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  1. withdrawn

    Last chance before withdrawal, will be selling elsewhere.
  2. withdrawn

    Price drop £105 posted
  3. withdrawn

    Another one of my jewellery offerings, I have a lovely brand new condition 9ct gold amethyst bracelet, definitely one of those to keep the other half sweet. Happy with either PP gift or BT £115 posted SD weighs 5.4g
  4. i have double checked and it appears my wires were crossed, it is on the exchange not with betfair.
  5. @shawy2510 yeah, he got on at 500/1 on the exchange somehow, not entirely sure how.
  6. I know of someone who put 150 quid on leicester to be relegated at the start of the season, pays out 66k if they do, received a phone call from betfair yesterday offering a 7k cash out, i believe he laughed at them.
  7. @Madstacks Not sure about coins fairs and the like but at jewellery trade fairs there's always a fair few armed policemen on patrol so I'm sure the risk far outweighs the rewards.
  8. withdrawn

    Something a bit different to offer, This is a brand new, never been worn 9ct bracelet. Just recently polished by yours truly to freshen it up a little bit. Weighs 27.8g £525 posted SD Payment via paypal or bank transfer PM for enquiries please.
  9. Hello and welcome!
  10. Am i the only one who can't bring myself to part with my sov, for love nor money.. i actually really like it.
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. completed

    Yeah, also curious as to how he can see so soon without being a premium member..
  13. completed

    Buzz Monkey and horse please
  14. completed

    More Silver added
  15. completed

    included postage if combined