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Everything posted by GoldBenj

  1. I was emailed this today and thought i'd share it with you guys... https://www.ft.com/content/0512638c-b7c2-11e6-961e-a1acd97f622d
  2. well I'd warrant that my scrap value is higher than the average individual 😂
  3. @Paul You're welcome, we're currently in the process of cleaning our small workshop up so very fun time of the year.
  4. @Pampfan No idea off the top of my head, would have to get a mold made for it, quite busy with a few side projects at the momet ect Domino's and bars but if i have any free time at a later point i will look into it for you.
  5. @Pampfan Crazy prices that is, only 14ct gold as well, yes this is something that could be cast in silver and gold as @morezone has kindly shown us.
  6. @Pampfan HOW MUCH!?
  7. @sixgun Not sure you'd catch mr T wearing a silver heart round his neck, Get some nuts and all that
  8. I'd have to agree, 2.2oz would be a heck of a pendant, would have to be a pretty heavyweight chain.
  9. @Cornishfarmer Most likely Sterling, acid test should tell you
  10. @Bullionbilly if the mark is red it's most likely acid test mark to confirm that it's silver.
  11. Cheers, I've no need for it though as I've already carved a piece of wax to the size of a domino, it's a lot easier to work with.
  12. @Ollie1016 Not currently in the workshop no, i do have a casters who has the facilities however would probably turn out more expensive as scrap couldn't be used. I'm leaning towards sand casting to be honest, going to do one and see how it turns out, will determine whether it can be done cheaper or not.
  13. Young head sov at akinsons anyone? https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/dated-sovereigns/victoria-young-head/pre-owned-1884-young-head”-victorian-full-gold-so
  14. @Ollie1016 It wouldn't be too bad if it was softened by annealing, i think the 1oz wouldn't give the right size of a domino, with my workings it's looking at more like 50g ish each domino, maybe a bit more. Also do you not think the 999 would be a bit too soft for handling and play? after some thought I'm leaning towards 925...
  15. Drop a domino off at the shop if you want? @fehk2001
  16. Just to keep everyone updated, i will be trying out sandcasting a domino so i can get the sizes spot on, hopefully this will cut a lot of time off, however if anyone has a domino spare for me that would be appreciated, save me having to buy a whole set 🙄
  17. After the popularity of the "Today I bought.." and "Today I received" Threads I thought perhaps people could upload pictures of things they have made/poured/cast. I thought I'd kick it off with this 9ct Gold bangle I made today...
  18. Bare in mind this is just a rough size to get an idea
  19. after a little play around this morning, a piece of 999 silver measuring 50mm by 25mm with 5mm thick weighs 55g, so i don't think they would be light or cheap by any means 😅 Could someones find me the dimensions for a domino?
  20. @Danny-boy i would be inclined to agree, harder wearing for something that would be used.. Would have to look into hallmarking costs of something like that.
  21. Could hardly miss out on the party, I think i will make a prototype up and see where i can get with it. Quite a few different ways of doing it, Using some scrap 925 could keep the costs down Could even be made with 999. Will have a think
  22. @SilverStan Spare time? where?
  23. Now this is an idea i like, i don't currently have any dominoes to do a scale, but i could always carve one in wax to get a slightly smaller size, i don't think pouring would work unless it was cast. My mind is now working away trying to come up with a solution. I could make a large 999 bar and roll it down to some thick sheet and then cut out each domino..