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  1. I'm having a very good festival so far, fancy master blueyes in the first, agusta kate in the 2nd, Native River for the GC. On the Fringe later one
  2. Will any one else be going to the hallowed ground that is cheltenham? What are your fancies and bets of the festival?
  3. After the popularity of the "Today I bought.." and "Today I received" Threads I thought perhaps people could upload pictures of things they have made/poured/cast. I thought I'd kick it off with this 9ct Gold bangle I made today...
  4. What were your bets yesterday? i had cloudy dream w/o altior as altior was ridiculously short, Buvuer d'air and un temp pour tout were my winners, hsd a nice place accumulator that returned a fair amount from a tenner too.
  5. Very successful first day for me, do feel tomorrow is going to be a bit harder though too @Silverhunter Did anyone back Un temps pour tout? Cracking race
  6. Ruby walsh opting for Limini, VVM will likely be pulled out at a later stage
  7. VVM facing off with limini, should be very very close
  8. One does not simply have one side hustle do they? Mine are mainly based around jewellery, engagement rings as such.
  9. Who's everyone fancying for the gold cup? I'm feeling native river to be honest, vroum vroum mag wins wherever it goes i feel, Un temps pour tout in the ultima for me too. Arpege d'alene in the Nh chase as well
  10. Fair enough, I've got him in a few accumulators too. Who are you fancying for the handicaps? @Silverhunter
  11. I have Ballyandy for a bit of value in the first on Tuesday @Scuzzle using the £20 back sky bet offer.
  12. @Silverhunter I've had an order for a 5oz one from a friend on here for a while, just haven't had to time to do it yet, as soon as things settle down I'll be doing that. As the the size if it was to go much bigger I'd need to make a new model. @RichRock Thank you!
  13. @GoldenAtlantis you'll make me blush😳
  14. completed

    Sold already.
  15. completed

    For sale i have 3x 22ct bands, 2 are wearable and one i would say is scrap (quite thin) All are fully hallmarkedand guaranteed 22ct. Total weight is 10.2g £305 posted SD
  16. completed

    £300 posted SD, save me a trip.
  17. completed

    Will be withdrawn later today.
  18. wanted

    @StackerMike do you mean Pandas?
  19. I've found screenshotting pictures has worked the best for me and then uploading the screenshot.
  20. Wish i had good hands 😶 mine are covered in cuts and burns...
  21. @BackyardBullion Is there any reason why you used so many different grades? i only use two which is all you need to get a mirror finish, also i think a pendant motor or a dremel with a decent polishing set up will help cut your time right down, looking very nice.
  22. Looking very good @Madstacks
  23. withdrawn

    Last chance before withdrawal, will be selling elsewhere.
  24. withdrawn

    Another one of my jewellery offerings, I have a lovely brand new condition 9ct gold amethyst bracelet, definitely one of those to keep the other half sweet. Happy with either PP gift or BT £115 posted SD weighs 5.4g
  25. withdrawn

    Price drop £105 posted