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  1. welcome to the forum!
  2. slightly over 100g, will be aiming for 100g by the time it's finished. @Bullionbilly
  3. finally found some time yesterday morning to have a crack at a new bar design..
  4. @Jay2 Not 999 silver so to speak but I've made several different designs in 9ct 18ct and 925 silver.
  5. @prophet800 the weird line looks a lot like a die crack. is that damage to the rim?
  6. completed

    price drop, £65 posted
  7. A nice 9ct Carved Centurion ring, Size "R" Weight is 5.7g £70 plus postage.
  8. @SilverSniper They were 4oz bars and I will have some in the pipeline in the not so distant future, it's just finding time at the minute..
  9. 1980 Proof half sovereign, boxed with COA. Very good condition. £145 plus postage of your choice/risk
  10. @Oldun I think @Numistacker would love to get his hands on that for a video 👀
  11. @fehk2001 pentathlon
  12. without a proper hallmark with a date letter you have very little chance of dating it, personally I would say 50/60s maybe a little older.
  13. well for me being a goldsmith makes it almost cheaper for me to gift silver and gold than go out and buy a present 😁 Being that I can make gifts myself always seems to go down as more of a personal touch too so I've made many christening bangles and similar things for friends and family.
  14. Just to clarify my bars would have no affiliation with "The Silver Forum"