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  1. withdrawn 9ct Gold Chain

    Very last bump, £320 posted RMSD
  2. withdrawn 9ct Gold Chain

    Last Bump £330 posted RMSD need it gone.
  3. withdrawn 9ct Gold Chain

    Bump £350 posted RMSD need it gone.
  4. withdrawn 9ct Gold Chain

    I've got a lovely 9ct Figaro for sale that i have recently acqired.. it's 21" long and fully hallmarked, the condition is very very good/ brand new condition. Weight is 25.3g It will be fully polished before sending Asking £320 posted RMSD Any questions then please ask.
  5. Wearable silver bullion!?

    @BackyardBullion looks great but feel you would need a heavier chain, the pendant would cause an awful lot of wear to the chain
  6. Wearable silver bullion!?

    @BackyardBullion the technical term would be called a bail or jump ring
  7. money sent via PayPal, Brilliant idea for an amazing cause 👏
  8. Today I made.....

    @dixiesilvergirl No top?! braver man than me 😫
  9. Today I made.....

    @dixiesilvergirl Thank you very much!
  10. Today I made.....

    Another work in progress, lost wax models from a silver model cast into 9ct gold, bit of cleaning up and polishing to do.
  11. @HyHy Fortunately no sovereigns will be harmed in the process of making this, she's a white gold fan unfortunately! But yes it shall be made by me.
  12. A diamond for the girlfriends engagement ring 😫
  13. Today I made.....

    tried that once.. set the fire alarm off in the workshop and had to cancel the fire brigade 😳🙃
  14. Today I made.....

    Just thought i would share one of the major commisions I've had at work, a complete sterling silver book, for a 50th wedding anniversary. The construction method was a brainstorm and a half. The outter pages have been gilded. Some information i have covered for confidentially reasons as well. Quite pleased with how it finished up.
  15. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    Thanks for that, congrats on an amazing trade.