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  1. Nice job. This is addictive. Will be interesting to see what gets bought at the end of the year
  2. Money Box sorted. It's made from an old US PO Box door. Photo 12-09-2016, 09 38 25.jpg.pdf
  3. Fantastic idea! I'm in. Will set up my money tin/ box over the weekend and will try to post a picture as well. Here's to a nice gold purchase this time next year.
  4. Hello from a new collector

    I also prefer older. Especially shield backs. Premiums also seem to be higher on the newer sovereigns. Thanks for the advice
  5. Hello from a new collector

    Thanks for the input. Yes after doing some research it seems that the premiums on all these coins except for Sovereigns is really high. Pandas being the worst. I do want to invest in something that will show growth over time that is not necessarily totally dependant on spot prices. I really like sovereigns and have a few already. Any thoughts on new vs old sovereigns. Also what about proof sovereigns thanks
  6. Hello from a new collector

    Yes you're right I was refering to gold when I mentioned less than 1 oz coins. Any silver would be at least 1 oz. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and am excited to learn from the members here. I've been stacking bullion for a few years but have decided to change my strategy somewhat and concentrate more on numismatic coins. Up till now I've bought mainly silver eagles, maples and silver bars. Also in gold mainly Kruger Rands, Gold Maples, Gold Eagles and Sovereigns. I found out about this forum while watching Numistacker's videos on YouTube. I want to convert some of my bullion to numismatics. Still deciding between Pandas, Libertads, Sovereigns, Britannias, or Australian Lunas. Also size of coins 1oz probably too large but thinking of 1/4 oz regards NumisRPG