca PAMP bars £26 each Also 10x 10g Silver Mecca PAMP bars £11 All of these are in very good condition with some slight marks to plastic as expected, very nice bars. Add postage of your choice. Free postage if buying all. Payment via BT or Paypal FF
  15. completed

    More Silver added
  16. completed

    included postage if combined
  17. @sovereignsteve it will no doubt get scratched up and turn dull but yes it will be strong enough.
  18. A Sterling Silver Rubgy ball keyfob as a commission at work, weighing at 45g... Very pleased with how this turned out.
  19. I've been having an old 1932 watch 9ct rose gold watch restored that i aquired through work and thought i'd share the work in progress. Wish I'd taken some pictures before pushing all the dents out of the case. Been for a service and all worn parts replaced. The plating on the dial had worn off over time and started to oxided quite a lot so decided to get the dial done, Dial before and after receiving it back from a guy who does them in america, very good job if i may say so myself. Will update once I've put it all back together.
  20. @Roy Yes i agree with you about the number, he also didn't follow the circle with the "Shockproof" but only small deviations from the original, it just means it can be worn now and has most definitely increased the price and desirability. The dial was relatively cheap to have done as well as we sent over a few at once.
  21. for sale

    I'm currently offering a 9ct hand-made twist band made by yours truly, something a bit different to the usual everything jewellery you see. This is brand new and fully hallmarked by Birmingham Assay office. Size "P" Weight is 4.8g £120 plus postage of your choice.
  22. for sale

    Sold pending payment.
  23. for sale

  24. Thank you for your kind words @Roy @Oldun depends entirely on what you had in mind?
  25. @Oldun Yes I've seen a lot of different clogau gold ring at trade fairs and deal with that at work for repairs and sizings ect, some really nice designs there.